Uber Eats In Ukraine: Hilarity Ensues

A few weeks ago, I went to a buddy’s house to hang out with him and his girl.

We decided to try out Uber Eats and order some Georgian food to his place.

Now, before we continue, you must know…

Getting deliveries here in Ukraine can be quite the adventure.

Half the time you have to run to the street to get it, half the time the guy will run it up to your place. Sometimes it shows up in 20 minutes from restaurant to door, sometimes it takes hours.

Heck, one time I even had the guy on the delivery scooter get hit by a car, so they sent a second scooter to pick up the food from the crashed guy, and then gave us a coupon for a free meal the next time (total time for this delivery was like 3 hours).

Like I said, it can be an adventure.


  • So we make our order at about 6:30pm, and we get an expected delivery time of 7:30.
  • At 7, it changes to 7:20 – awesome!
  • 7 then becomes 7:30 which becomes 7:40 which then becomes 8:00.
  • Typical.
  • Then though, it’s 8:30, and we’re not liking the sound of that…
  • Then 9:00…

I check the Uber app, and it says that it’s stuck on “finding a delivery driver”. So the food has already been prepared and packed, but they can’t find a scooter/bike/car to bring it to us. Slackers…

Miraculously though, at 7:30, at the same time our girls’ sushi delivery comes (since they wanted that), the Georgian delivery driver is knocking on the door, too, food in hand, most of it still hot. Right at the time it was supposed to be.

I chuckle, look at the app, and the delivery time is now 9:30pm.

It continues to keep pushing back, until finally, at 11pm, the order is cancelled.

Some 3 and a half hours after we’d already had the food delivered.

And that’s not all…

With the order cancellation comes a full refund.

I can’t help but just laugh.

I even wanted to do the right thing. I opened the app and looked for a “my food was delivered but you can’t it anyways” option, to no avail.

I thought about calling and trying to sort it out.

I quite like the restaurant and don’t want to take money from them like that.

But I realized…

There’s zero customer service here. I’ll waste at least an hour on the phone to get someone who speaks English (my Russian isn’t at a level to try to discuss this). They’ll be completely bewildered that I’m trying to return money. It’ll likely cost me well over an hour of my time, all in the name of trying to give them money.

I decided I’ll just give the waiter in that restaurant a nice tip the next time I go in there, instead…

The point I’m trying to make with all this?

Living in a foreign country has a lot of quirks.

But man, it is so worth it.