Mother Motherland Kiev: A Spectacular Sight in Ukraine

Mother Motherland Kiev is one of Kiev’s most spectacular sights to see. I recently went there with a girl and had a spectacular time taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Motherland Kiev, which is a part of the Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II (the translation from Ukrianian is not so smooth, as you can tell).

So, what exactly is Mother Motherland Kiev?

The Motherland Calls in Volograd, Russia

The Motherland Calls in Volograd, Russia

In short, it’s a spectacular statue that overlooks Kiev’s Dnipro River. Mother Motherland is the sister statue of The Motherland Calls in Russia. My date gave me a brief history of it–in short, Mother Motherland faces it’s sister statue in Volograd, Russia. Needless to say, with the recent conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, it’s become somewhat controversial in nature.

Mother Motherland Kiev is at the far end of the “right bank” (in Kiev the actual right bank is called the left, if you look at a normal map from North to South). It overlooks the Dnipro and the left bank of the city, with some spectacular views of the city on both sides (more on that in a minute).

How To Get To Mother Motherland Kiev

You’ll want to take the red line to Arsenala station, which is the line that runs East/West across the Dnipro and the Hidropark. It’s only one or two stops from the main center of Kiev, depending on where you’re coming from.

After you get off at Arsenala, you can either take a bus down to Mother Motherland or simply walk through Kiev Pechersk Lavra, which is a monastery.

I highly recommend taking the walking route, because you can get some spectacular views and sights on your way to Mother Motherland Kiev.

Just see for yourself:

IMG_6133 IMG_6138

The WWII Museum Containing Mother Motherland Kiev

Here’s a few shots leading up to the main statue itself:

Mother Motherland Kiev

Mother Motherland Kiev Mother Motherland Kiev

You’ve Made It!

Mother Motherland truly is a spectacular sight to see, especially in the evening hours. Her eyes are terrifying if you approach from the right angle, but it’s truly awe-inspiring.

If you look at the statue from a distance, it doesn’t seem all that. It’s on a hillside which makes it seem like a miniature toy. But once you see it in person…wow. As someone who has been up close to the Statue of Liberty in New York City, Mother Motherland in Kiev is has even more, “Wow!” factor.

Mother Motherland Kiev

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Also, on your way down from Mother Motherland Kiev, make sure you walk to the back of the statue. There is a spectacular view of one of Kiev’s newer and more expensive districts. What a skyline!



Mother Motherland Kiev is a must visit if you’re in Ukraine’s biggest city. And it’s even better if you take a girl with you. She’ll likely be able to give you a brief and interesting history lesson (in an adorable accent, of course), and probably can show you some neat place to eat afterwards, too!

The best part about Mother Motherland Kiev: it’s completely free to walk around. Ukraine is cheap overall, but when you have spectacular sites like this it’s hard not to get excited about a visit. You could easily take 3 or more girls a week on a nice walk to a place like Mother Motherland Kiev and rarely end up spending more than $50 a week–if that.

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