Ukrainian Christian Women: Reader Question and Answer

A reader writes in to ask about finding religious girls in another country…

Hey, my name is [removed], I’m a 46 yo white male from the central US and I am needing some direction on how to find a good Christian Ukrainian woman? If you could give me some guidance it would be much appreciated.

First off…

Our short answer to him was:

Go to Ukraine and actually find Ukrainian Christian women on the ground.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use online dating to find Ukrainian Christian women. But it does mean you must go and meet them in person…not make plans to move them halfway across the world before you’ve ever even kissed the girl.

We’re nearly in 2020.

Surely we have enough data out there in the world where guys know that it’s generally a bad idea to actually find a lifelong partner on the internet without ever meeting her in person?

But, probably not…


We figured we’d expand on this reader’s question a bit, because it’s important.

First off, age/race…are we still talking about this too, again, nearly in 2020?

It’s been generally proven that neither of these things matter provided that you have your stuff together. Doesn’t matter if you are black, yellow, purple, green…if you have good fitness, health, confidence, money, and a nice life…doesn’t matter what color you are.


If you have none of those…

It still doesn’t matter.

Higher end women aren’t going to want you.

Last piece of advice to this reader…

Don’t be too picky.

If you are 46 and looking to a foreign country, you might not get to have a below 30s + Christian + virgin + cooks great + doesn’t have kids + super hot.

You might have to…dare we say it, “settle”. Which leads us perfectly into our next point…that you can’t have unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to religion. If you are looking abroad to find a girl, you are already going to have major cultural differences. Nothing you can’t get past, but in addition to those cultural differences, a Ukrainian Christian girl is likely not Christian, because…

Most Ukrainian Christian Women Are Likely Eastern Orthodox

Here’s how they’re difference (source):

1. The Authority of the Pope: Unlike Catholics, Orthodox Christians reject the authority of the pope as Christ’s representative on earth. They see the pope as no greater than nor less than any other bishop (the pope is the bishop of Rome). However, this also sets them apart from Protestant denominations, who reject the notion of apostolic succession completely, believing that each individual church is obligated only to itself and to God.

2. The Communion of Saints: Eastern Orthodox Christians believe that those who have died in Christ are alive today in heaven and that we can communicate with them through prayer. They don’t see this as worship of the saints; they believe that the saints can’t act on their own power but only through interceding with Jesus on our behalf.

3. Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist: Orthodox Christians believe that the bread and wine of the Eucharist are literally transformed into the real body and blood of Christ. Conversely, most Protestant denominations, if they celebrate the Eucharist at all, believe it to be only a symbolic reminder of the Last Supper.

4. Role of Mary as the Mother of Jesus: Like Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians believe that Mary was deserving of veneration as the mother of Jesus. They also believe Mary was assumed bodily into heaven. Most Protestant denominations don’t attribute a great deal of significance to Mary.

While Catholic beliefs are similar to those of Orthodox Christians, there is one important distinction. Catholics believe in the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, which teaches that Mary herself was conceived without original sin. Orthodox Christians, on the other hand, reject altogether the concept of original sin that is passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, they believe there was no need for an Immaculate Conception.

5. The Nature of Salvation: Eastern Orthodox Christians believe that salvation is achieved both through faith in the sacrifice of Jesus and a lifelong effort to lead a holy life and to become closer to God. This is much closer to the Catholic concept of salvation than to that of the Protestants, who believe that it is impossible to “earn” salvation and that it can only be gained through faith in Jesus.

Does it matter to you?

That’s up to you to decide.

Anyways, that’s our advice as far as finding Ukrainian Christian women.

PS: As far as online dating sites, this one is the best one. It’s got just a one-time fee, no upsells, and there are plenty of available women on it (plus a religious filter).

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