How to Find Ukraine Brides

Ukraine brides are the best. They are feminine, caring, and beautiful. No wonder so many Western men flock to Ukraine to meet their future spouse. In this article, we are talking about what makes Ukrainian women such great life partners, as well as the best ways to meet them. Stick around to learn more!

Ukraine Brides Are Gorgeous

It’s no secret that Slavic girls are some of the prettiest in the world. Every single male friend of mine has the same question about Ukrainians:

How come they are so naturally pretty? 

But here’s the thing. It’s all an illusion. The women of Ukraine are not just born this way. Granted, genes help a lot, but most Ukrainian girls also put tons of effort into their appearance. It’s a culture of showing off. Beauty is related to status and most young girls spend a lot of time and money on their looks.

Is it slightly vain? Probably yes.

But, to be completely honest, it’s not at the expense of other interests. Ukrainian women simply know the value of looking good and they don’t mind investing a little more into it.

If you wonder why exactly Ukraine brides are so pretty, you should also consider biology. Firstly, the Slavic type is the current standard of beauty in the West. Slim, light-coloured eyes, long blonde hair, does it all ring a bell? Of course, it does.

Second, though, Ukrainians are not purely Slavic. Plenty of different tribes have passed through these lands. Though Ukrainian women are 98% Slavic, the extra 2% make for some beautiful features (dark hair, striking blue eyes, anyone?)

Know What Ukraine Brides Value

If you want to meet and marry a Ukrainian, it’s best to be prepared for your end of the deal. What is it that Ukrainian women want?

First off, let me tell you how you shouldn’t think:

Women are so superficial. I am short, below average-looking, and broke. Girls constantly turn me down, yet my better-looking friends always get all the chicks!

This is almost a word-by-word quote from a guy on Reddit. To which most sane people would reply:

“How many ugly, below average-looking, broke girls have you asked out?”.

The guy said:

“Why would I do that?”

While this is an extreme example, it’s the kind of thinking many Western men have with Ukrainians. Just because you’re a foreigner and she’s from Eastern Europe, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some standards.

The cool thing about Ukrainian women is, though, that they value different things than Western girls.

Ukraine brides

Family Over Fun?

Ukrainian brides have their set of priorities in order. They want an exciting, fun-filled life but they value companionship and lasting relationships more. For that reason, the main qualities that Ukrainian girls look for in men are:

  • Stability – This is a major one. Stability, both emotional and financial, is a key quality a Ukrainian woman looks for in a husband-to-be. You should be a rock to her, a support and the firm ground, on which to build a family. By the way, I believe this is the biggest reason women in Ukraine tend to go for older men.
  • Effort – The concept of “If it’s broken, mend it, don’t throw it away.” is very much alive in Ukraine. People take their wedding vows very seriously. Even before taking them, you should be able to convince her that you’ll stick around and work at things, even when things are not looking so bright.
  • Common values – Prepare for a serious discussion on beliefs, priorities, and goals. For instance, most Ukrainian women want children. If you’re firmly against that, she would not try to change you. She wouldn’t marry you, either. Ukrainian women are mature enough to know that good partnership is built on the basis of common beliefs and values. If your core views on life are drastically different, is it really a good idea to spend the rest of it together?

All of that being said, Ukraine brides are not all seriousness and no games. In fact, since Ukrainians get married younger, married couples still party together, host huge get-togethers and generally get the most out of life and youth. The only difference is they do that married.

One of the things you will enjoy most about marrying a Ukrainian is the spark doesn’t really go off. In everything they do, from taking care of their looks to being attentive to you, to taking time for fun with their husband, Ukraine brides keep marriage feeling like you’re still just in the honeymoon stage of dating.

Strong Maternal Instincts

Now, this might not be true for all Ukrainian women. It’s damn true for most of them, though. Ukranian girls are raised to become good mothers. They are encouraged to take care of siblings and cousins, they are very involved in domesticity, and, most importantly, everyone around them values having children.

What is more, Ukranian women want to have kids young. The average Ukrainian wants to have her own family and little ones by her late 20s. Medically speaking, this is the best time to have children anyway. Almost everyone has their first child before 30. It’s in the culture.

When it comes to marriage, being good with kids is one of the best qualities in a future spouse. That’s why, if you have any cute pictures with babies, it’s time to whip them out for your online dating profiles. If, on the other hand, you’d rather stay childless, say it from the very beginning. Otherwise, you are just setting yourself and the girl you’d meet up for disappointment.

Her Interests Go Beyond The Kardashians

I know the names of the Kardashians better than the names of my neighbours” – this is an actual quote from a rich American kid. Thankfully, Ukraine is different.

Education, being well-read, and the ability to carry a meaningful conversation are all valued very highly here. Ukraine brides are smart, they have plenty of personal interests and hobbies, and that’s what keeps them interesting and non-clingy. In fact, I find Ukrainians have some of the best me time-us time balance I’ve seen.

When they are in a couple, Ukrainian girls prioritize spending time with their man. At the same time, they are aware that personal space is important. Though Ukraine brides’ first priority may be her relationship and future family, she does have other (real, non-reality TV) interests, too.

But You Might Not Be Able To Talk About Them At First

Ukrainian girls are anything but dull. They are master conversationalists… in their native language. Sadly, most don’t have the perfect English.

But this is where putting in some effort comes into play. Ukrainian women are happy to spend time with you and they would try hard to improve their English for you. Bear in mind that it’s a completely different language from her mother tongue. Bear with her broken English for a while and you will be thankful later!

So… Where Do You Meet Them?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of marriage agencies in Ukraine. It’s a market like any other. Some are better, some are worse, some are complete scammers.

But Do I Really Need An Agency?

Nope, not really. It’s a common misconception that you can only find Ukraine brides through agencies. Sadly, in recent years, scammers have been on the rise. When you are using an agency, they control it all. They decide which girl to show you, your communication goes though them, you can’t even do a background check if the woman you’re talking to doesn’t say yes to it.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, that last thing is a good idea and you have to protect people’s privacy. Still, it opens doors to a lot of ill-intentioned people.

The alternative to that is more “traditional” dating sites. Niche dating doesn’t have to look different than regular online dating. This way, not only do you have exponentially more choices, but you’re free to double check the identity of anyone you’re talking to. You are better protected from scams and besides… The more Ukraine brides, the better, right?

Ukraine Date: Your One-Stop Destination To Meet A Wife

Though there is much controversy around Ukraine Date, we’d definitely recommend it. You can read a full review of the website right here.

Of course, there are many offline ways to meet Ukraine girls – the outcome is just a lot less predictable and some of the women might not be looking to settle down just yet.

Nonetheless, if you have a cool offline meet cute story, we’d love to hear it. Share it in the comments below! As usual, any thoughts and questions are also much-appreciated!

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