Ukraine Girls: The Difference at the End of a Decade

As the 2010’s come to an end, how have Ukraine girls changed? In this article, we’re looking at all the cultural/ dating/ beauty differences.

N.B. This is mostly about girls in large cities. Small towns and villages in Ukraine are also changing but at a slower pace. You can still find very sheltered women there. However, as people naturally move to places with more job opportunities, the small-town mentality is also disappearing.

Materialism And Money

During the communism, people didn’t have access to simple things like records of their favourite band, jeans, or even certain brands of chocolate. It was hard to buy a car. You actually had to sign up for a ‘waitlist’ to get one. All Western goods were hard to obtain and getting them involved some sort of black market.

You can imagine the thrill of Ukrainians when this came to an end. Once, they’d consider a pack of Orbit chewing gum a major luxury. Now they had all these items readily available. They couldn’t afford to buy much but if they saved up…

The obsession with material goods has never faded away. In fact, it only grows.

Ukraine girls are all about showing off. Even when they can’t afford much, they fake it till they make it. There is no simple fashion in Ukraine. Instead, they wear all the brand names they can find. If you can’t afford to buy the original, you get a fake and you call it a day. Fake luxury items are so common in Ukraine that it’s not even something you keep quiet about.

All of this has now moved to Instagram:

The Social Media Obsession

Ukraine Girls

Ukraine girls love their Instagrams. The whole obsession with showing off moved there! Scroll through a random Natasha’s Instagram and I guarantee you will find the following pictures:

  1. Her Pandora bracelet
  2. A summer pic on a beach/boat, boasting expensive sunglasses
  3. Perfectly manicured nails, a golden bracelet and/or a fancy watch
  4. Outfit photos, featuring those chunky sneakers that cost a lot more than they should
  5. More outfit photos with a luxury bag, fancy shoes, etc.
  6. A lot of selfies with her friends and/or boyfriend

Ukraine girls are not shy to show their life on social media. Unlike women in the West, who sometimes go for the dorky, down-to-Earth Instagram. If you date a Ukrainian, expect a lot of Insta breaks on your dates.

Ukraine Girls Like To Show Off Their Boyfriends

Expensive items and luxury holidays aside, being in a relationship is also a status symbol for Ukraine women. That’s nothing new, it just moved to Instagram/Facebook. Yes, Ukraine girls still use Facebook.

As a potential boyfriend, you have to be ‘picture material’. Not every Ukraine girl does this but the majority… Yeah, they definitely do. It’s nice to be shown off. However, if you are somebody that is camera shy or doesn’t like social media, this might become a problem.

Here is one funny thing I noticed about those ‘couple goals’ pictures:

They never stopped anybody from cheating.

Your Ukrainian girlfriend will put up pictures of you. She’d expect you to do the same. If you hope to play more than one girl at a time, that’s tricky. Wouldn’t it stop other girls from talking to you? Not at all.

Instagram is getting very Tinder-y these days. Couples pics never stopped anybody. Most Ukrainian men see them as a challenge, not a no-no. Either way, that should not concern you. If you don’t trust your Instagram-obsessed girlfriend, popping up on her feed won’t stop the suitors. Heck, not even making her only post pictures in a burka would stop them. Trust your girl or get a new girl.

Who Pays For All That?

Ukraine is not a wealthy country. The majority of girls can’t afford to party every weekend, go out to restaurants on a regular basis, or dress in Gucci. So who pays for their extravagant lifestyle?

The answer, for many Ukraine girls, is daddy. 

Two cases here:

  1. Her family is actually rich. It’s her real dad. He pays for stuff.
  2. Daddy refers to another type of fatherly figure…

Sugar dating is on the rise in Ukraine. They have the culture for it:

  • Ukraine girls have expensive tastes and like to show them off.
  • Men are expected to be providers.
  • Dating and marrying an older guy is nothing unusual.
  • People get married very young so the average dating age is between 18 and 23.

