The Ultimate Guide to Dating Odessa Women in Ukraine

Do you want to get with a Ukrainian girl? Legend has it that Odessa women are the prettiest. Since you landed on this article, you probably want all the info you can get on meeting, impressing, and seducing girls in Odessa.

You’re in luck, I’ve got you covered! Read on to find out:

  • What Odessa women are really like – on the inside and out
  • How and where to get the best talent in the city
  • What it takes to sweep a Ukrainian girl off her feet
  • The best club, day game, and online dating strategies
  • Top 10 first date locations that will impress her but won’t break the bank
  • … and much more!

Are They As Pretty As I’ve Heard?

Ukrainian women, in general, are very attractive. There are two components to this:

  1. Genetics 
  2. Maintenance

Slavic people fit a lot of “conventional beauty standards”. The girls are slender with lighter hair and complexion and blue eyes are very common. It’s no surprise so many supermodels come from Eastern Europe.

Saying ‘the Slavic people have superior genes’ sounds weird on all levels. However, there is no denying Ukranian girls have a unique natural beauty. The attractive to unattractive ratio in Ukraine is better than in the West.

But that is just one part of the equation. The other one, and that is arguably more important:

Ukrainian culture values femininity and beauty. 

Odessa Women

Think of them as superficial all you want. The fact is, Ukrainian women are not afraid of enhancing their beauty. They dress up every single day – hair, makeup, and outfit on point. Even to the supermarket. Heck, even when they are just popping out of the house to throw out the trash.

Why is that the culture? Well, I will let you in on one tiny secret:

Men Are Rare in Ukraine

Ukraine has a gender ratio that makes it hard to get a boyfriend. There are simply more women than men in this country. It has been this way since World War II. But Ukrainian culture is very conservative. Although women have had to get by by themselves, the traditional family values are very much still in place.

That means that once a woman is past 25 people start asking and pressuring her to get married.

So here is my theory on why Odessa women are so high maintenance:

They face competition on a daily basis. 

Even the lack of guys aside, Ukrainian culture has a show-off aspect to it. Girls want to be the most beautiful, hottest, most attractive… Which is good for you because virtually no Ukranian woman is a slob.


This means you will have to dress up smart, too. Flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt don’t fly in Odessa nightclubs. Even if this is a common vacation spot, people dress to the 9’s. The only acceptable place for beach attire is the actual beach!

Odessa Women: The Mindset

The dating culture in Ukraine is different to what you’re used to in the West. One major difference:

Almost Zero Hookups 

That being said, if you are going to get a one night stand, Odessa is the place. Most of the women you meet on the beaches of the city are not natives of the city. They are here on vacation… And no matter how conservative the culture, girls are always a bit crazier on vacation.

Two major disclaimers here:

  1. Odessa women do not have the same mindset as tourists. – If anything, they are tired of foreigners trying to hit on them and get them to bed ASAP. They will not appreciate the invitation to your hotel on date one. Some of them are even put-off by excessive makeout attempts on the first date. If you want to get with a local, you would need to invest more time.
  2. These are not American spring break girls. – Granted, when they are on summer break Ukranian girls forget some of their otherwise strict dating rules. Chances are, they would still not jump in bed with just anybody. Even if it’s a vacation fling, they want to get to know you. The three date rule is as wild as they want to get.

One night stands aside, your chances of starting a relationship in Odessa aren’t bad at all:

Find Your Future Girlfriend In Odessa

Ukrainian girls were raised to value relationships. They want a guy who is reliable and invested. Contrary to popular belief, most Ukrainians are not that bothered about money. At least the non-scammer Ukrainian girls are not.

When they look for older guys, Odessa women see in them the potential of a stable relationship. They appreciate the maturity, as well as the ability to provide for a future family. In the wise words of one Odessa girl I met:

Ukrainian girls are smart. They don’t want to date losers. 

This might sound a little harsh. Put yourself in a Ukrainian girl’s shoes, though. Local guys may share her culture, they may be super masculine, often very good looking… But they also have major drinking problems and are known to be less than faithful. To add insult to injury, a lot of the younger men in Ukraine struggle with finding a job.

In a culture where the man is supposed to be the breadwinner, this is not attractive at all!

In come the Western men. They are usually a bit older, much more mature and financially stable. It’s a win-win:

She gets the stability she can’t receive from local men. You get a beautiful young girlfriend/wife that knows how to take care of you and actually values “old-fashioned” things like family, loyalty, and homemaking. 

It’s no surprise that Odessa women and Ukrainian women as a whole lean on the more conservative. And yes, it’s true what they say of them:

It’s like dating a supermodel with the morals of your grandmother. 

And where do you meet these notorious beautiful, traditional women? Well, the Internet:

Why Online Dating Is The Best For Meeting Odessa Women

Odessa Women

Online dating is very common for single women in Odessa. They prefer it over bars and clubs even. You could probably guess why:

The men they meet at the disco are rarely interested in a long-term relationship. 

But there is also another perk to online dating. You can strike up a conversation even with a limited English level. When you’re just chatting online, it’s much easier to cross the language barrier. Google Translator is a Ukrainian girl’s best friend.

