How to Get from the Kiev Airport to the City Center (2020)

Getting from the Kiev Airport to your hotel or apartment can be an intimidating experience. When you land at Kiev Borispol, you’ll be bombarded by taxi drivers hounding you, a language (and alphabet!) you’ve likely experienced very little of, and more chaos. For simplicity’s sake, this post is about the Kiev Borispol Airport (KBP). KBP […]

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  • Updated October 12, 2019
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A Quick Kiev Travel Guide for Westerners

This Kiev travel guide exists because a lot of people are apprehensive of this beautiful city. And I wanted to make sure that enough information is out there that people will take the leap and book a trip. It’s why this website exists. THE QUICK KIEV TRAVEL GUIDE IN A PARAGRAPH: Kiev is a big, Former Soviet Union capital […]

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Hookah in Ukraine: Everything You Need to Know

Hookah, also known as Shisha, is a very popular past time in Ukraine. Originally from Arabic culture (there is quite a bit of Middle Eastern food and some culture in Ukraine, as they’re pretty close geographically), hookah is readily found all throughout Ukraine at many restaurants. This post is not to argue the health consequences or […]

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The Cost of Going on a Date in Ukraine (2020)

With an extremely strong US dollar in comparison to the Ukrainian hryvnia, the cost of going on a date in Ukraine has never been cheaper. You can easily take a girl on a date to a good venue here, and spend less than $15-20 for two meals, a couple rounds of drinks, and maybe even some shisha […]

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  • Updated October 15, 2019
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