A sugar daddy can easily meet a 22-year-old student from Kyiv. She’s drop-dead beautiful (a lot of Ukrainians are), still single, and wants Fendi sunglasses. When they go out to eat, nobody looks at them weird. Ukraine is a place where age gap relationships are very common. When she tells her family about her boyfriend, the dad won’t go chasing after him with a machete. Again, the age gap is not frowned upon.

Now, say that same sugar daddy wanted to meet a 32-year-old. That would be much harder. Most women over 30 are already married and have children. Even if they took a while to settle down, at that age they’d at least have a steady partner.

Sugar dating is an easy and popular option for many young Ukrainians. 

Of course, there is a huge difference between a sponsor and a boyfriend. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

Should You Become Her Sugar Daddy?

Sugar relationships are misrepresented in media 9 out of 10 times.

The first step to deciding is knowing what they are.

Why And How People Become Sugar Daddies

While I personally haven’t been in one, here are what an actual sugar daddy has to say (quote from Reddit).

Got out of a horrible relationship, was sick of bars and clubs and most friends were married. Went out and did the normal thing and was just so bored immediately.

Realized I wish I could skip ahead and “speed up” the relationship.

Then I found sugaring and that about 2k per month yielded absolutely beautiful women for options. At least looks wise I was impressed and figured it would be worth reaching out to a few and seeing how they were. Besides, that was A LOT cheaper than my ex gf, sounded fun, and if it was meant to be I figured it would turn into something more (I was right on this IMO)

Put my toe in and gave it a shot, didn’t look back.

Current SGF has been about 7 months and we are pretty much GF/BF.

If you need a place to start, Seeking Arrangement is a major sugar dating site. But before you rush there, here are some things to consider:

The Fine Print Of Sugar Dating

  • Becoming a sugar daddy does let you ‘ship ahead’. However, that could easily turn into a one-way ticket into escort zone! There are good, sweet, modest Ukraine women. They will be harder to get to bed. That’s not a bad thing, it means your future girlfriend’s body count is not 50+. In a conservative country like Ukraine, traditional women rarely go for sugar dating. While an open-minded Ukrainian could be fun to date, she could also just be in it for the gifts/Insta picture opportunities.
  • You are not exclusive. Unless you specify you’re exclusive. Even then, a lot of girls will keep on cheating. Notice how the sugar daddy guy says they are ‘pretty much GF/BF’? I’m guessing that’s because she’s banging other men.
  • It’s transactional. While a love story can start in many ways, do you really want this to be the foundation of your relationship?

Sugar dating can be cheaper and more fun than regular dating in the West! In Ukraine, there are plenty of beautiful good girls. They do value money, they do want nice Instagram pics. However, they also have moral inhibition to not sell themselves off. Go meet those girls, spoil those girls, settle down with those Ukraine girls!

Ukraine Girls And The West

Ukraine Girl

Ukraine is a European country. They have the Internet, their borders are open, and they have been dating and marrying foreigners for decades now. Of course, Ukrainian women will become westernized!

The good news: they are one of the least westernized countries (according to research).

Bad news: some western habits are creeping in here.

For instance, many younger Ukrainians are not as religious. While that could be good for you (if you’re an atheist dude trying to date Ukraine girls), religion is a huge part of the Ukrainian identity. A lot of their morals and lifestyle are based on religion. No wonder younger women get married older and are more materialistic than before.

But here’s something to remember: 

Morals and family values are deeply engrained in Ukraine women’s minds. I’m pretty sure they go deeper than Instagram and even religion. They withstood communism, where religion was actively persecuted. I doubt westernization will ever change them all that much.

Why I Still Love Ukraine Girls:

  • They still want to settle down. Sure, they get married ‘older’ than before. That ‘older’ age is still under 30.
  • Ukraine is traditional and Ukraine girls make great long-term partners. They’re just as caring and feminine as ever.
  • Even with sugar babies into account, Ukrainian women sleep around less and are better at committing to relationships.
  • While cheating exists everywhere, I do think it happens less with Ukraine girls. I don’t think the rates have decreased but they’re definitely not going up.

So, if you have a trip to Ukraine, don’t hesitate to check out the local talent. They’re still among the hottest girlfriend-material women in the world!

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