The Best Website To Find Ukrainian Women For Marriage

So, you’re here and looking for Ukrainian women for marriage. Let me guess:

  • You are tired of being alone?
  • You want to share your life with a beautiful and caring girl?
  • The dating scene where you live consists of one night stands with women who will not commit?

Believe me, I know what you are talking about. You don’t want the mother of your children to be some self-obsessed feminazi, and somehow that has turned into an impossible standard. It is no surprise so many guys look towards Ukrainian women for marriage.

Now, before I reveal the very best place to meet them, let me tell you a little story.

Alex And The Ukrainian

A buddy of mine, Alex, spent years living the bachelor life. He was huge player, no other way to put it. Alex had and still has a great career in a consulting company, the kind of job that has you traveling a lot, working a lot, and getting very good money. He never actually wanted to invest himself in dating but he did love clubs, one night stands, and smoking nice cigars.

That might be the dream life for some, but he got tired of it.

Not after a year or two but as his 40th birthday started getting closer, Alex began to realize this was not what he wanted for his life. Destiny came into play a few years later, when after unsuccessfully looking for a serious relationship in his country, he had to move to Odessa for work.

Now, as crazy of a coincidence as it might sound, he met his future girlfriend the very first night there.

Scrolling through Tinder, he matched with a girl which it turned out was starting an internship at his company in a few weeks. They half-dated for almost a year (company policy against it was pretty strict) before she switched jobs. Now they are also recently engaged. Maria was the first girl he presented to his family, she was the first girl that he committed to, and she is now to be his wife.

Ukrainian Women For Marriage: Why They Are Better

A Ukrainian girl has the looks of a bikini model (legs for days, most of them) and the family values of your grandmother.

It’s like the best of both worlds, Alex says.

Here is why this reformed player says you should look for Ukrainian women for marriage:

  • 99% of them are gorgeous. I am talking beautiful blond hair (or brunette, or red, or black…), piercing eyes, slender yet curvy physique, long (long, looong) legs.
  • They were raised to take care of their men. I am talking great cooking skills (Maria makes amazing pelmeni), keeping the house clean and beautiful, treating you to a drink after work. It’s a good life with a Ukrainian woman by your side.
  • They are the kind of girls you want in your bed but you can also present to your mother. Family values are important to them and somehow they always know what to say and how to make a good impression. You will be proud to have her with you and not only because of her stunning looks.

How To Meet Your Future Wife

So, where do you find Ukrainian women for marriage? I am talking the beautiful, gentle, caring girls everyone tells you about, not the scammers, the camera girls, or the aspiring sugar babies.

Well, you could do as Alex did.

Move to Ukraine and date locally. But how realistic is that?

Alex got super lucky but the point of getting lucky is it happens very rarely. For the rest of us, there are shortcuts. Online dating is one of them. And so here it comes…

Why Ukraine Date Is The Best Website To Meet Ukrainian Women For Marriage

Yes, this is the one. To this day, Ukraine Date is the very best website I have found to meet and date gorgeous Ukrainians. Here is why:

  • It is the largest dating website for Ukrainian girls. You can choose for thousands of profiles, with most of the women being drop dead gorgeous.
  • You sign up for free. You can save yourself quite a lot if you become a member for a full year, rather than pay month by month. Premium membership only costs you 42 cents per day.
  • There are no hidden charges. Premium members get full functionality at a very affordable price. No ifs, no buts, no small print.
  • They are manically strict about allowing no scammers. Although the occasional profile might appear from time to time, Ukraine Date is extremely efficient at getting rid of these.
  • The profile quality required is great. Girls have to upload high-quality photos and fill out their information completely before they are even allowed on the site. You can get a very good idea about her looks, personality, and expectations.

ukrainian women for marriage

Field Experiences Finding Ukrainian Girls For Marriage

Yes, all of this sounds amazing but are there actual people who have met their wives on Ukraine Date?

A lot of them, actually. Of course, most stories start with ‘I was bored’ or ‘My friends made my profile as a joke.’

These guys all registered for free looked around the site and were convinced it was worth getting a Premium membership.

So how do these stories go?

