Rocket Russian Review: How Good Is It?

I recently had a lot of spare time. I left Ukraine, and Eastern Europe as a whole, to wait out the colder winter months. This gave me lots of time to buckle down and invest in learning Russian. I had numerous transcontinental flights, some mellow time at home in America, and not much to do. With that being said, I invested in a fantastic program, and today I’m here to share my Rocket Russian review with you.

First and foremost—yes, this is a site about Ukraine. Yes, I think you should learn Russian if you’re a Westerner and planning to visit Ukraine. There is not a ton of sense in learning Ukrainian unless you are settling down for the long term.

A lot of Ukrainian people hate me for saying it, but it’s just a matter of efficiency. What if you go to Ukraine, hate it, and never come back? Then you’d have spent time learning a language that you can’t use anywhere else in the world, for either pleasure or business.

So, I won’t spend this Rocket Russian review debating the merits of Russian versus Ukrainian. For all intensive purposes, we’re focusing on Russian and Russian only.

Ukraine Living’s Rocket Russian Review

learn russian online

What’s Inside the Program?

Rocket Russian is quite comprehensive. From the time you open up, you can see that it’s going to last you a long time. Rocket Languages says that it will take you from an absolute beginner to an intermediate level of Russian, considered “beginning conversationally”.

That’s a pretty good value overall, considering your alternatives:

  • Private tutors are the best way to learn, but incredibly comprehensive. Many Russian speakers in the West charge $50 an hour for tutoring. If you needed 100 hours of instruction, that’d be $5,000.
  • Classes can be cheap, or expensive. If you’re fortunate enough to have a community college that has Russian classes nearby (most won’t), great. Even if you do have a community college that offers Russian nearby, you’re still looking at paying tuition fees of at least $100-$200 a semester, plus books and materials.

Rocket Russian is just $150, and that gets you 144 lesson hours (spread across 104 lessons).

Modules Inside Rocket Russian (Interactive | Culture | Writing)

That ends up being less than a buck an hour, or about a third of a price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks (hint: the coffee in Ukraine is way better).

As for how the course is structured itself, I’m going to go through it in more detail in this Rocket Russian review. But for now, just know that it contains a mix of audio, repetition, and flashcard tools, all of which are of superb quality. And, there’s some bonuses that I’ll get to in a minute, too.

Logging in to Rocket Russian

When you log in, you have all seven modules + bonuses at your disposal. For the purposes of this Rocket Russian review, I’m going to take Module 1.3—meeting at the coffee shop.

Before I continue, I do want to note that this kind of applicable information is why I like Rocket Russian so much. If you’re taking a shorter trip to a country, you don’t need to have detailed personal conversations with someone (usually). Instead, you need to be able to do basic things like…ask about where the coffee shop or bar is.

Or, you know—asking Ukrainian women out to coffee 🙂

As you can see, the lesson starts by giving you a full conversation. It’s going to take time to get the hang of these, to say the least. But you should listen through and pick up what you can. Then, below that starts the breakdown of the conversation. The speakers slow down, or they cut out one side of the conversation, so you can process it in its entirety.

Rocket Russian

Then as you continue going further down, you see the practice area.

Each module of Rocket Russian contains these sections, including…

  • Hear it! Say it!—the vocabulary is just played out live for repetition.
  • Write it!—the vocabulary is played out loud and you type it—better get those Russian letters for your keyboard 🙂
  • Know it!—You’re given the word in English, and you have to speak it. The computer then grades your speech and pronunciation. I found this worked best on my actual desktop computer, and was not as clear with an iPhone or an iPad.
  • Quiz—you’re asked a question in English and choose the best Russian response (screenshot below).
  • Play it!—Rocket Russian eliminates one half of the original conversation, and it’s up to talk to and respond to the computer. Again, it grades you much like the third practice tool.
Rocket Russian review

Rocket Russian Review: The “Quiz” feature at the bottom of every module.

The Good of Rocket Russian

Simply put, the course is very well organized as a whole. I’ve tried a lot of different online Russian teaching methods, and Rocket has just done a very good job, overall.

The lessons are laid out in an organized fashion, and expose you to a diverse number of situations and learning opportunities.

As I mentioned, they’ve done a good job giving you lessons on real-life scenarios where you can actually utilize the Russian you’ve learned.

Do you want to know the BEST part about the whole course?


Most of us are quite competitive, and Rocket Russian literally pits you against your fellow students. Every activity you do earns you points on the day. And the points are reset every day. Frankly, I can’t think of a better way to make sure I log on and do my daily Russian.

I guarantee you’d get some incredibly results if you and a couple of friends all signed up and competed with each other.

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Rocket Russian—The Bad

I’m not going to lie, I’m really not a fan of the iOS apps. I have no idea if they’re of higher quality on the Google/Android app store, as I don’t have a device that runs on those platforms.

It’s not that they’re bad, per se, but more than you just lose something that the desktop version has. It just doesn’t seem to work quite as well.

Basically, the desktop and computer version of Rocket Russian is so good, and the iOS app is simply not quite there yet. Which does make sense. They’re trying to fit an entire language course into a 5-inch phone screen—it’s not an easy process.

With that being said, I think if the best way around this is to use the iOS apps to download the files you need to your phone. This way you can take them on the subway, bus, or on a long trip.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you should save the listening and absorbing part of learning a language for on-the-go with the apps. Do the more intensive studying at home, on your computer, where Rocket Russian really shines.

How to Buy Rocket Russian

Rocket Russian is sold on the Clickbank platform. For those of you who don’t know who, or what Clickbank is—they’re an online payment processor. One of the oldest out there on the market. They take both credit cards and PayPal, and it’s encrypted with SSL.

Rest assured your transaction is secure in the hands of Clickbank.

Click Here For Instant Access to Rocket Russian


First off, I hope you’ve found this Rocket Russian review to be helpful in some capacity or another.

The program is a fantastic, multi-dimensional tool that can help different types of learners master what is truly an incredibly difficult language. I can only wish that I can master it at a fluent level someday, but Rocket Russian has gotten me further than anything else, so far.

I’m going to let you in on one little secret about language learning. And it’s more important than the actual language software you choose to use.

That secret is time and dedication.

With a difficult language like Russian, it’s important to make it fun and interactive. The leaderboards feature that Rocket Russian utilizes, as well as the interactive aspects of the course, make it a sure-fire way to make sure that you stick with learning Russian, which is ultimately the most important factor of everything.

The variety contained within Rocket Russian will keep you engaged and dedicated.

And really, what more can you ask of a language course?

Good luck,
Ukraine Living

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