The 28 Year Old Ukrainian Virgin…Is She Real?

The team here at Ukraine Living recently received the following emails about a 28 year-old Ukrainian virgin from a reader, and whether or not he should consider taking a trip to meet this girl.

We’ll let him tell the whole story…

The Ukrainian Virgin

I have a question about a women from EE and since you have the experience I figure I get your input. So I met a girl on tinder gold I’m in the states and she is in Ukraine. We’ve been talking on and off for a month and she just dropped a bomb on me that she is a virgin. 28 year old virgin.

Now I’m automatically skeptical because I know female nature but don’t have much experience with EE women. She has told me most guys who come to Ukraine only come for fun and after 1 or 2 dates she doesn’t see them because she refuses sex with them.

Now my question is could this girl just be running game or is it possible I actually found a unicorn. I wouldn’t go to Ukraine just for her but I have been wanting To for one time. Do some girls in EE really wait for a good guy?

Also if this girl really is a virgin how should I go about this long game and long distance until I see her. I play it cool, she’s chasing and I’m non needy. I don’t want to make false promises to her but I would like to take her virginity if she really is a virgin.

Usually I can close to sex in one date usually no more then 2. 3 dates is normally my cut off. What’s your take on all this man?

She has stated that most guys try to rush to sex and when they do other stuff they get horny but she refuses to have sex and they get mad, then think she’s weird the next day. Gotta admit this is new territory for me. She’s not religious but says she hasn’t met a “good guy” yet sounds like wants to fall in love.

What ya think?

First and Foremost…IMPORTANT

***If you have not video-chatted with this girl and verified she is who she says he is, stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200…do this IMMEDIATELY. If she refuses to do this within a reasonable timeframe, say, the next week or two, cut all contact right away.***

And this advice goes for ANY man in a similar situation.

Yes, she absolutely could be playing games with you (Ukrainian women certainly have done so)…has she asked for any money or anything of the sort? If she has, even more important to do the video chat as soon as possible.

I wouldn’t say it’s not abnormal to wait, virginity is still reasonably valued out here, I would say it’s a little odd but not totally off-base.

I would also say there’s a very little chance she’s going to see you as a special snowflake and decide to cave in for you, so definitely don’t take a trip just to try to take her virginity…that’s probably not doing either of you any favors.

There’s something to be said, too, about a girl who has waited that long (she could simply just be a little crazy). I doubt in most cases that you’d close the deal within 3 dates with her, but that’s just my thought.

There’s also the looming factor that it’s sort of a low-value move (in the eyes of a female) if you take a trip all the way from the USA to see her. You’d really have to phrase this as just a nice bonus to meet her. I reckon she’d sense a power shift, where she has a lot of it, and she might even start playing flaky games when you arrive.

And, of course, there’s the chance that she’s not a virgin at all.

I hope this helps, do keep me posted, I’m very curious to see how it pans out…

ukrainian virgin

His Response:

She has actually wanted to video chat and talk with me on the phone but I’ve haven’t yet. You make a lot of good points and i agree with them a lot.

Yesterday she texted me out of the blue because she thought I deleted her because I hadn’t texted her in two weeks. Then she goes “are you even coming here anyway” then she goes into how “American guys have really fucked her up”

Then she goes to say she is 28 virgin doesn’t watch movies, doesn’t swim doesn’t drive a car and all the other details I gave you. The girl could be a head case and a part of me was like do I even want to know.

At some point I will go to Ukraine but she definitely want be “just” the reason. I think I’ll frame it as visiting Europe along with some other countries which will be the truth. I know when that time comes she will want to know for how long. I think the best answer for that is to give her an answer without directly giving her one.

Maybe something like “long enough to get a feel of the city, but not to long unless I have a reason to stay” something along the lines.

I know some girls will not hook up with you if they think you are just here on vacation to smash and dash. Sounds like that’s what has either happened to her though she is claiming virgin or it is what guys were attempting yet she prevented.

She has mentioned that she is scared to see me because she is afraid of falling in love again.I then mentioned to her wouldn’t it have been special for you to make love when you were in love the first time. Then she says I’m not sure if I ever was in love etc. Women say one thing but even they don’t know hahah.

ukrainian brides


Honestly, some big red flags at this point.

Girls who have the general mantra of being screwed by guys are simply…well, jaded. Assuming this reader is quoting word-for-word, that reeks of bitterness, jadedness, and a little bit of crazy all wrapped into one package of crazy Ukrainian virgin.

You know what I mean.

“All men are assholes”, kind of talk that’s so common in the western world. Most of those type of women are never worth it. Even more so out here in Ukraine, where generally the Ukrainian culture doesn’t go towards “man-hating”.

Plus, I mean…

She doesn’t watch movies?

Can’t swim?

Doesn’t drive?

It’s not terribly uncommon for women out in Ukraine to have never driven a car, it’s rarely needed, especially in the bigger cities. That said though, all of these things combined make it seem like she’s lived a very sheltered life. Does she still live at home with her parents at 28? Is she from a big city, or a tiny little village? She seems completely helpless not only in relationships, but perhaps in general life as well.

And, while virginity should generally be commended and applauded, at a certain age you just have to wonder…

Especially if we assume she is attractive.

If she is attractive, why hasn’t she been able to lock down a man? Men in Ukraine are not players, many of them are happy to settle down and get married, and at a relatively young age to boot.

In Ukrainian culture, a girl over 25 who is not married often starts to get the, “What’s wrong with her if no one wants to marry her?”, gossip from the babushkas.

My final advice is to tread through all of this with extreme caution.

And, if you do decide to take a trip overseas, to make sure that she’s not the only girl you plan to meet up with in Ukraine.

You can meet more girls on Tinder (like you already are), or on this website.

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Been there, done that. Many trips to meet women on the internet. All women met on the internet had some issue. Most wanted to extract money from you, others had some socialization issues.

After many years of travel, I realized the best girls are met in person through social circle game. Which means you need to live there and speak the language.

And the very top level girls will not be seen with a foreigner because they don’t have to, as they are with the top local men. Just like any society, the rules are the same.

    Ukraine Living

    That’s true, nice post George.

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