Rocket Russian on Sale Again

A few weeks ago around Valentine’s Day, Ukraine Living sent out an email and blog post mentioning that Rocket Russian (a program I’ve had great success with) was on sale—from the usual price of $149 to $59.

Unfortunately, I was really late to that ballgame. I sent that email out when there were only a few dozen copies left out of the 1,000 they offered. Several people who opened my email a day or two later missed out on the price.

Well, they have another sale now for the same prices, and I’m a bit quicker on this one. As of this morning there are over 500 left.

Same price, use coupon ‘ANNIVERSARY’.

[eafl id=”992″ name=”Rocket Russian (Sales)” text=”So, click here if you’d like to see what it’s all about.”]

Certainly, if you’ve got questions we will do our best to answer them. Just leave a comment below.

 The Ukraine Living Team

PS: There might be some confusion as to which “level” you can use this coupon on, but it should work on ALL of them (including beginner). Just make sure to use the coupon ‘ANNIVERSARY’.

PPS: I just double-checked (again) and it actually didn’t even make me use the coupon and the price came out at $59.98.

PPPS: To get instant access, [eafl id=”992″ name=”Rocket Russian (Sales)” text=”click here!”]

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Hobart Wells

This is a picture of Lviv. Probably the most anti-Russian city in Ukraine. They don’t like Russian that much there.

    Ukraine Living

    It’s a blog, bro.


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