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RussianDict: The English to Russian Dictionary

It’s summer of 2019 and you’re on your vacation. Rather than heading to your regular vacation spot like the beach, you decide to take a tour of the former Soviet Union and find yourself in Kiev, Ukraine. And, the women are gorgeous. That’s what happened to me back in March 2017. I was traveling at […]

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Rocket Russian Review: How Good Is It?

I recently had a lot of spare time. I left Ukraine, and Eastern Europe as a whole, to wait out the colder winter months. This gave me lots of time to buckle down and invest in learning Russian. I had numerous transcontinental flights, some mellow time at home in America, and not much to do. With […]

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Is It Worth Your Time to Learn Ukrainian?

If you’re traveling to Ukraine, it’s probably a natural question to ask if you should learn Ukrainian. When you head to a foreign country the first obvious concern is: will I be able to communicate with people at all? So, here’s the deal about Ukraine: The official language is Ukrainian. The majority of people, especially in […]

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