To make things even easier, serious dating platforms have a built-in translator. This speeds up the process a lot and helps you meet girls that would otherwise be completely out of your reach.

When it comes to online dating, Ukraine Date is my absolute favourite. It’s a premium dating site, assuming more investment than Tinder and fewer, if any, flaky women.  There are a bunch other perks to using it, too:

  • It’s a large niche site, meaning that there are enough profiles for you to choose from. At the same time, Ukraine Date is specifically designed for Ukranian women who want to meet relationship-minded foreigners. It’s a specific niche that you fit and your chances of success are much higher.
  • Since it’s a paid dating site, they have more resources to police it. Scammers are much rarer – there are multiple systems to get rid of them after all.
  • It has a much better profile quality than Tinder. Seriously, 90% of the girls even have professional pictures on their profiles. That’s because Ukraine Date has requirements for all the female profiles – including guidelines on photo quality and such.

I suggest you start chatting girls up a few weeks before you arrive. Give it a week or two to get matches and then a couple more for you guys to actually get to know each other. When you arrive, you will have the dates lined up for you.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice your day and night game skills. It’s simply a way to ensure you are not leaving Odessa empty-handed!

Browse girls on Ukraine Date for free here.

Meet Odessa Women By Day

One major consideration:

Do you speak the language? 

If not, it will be hard. Cross your fingers that they speak some English… But it’s not very likely. The only exception would be beaches with a lot of foreigners. There, you might get lucky with a tourist/expat like yourself. But this is an Odessa women dating guide so I’m guessing that is not what you want.

You can pick up some Russian with Duolingo. Personally, I’m not a fan but it might work for you. A more sophisticated (and efficient) system is Rocket Languages Russian. They use the latest learning technology to simulate an environment of native speakers that you can access from your computer.

When we’re talking day game, there are only two places that matter:

Beaches And Malls

Arcadia beach is my own favourite here. By day, it’s the most popular place for tanning and enjoying the water. By night, it’s party central. If you’re picking accommodation for the summer months, definitely go to the Arcadia beach area. You might not even wind up leaving the neighbourhood – you have all the sun, beach, clubs, and girls you need in the area.

Lanzheron beach is another good option. It has a more relaxed vibe and significantly more locals. If we’re talking purely day game, it might even be better than Arcadia. There are more girl-only groups and even some local Odessa women that grab their bikes and come here solo. It’s the perfect situation for chatting them up!

The City Garden is a good place to go in the off-season. Bear in mind that winter might not be the best time for day game. At least not out in the literal open, that is. You might end up with pneumonia, instead of a hot Ukrainian conquest.

Finally, there are shopping centres. I already told you how high maintenance Ukrainian women are. Is it really any surprise that they spend a significant amount of time in malls. You have Arcadia Centre in the Arcadia area (but that’s a bit pricier and has significantly more tourists). Other options include:

  • EpiCentre K
  • City Center
  • Europa Mall
  • Riviera Shopping City
  • Afina Center

Night Game In Odessa

The nightlife of Odessa is vibrant in summer and dull in winter. You still might have some luck in the off-season. In general, though, it’s the beach parties that you should focus on.

By the way, when I’m saying beach parties, that’s just a name. Women dress in heels, their best outfits, and put in a minimum of an hour into their makeup. Follow suit (not with the makeup, obviously). You want to dress to impress. Wear a nice shirt, be generous on the cologne (not too generous, someone might have allergies), and make sure your overall style is clean cut and presentable. Yes, that is what an Odessa “beach party” looks like!

Odessa Women

Here are the best clubs for singles in Odessa:

  • Ibiza at Arcadia Beach, Central Alley
  • Bono Beach Club at North- Arkadia Beach, 13 (Left wing)
  • Itaka at Arcadia Beach, 4 (Left Wing)
  • Morgan Club at Zhukovs’koho St, 30
  • Shkaff at 32, Hrets’ka St
  • Palladium at Italiis’kyi Blvd, 4
  • Mick O’Neills at 13, Derybasivska Street
  • Dizyngoff at Katerynyns’ka Square, 5
  • Steam Bar at Hrets’ka St, 20
  • Hambrinus at Derybasivska Street, 31
  • Granat at 1 Katerynyns’ka St, Prymors’kyi district

There are 11 solid options for you up there. That’s enough, even for a longer stay. But what if you’re short on time? Three tips for you:

  1. Check the Facebook page. Ukrainian discos put up their events for the night on social media. This way you know what you’re signing up for before you get there. Besides, you can look at how many people checked themselves as “interested” or “going” and pick the biggest party for the night.
  2. Focus on beach parties. This means the Ibiza Club on Arcadia beach, the Bono Beach Club, and Itaka (the left wing of Arcadia beach). That’s why they are first on this list!
  3. Ask a local. The people at your hostel or hotel/your Airbnb host is a good source on those things. They can direct you to the clubs that actual Odessa women go to (as opposed to the tourist traps).

By night, the language barrier is much less significant. You still need to find the right approach, though. Odessa women won’t just line up for you as soon as you walk into the club.