One guy, Bruce, says he used to play around with online dating a lot. Ukraine Date was one of the many sites he used. Bruce wasn’t even interested in marriage. ‘I wasn’t like I wanted to marry a Ukrainian girl or like I wanted to get married.’ he says.

He just to meet and talk to a beautiful girl. Meet he did, and now him and Halina are getting married. It happened because he sent a bunch of girls winks (a cheeky way to show interest in the ladies) and Halina was the only one that didn’t respond. For the sake of his bruised ego Bruce sent her a message. All he wanted to know was why Halina did not answer but one thing let to another…

…now Halina is his fiancée.

There are over a hundred other testimonials like this one and they keep growing. Check out the page on the Ukraine Date website, there are some really cool stories.

Tips For Meeting Ukrainian Women For Marriage

Is there any reason some men find their Ukrainian princess almost immediately while others never quite make it? I think yes, and that reason is not their bad luck. Here are my favorite tips to help you find model level gorgeous Ukrainian women for marriage.

The key is to present yourself as a stable and mature future partner.

Ukrainian girls are not dating locally because men there are often unemployed, tгey abuse alcohol, and they cheat way too often. Although, with so many stunning women around I guess you can’t really blame them for cheating. You want your profile to show the exact opposite of that.

The other huge turn-off for Ukrainian women is if you focus on appearances too much.

If you want a pretty girl, it’s ok to say it.

Just add that you are also looking for more than that. Put it like ‘I love how beautiful you ladies are but I am also looking for a girl to talk, and laugh, and build my life with.’ You see what did there? By putting it this way, you convey your standard and also that you are more than just a guy who digs Eastern European girls.

Finally, I know this is cliché but be honest.

Sooner or later she will get to know you. Ukrainian girls are very accepting and easy to talk to. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors. Your future girlfriend will respect you all the more for it!

Ukrainian Dating Service

Ukraine Date Conclusion (And A Little Anti-Scammer Tip)

Ukraine Date is a great new way to meet your future bride. Unlike services that set you up with what is basically a stranger, this one lets you date online until you fin somebody you actually want to spend your life with. It is not a mail-order bride website, it’s a niche dating service which makes it all the more efficient, not to mention cost-effective.

What is more, Ukraine Date has thousands of girls on the network. It is the largest online dating place to meet Ukrainian women for marriage, which increases your chances of finding a soul mate exponentially.


They will not charge you extra for the number of profiles you visit or how any girls you contact.

If anything, you will do best to look at and talk to as many women as possible because you never know which one will turn out to be a good match for you. To further increase your chances of success, you can use advanced search features to filter out the ladies that are your type. This speeds up the process of weeding out the girls you are interested in but it does not deprive you of variety.

All in all, Ukraine Date is the number one place to meet Ukrainian women for marriage. Have fun finding yours!

P.S. Although they are very efficient at eradicating scammers, you still want to stay safe while using Ukraine Date. My top tip here is to always ask for video chat before things get serious. You have a video messaging system within the site itself so it could not get easier. Think about it, any normal girl would love to chat face-to-face so she knows you are real and who you say you are. Any scammer (often a thick Eastern European dude instead of a sweet lady) would avoid it at all costs. Stay safe and happy dating.

P.S.S.: You can sign up for Ukraine Date and browse the profiles for free right here.

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  • August 22, 2017
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Good article. Great distinction between Ukraine Date and the sites that just want you to get hooked writing to a person who may not actually exist while paying a lot of money. I’m becoming a fan of sites that cost a small amount and actually provide value. If you can’t afford $15/month, you can’t afford a trip to Ukraine.

    Ukraine Living

    Thanks man!

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Andy Lang


Are you aware of a dating site focusing on Ukrainian women called Victoria Hearts? I strongly believe the site (although it prides itself on being scam-free and all the women are carefully vetted and checked that they are single and looking for a man) to be a scam.

I have spent over $2000 on there, the vast majority of the time communicating to 1 woman who’s promised to meet me soon even though she doesn’t want to meet me on Skype yet as she doesn’t know enough English!

What do you think?

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Andy Lang

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