The Yanukovych House: Ukraine’s Newest National Park

The Yanukovych House is the former home (more like estate and personal castle) of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. Who knows where he is these days.

I’ve had a chance to see the house in person, and it’s truly an incredible experience. Incredibly sad, because you feel for the people of Ukraine. This guy was living the dream while the rest of the country was (and still is) in economic turmoil.

Regardless, it’s something that you should definitely put on your list if you are visiting Kiev (click here to read a guide to Kiev). It’s an especially good spot to take a date for an afternoon.

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Getting There

You’ve got a couple of options to get to the Yanukovych house.

  1. You can just take a taxi from Kiev. Depending on which company you buy from, it will probably cost you about $12-15 USD (300-400 UAH).
  2. You can take the metro. Take the blue line to the last stop on the north end (Heroiv Dnipra). From there, you can walk to the bus station (turn right out of the metro and keep walking) look for the signs to the mansion. You can jump in one of those cars for about 50 UAH per person, and they’ll take you to the front door. This option is obviously a little more difficult and time-consuming.

yanukovych house

Things to Do at the Yanukovych House

It’s a really big place, so let me help you out…

Rent Bikes

It is a really big place, and if you want to really get the full experience you’ll want to rent a bike. You will get around much quicker. You can even rent electric bikes if you don’t feel like pedaling the hills yourself.

Just ride around and take everything in, such as…

The Pirate Ship

Yes, the guy had his own personal pirate ship in his “backyard”. Incredible, isn’t it?

Yanukovych house

The Zoo

Because a pirate ship wasn’t enough.

IMG_4021 IMG_4020

Just Take In The Beauty

Need I say more?

IMG_3987 IMG_3964 IMG_3992 IMG_4025 IMG_4026

The Golf Course

Is a very cool place to just hand out and have some drinks, or snacks. During the nicer months, there will be bean bags to lie in. So bring a date and just relax. People watch. Take in some sun. It can be a great way to end the day here!


Make sure you don’t miss this if you’re in Ukraine.

Have you been to the house? If so, what was your experience?

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