Everything You Need to Know About Dating While You're in Ukraine

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The Guide to Ukrainian Women is the most comprehensive guide to dating in Ukraine out there. For a limited time, this package also includes Amazon best-seller Understanding Ukraine, and an online dating spreadsheet that will help you streamline your dating process while in Ukraine.

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Just finished this reading this. As someone who has been living here in the Ukraine for 8 months now, I can attest to the content provided in this book.

Clearly the author has spent some time in the Ukraine and is well informed of the inter workings of being a expat here. I really wish I had read this book before embarking on my trip, as I would have had a lot of useful information that it took me months to discover on my own.

Definitely a must buy for anyone planing to travel to the Ukraine or anyone looking to get a inside view of life as a expat in this wonderful country.

What You'll Learn In This Awesome Deal:

Learn How to Date in Ukraine

WHAT To Say In Opening Messages

Streamline Dating By Tracking Results

Understand The Ukrainian Culture

Inside The Dating Spreadsheet

If you want to travel to Ukraine and meet girls online, you need to know what works and what doesn't. This exclusive spreadsheet will allow you to track which profiles and messages are most effective, to maximize your time and results. Take a look inside...

What Readers Have Said

Benjamin W.

It is great book. One of my best friend is Ukraine so I know this book is no BS. I have already want to visit my friend's country but no speaking English part of it scares me away. This book give me a good understanding a blue print to travel in Ukraine by myself .

Mariusz S.

It is short and to the point. Very high concentration of facts in small volume.

If you are looking for quick and useful guide to Ukraine, then you should consider buying this book.


It has great, easy to read, handy information on Ukraine and its women. Definitely all things good to know for someone who wants to explore this country.

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  • The Guide to Ukrainian Women in PDF format
  • Best-selling Understanding Ukraine in ePub format
  • Exclusive online dating spreadsheet in Excel format

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