The Foreigner’s Guide to Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta is a popular beach destination. It’s also a part of the recently annexed Crimea. With international attention come the questions: Is Yalta still safe to visit? Even if it’s safe, is it still worth it? Does it have it’s former glory? I don’t claim to have the definitive answers but I do have some. […]

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Ukraine City Guide: Ternopil For Foreigners

Does that name sound weird? Ternopil is still better known by it’s Russian name Tarnopol. It is one of the major cities in Western Ukraine with plenty for you to see, do, and eat. Although, to be honest, that is Ukraine in general. Why Does Ternopil Sound So Familiar? There is no doubt that Ternopil is […]

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Ukraine City Guide: Poltava For Foreigners

Poltava couldn’t be more underrated. Yes, it is well-known, it gets visitors, and yet it somehow remains on the sidelines. With so much history, architecture, art, nature (plus some seriously fun nightlife options), Poltava is your ultimate Ukrainian destination. Here is everything you need for a good time: Know Your History The Battle of Poltava […]

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The Guide to Ukrainian Dolls (Montankas)

The motanka have been around for centuries—but how did these Ukrainian dolls come about? And more importantly, what is up with them having no face but a red cross instead. Read on to find out! Ukrainian Dolls And Traditional Beliefs All authentic motanka dolls are made by hand. Mothers used to sew them for their children and people […]

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