As a rule, the average Ukrainian party girl is more educated, intelligent, and conservative, than the “nerdy” ones in the West. Even in clubs, you’re expected to have a bit of conversation and be respectful. Don’t just walk up to a random girl and start grinding on her.

Dancing is a good pick up technique, though. Local men stick to the bar with their glass of whiskey or vodka. Ask a girl you like to dance. She might be a bit shy at first but I guarantee she’d be impressed. If you have any salsa skills at all, it’s major bonus points for you. Latin music is popular in Ukrainian clubs but there are virtually zero local men that can dance it.

First Date Guide For Odessa Women

Meeting Odessa girls is just one part of the equation. Where do you take them for a first date? First, a couple of general tips:

  • Don’t ask her to choose the place. In Ukraine, the guy takes the lead, always. Putting that pressure on her is awkward and she’ll see it as un-gentlemanly.
  • Pick a place near your accommodation. First dates are supposed to be casual. Don’t make it a big deal. Pick a location that’s convenient for you. If the date doesn’t go well, you can always leave early, have a quick shower, and hit up the clubs later.
  • Take her on an actual date. There are a bunch of great bar & dinner places in Odessa. Choose one of them – otherwise, it seems too lazy and non-committal. Odessa women are not about that at all!

Basically, you want to show old-fashioned chivalry while still keeping it light and fun. Make it a nice date but don’t overthink it or put too much pressure. That’s the sweet spot.

Now for some actual date locations:

Deribasovskaya Is Date Central

Deribasovskaya is Odessa’s main street and the place to spend the evening. Sure, all the beach bars and discos may be fun. They’re not exactly first date material, though. The city’s best restaurants and cocktail bars are here. By day, there are some nice coffee places.

(By the way, I don’t encourage coffee as a first date. Odessa women see it as lazy.)

10 Top First Date Locations

As promised, here is my comprehensive list of date locations. Some of them are in the Deribasovskaya area. Others are near the beach or in other parts of the Odessa downtown.

For a good balance, I include a few day date locations at the end. Once again (I know I’m a broken record on that), it’s best to save them for a second or third date.

  1. Bernardazzi at Bunina Street, 15 (it’s inside the building of the Odessa Philharmonic)
  2. P1 Prosecco Bar at Lidersivs’kyi Blvd, 1
  3. Tavernetta at Yekaterininskaya, 45
  4. Dacha at Frantsuzkyj Blvd, 85/3
  5. Fratelli Ristorante & Enoteca at Grecheskaya ., 17
  6. Zheto at Mayakovskogo Lane, 1 Gavannaya
  7. Gastrobar at Katerynyns’ka, 8/10
  8. Central Bar at Katerynyns’ka Square, 3
  9. The Fitz at Catherine, 6
  10. Balagan Bar at Rishelievska, 21

For a day date in Odessa, start with the beach. You could do a picnic or take a late afternoon stroll down the seaside boulevard.

Odessa also has a few beautiful parks and gardens. The City Garden, near Deribasovskaya, is an obvious first choice. It does get crowded, though, especially in spring. Some calmer places you could go to are the Tarasa Shevchenko park and the Istanbul park.

During the winter, you wouldn’t want to be outside. That’s the perfect time to check out the museums and galleries. Even though most people come for the beach, Odessa has a lot to offer in terms of culture:

Start with the Odessa Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Western and Eastern Art. If you enjoy literature, you would love the Odessa Pushkin Museum and the Literature Museum. For science junkies, there is the “Interesting Science Museum” but I wouldn’t take a girl here. It’s a kid-friendly museum for families, not some romantic scenery.

Finally, you could consider a day trip, especially if you’ve been dating the girl for a little bit. Especially if you’re dating an Odessa native, she would love the change of scenery.

How To Sweep Odessa Women Off Their Feet

Odessa Women

Here is a recap on meeting -> dating -> mating with Odessa women:

1. No Fuckboy Moves

I know what they say about good guys. In Odessa (and Ukraine), that’s not at all true. The girls want a gentleman – somebody to take care of them and make them feel secure. Local men can’t offer that. This is why dating foreigners, and especially older foreigners is so popular. That’s not to say there are zero gold-diggers in Odessa, you still need to exercise common sense.

2. Use Online Dating

English levels are very low here. If you don’t speak a word of Russian or Ukrainian, it will be hard to meet girls. Spend a couple of days lining up dates from Ukraine Date. It’s the easiest, most efficient way for a Western guy to meet Odessa women.

3. Take Her On An Actual Date

Odessa women are conservative. They want to be swept off their feet. She’s not expecting flowers and chocolates on the first date but you should take her to an actual restaurant, not just for coffee. All the cool bar&dinner places you need are around Deribasovskaya.

Finally, remember to have fun with the whole thing. Dating Odessa women is a great experience – they are beautiful, feminine, and very caring. As useful as the strategies may be, enjoy yourself first. There are plenty of Ukranian girls to meet and now you know how!

PS, don’t forget you can browse girls on Ukraine Date for free here.

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