The Virgin: The Follow Up

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Received some follow-up emails from the reader in the story linked above). Here’s his follow-up after this advice:

***If you have not video-chatted with this girl and verified she is who she says he is, stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200…do this IMMEDIATELY. If she refuses to do this within a reasonable timeframe, say, the next week or two, cut all contact right away.***

Reader Response:

You know I talked with the girl yesterday on phone and a few minutes of video chat and she is a real girl, cute too. She briefly went into detail of how she grew up a Catholic but recently stepped away from it. Explaining the whole virgin thing. She said she has “slept” at guys places and did everything but sex.

The next day she would wake up feeling guilty because she doesn’t really know the guys and most of the guy are there just for fun and she didn’t see anything long term. She mentioned that if some of the guys would have stayed longer or if they had implied to her that they would she might have gone all the way with them.

Perhaps she is telling the truth, though she has mentioned she has sent nudes to guys she has talked to for a long time etc. The girl is either an undercover freak or really is a virgin.

Then again some girls with religious programming “anal” but haven’t had vaginal sex so they “technically” are still a virgin. She didn’t go into detail but eluded to doing other sexual things but not vaginal. So who knows bro.

I do know that I am not going to obsess over it, but if I later found out she was lying I would just be like “why” I don’t care either way just be real and upfront about it. Then again I don’t know why she would since she “accidentally” caught a full body shot of me on tinder >_<

Who knows it could be here ASD, shes 28 getting close to the wall and is trying to present herself as a good wholesome woman, though I don’t really get that vibe from her, maybe some guys have done her wrong and she is trying to make up for it. But based on what we talked about it didn’t seem that way. It seems like the girl is looking for love and even asked me about kids.

We both seemed to have similar thoughts on kids but when it came to adoption I told her not sure If I am open to adoption because I want my kids to have my genes. She then made a comment about “I couldn’t be with a guy who wouldn’t want to adopt kids because he wants his genes because it’s like selfish”(shit test maybe)

“I told her best you see the worst of me now before you can handle my best”

All in all, I was distracted doing like 2 other things so I wasn’t fully engaged anyway and she probably felt like she was being interviewed as she made a comment about it. I would say I was on my B game but far from A game. I held my frame for the most part and I ended the call first and told her to text me later.

She was trying to make plans for another call this coming up weekend but I told her to text me first, as I don’t want to become to available or get her “too comfortable”

So yea I will let her do all the pursuing as I have been. I’m in the process of building a business and working so that I can start traveling abroad again and with her, I will let things follow the natural course. I’ve only been with a polish chick so and English women so European women are still a new animal to me.

Just going to focus on being and growing into a high-value male on his purpose and mission in life and let the women chase me until I am ready to settle down.

What do you think?

The Response:

I’d say it’s really not worth it unless you are planning to go over here to EE sometime in the relatively near future, but even then, what’s to come after that? Bad idea for you to bring her back in many cases, not sure if you want to expat to Ukraine…

And if you take the V card shes gonna expect you to stick around. Most Ukrainian women would expect that.

Probably is a red flag about the whole adoption thing, reeks of social justice programming.

I’d let it go overall man.

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