How to Get Modafinil In Ukraine

Smart drugs are on the rise. They are all the rage from the Silicon Valley to beautiful Kiev. But can you get Modafinil in Ukraine?

And more importantly:

Will you go to Ukrainian jail for attempting? 

If you don’t feel like reading through the article, here is the gist:

  1. It is not illegal to buy and use Modafinil in Ukraine.
  2. The most reliable way to get it is online.

Now let’s talk details:

The Legal Status Of Modafinil In Ukraine

There are three main classes of medication in Ukraine. OTC drugs are sold without prescription. The category is broad and it even includes some antibiotics and mild sleep pills.

The second class is for prescription drugs. All doctors can issue a prescription for these medications. It only says how many pills per day on the note. The prescription is like a permit to buy, it doesn’t specify the number of tablets you can get.

Finally, the most tightly regulated class includes opioids like Morphine and Fentanyl, or strong sleep medication. Not all Ukrainian MD’s can prescribe them and these are tightly controlled drugs.

Modafinil falls in the second category. It’s not considered a dangerous or addictive drug. Any family physician can prescribe it…provided they have even heard of it.

Ukrainian pharmacies are known for selling drugs without a prescription. Unfortunately, this won’t work for Modafinil. Here is why:

  • Modafinil probably exists in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. I’m not sure. You know why? Because it’s a very specific drug. Unless you’re a doctor that works with sleep disorders, you’re not prescribing it. Which means that virtually no pharmacies stock it.
  • Pharmacies won’t sell prescription drugs to foreigners. They do it for locals. If you only speak English, it makes them nervous, they don’t trust you, and you’re not getting the pills.

The bottom line here is:

Yes, you can buy Modafinil in Ukraine. It’s not an illegal drug. 

No, you won’t be able to get it at a pharmacy. Most places don’t stock it. Even if they do, they will not sell a prescription drug to a clueless-looking foreigner*

* Don’t be offended. Ukrainians look at many foreigners this way…

Modafinil in Ukraine

Can I Get A Prescription for Ukrainian Modafinil?

This is the next logical question. It can’t be that hard to convince a Ukrainian doc, right? Wrong.

Modafinil is a virtually unknown drug in Ukraine. It’s only used for narcolepsy and only prescribed by doctors who see these patients. And you can’t exactly fake narcolepsy.

“Can’t, you tell me? “

No, really, it’s not worth the effort. If you come into a primary care doctor’s office, complaining of daytime sleepiness and randomly dozing off at unfortunate moments, they won’t just jot down a prescription for Modafinil. Instead, you will get a thorough physical exam and a reference to a sleep clinic.

To get diagnosed with narcolepsy, you need specific tests. A sleep doctor looks at your brain waves while you sleep. They can also do a Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT). This one measures how fast you fall asleep during the day. They literally put you down for a nap and start counting.

Fun trivia aside, you won’t be able to fake the disease. In Ukraine, you’d go to a doctor’s office and:

  1. Get told off for wasting the doctor’s time.
  2. Be sent to a sleep specialist.

Neither of those will get you any closer to a smart drug prescription. Fortunately, there are still ways to get Modafinil in Ukraine.

Online Pharmacies Are Your Best Friend

Buying meds online? Sure, sounds a bit weird. But Modafinil suppliers are very reliable. Here is why:

  • They get the pills from legitimate generic medicine factories. Most vendors sell HAB and Sun Pharma Modafinil. Both of those manufacturers have years of experience making the drug. They have been certified by numerous international agencies. Both are safe and legit.
  • Online suppliers send the pills in discreet packaging. Rarely do they ever get seized!
  • Even if your package is stopped and confiscated, the vendor will send another one. And Ukrainian authorities will not prosecute you. The worst that could happen is the package getting destroyed (meaning a delay, while you wait for the replacement pack).

So online suppliers really are the best option for getting Modafinil in Ukraine.

Buy Modafinil From Our #1 Recommendation

Which brings us to the next question:

What Supplier To Choose

There are three things to always expect in a vendor.

  • First, they should ensure packages get to you. A money-back guarantee is a must!
  • Secondly, there should be decent reviews of them online. Newcomers to the market might be great, or might be scammers. Don’t risk it.
  • Finally, choose a Modafinil vendor with a reputation for good customer service. No money back guarantee is worth it if the vendor goes missing before you can complain!

You might be wondering why I’m not talking about the product. It’s a drug you’re buying. Shouldn’t you be more worried about the quality?

Well yes, but actually no.

The thing is all Modafinil vendors use the same two suppliers. Both HAB and Sun Pharma are factories for generic medicines based in India.

Why India? 

Because India had a major difference in their copyright laws. Up until very recently, Modafinil was still a patented drug. This meant you could not buy a generic version. The ‘name brand’ Provigil costs significantly more, mostly because the patent holder wanted to make their money back.

At the same time, India virtually had no laws that governed medication. Copyright simply did not apply. This is what allowed factories like HAB and Sun Pharma to grow. They now have decades of experience making Modafinil!

The patent recently expired. Now other companies can also produce the drug and there are some Europe-based factories that do. The trouble is, a patent expiring doesn’t mean the company should give you the recipe. If you make generic medication, you can produce and sell the same molecule. How do you synthesise it cheaply and safely? That’s for your own team to figure out!

HAB and Sun Pharma had a major advantage. When European firms were entering the Moda business, these two Indian factories already had the knowledge base and experience needed. To this day, the Modafinil you can buy from India is the cheapest. Considering their significant proficiency, it is likely to be the highest quality, too!

The Best Places To Buy Modafinil In Ukraine

The Modafinil you buy will always be the same. It comes from the same two companies. So, your only concern should be how legit the vendor is. Here are some of my favourite online stores to buy Moda:

ModafinilXL is an old vendor on the market. They have a 35% discount on their product if you pay in cryptocurrency. If you need a reliable US-based vendor: shipping to the US is free.

Ukraine is not on the free shipping list but you do get the product quickly and affordable. The average shipping time to Europe is 1-2 weeks. Most people get their Moda quicker than that!

The other cool thing about ModaXL is their customer service. They are available via chat and are extremely responsive by email, too. So far, Modafinil XL seems to be the most promising  Modafinil supplier on the market.

Eufinil ships from within Europe, so it’ll likely get to you very quickly.

Note that Ukraine is not in the EU and it’s not quite clear if they ever will be….

Final Notes On Modafinil In Ukraine

If this is your first time taking Modafinil, be a little extra cautious. It’s not a commonly prescribed drug in Ukraine. This is why most doctors don’t have experience mixing it with other medications. If you’re on any other prescribed meds, research the interaction. In general, Modafinil is non-toxic and very safe. This is no excuse for you not to research the particular combination you take.

Apart from that, make it a point to drink enough water and have some snacks on hand. People forget to hydrate on Modafinil. This is the main reason behind Modafinil headaches and it is completely preventable. To spare yourself a nasty headache, hydrate and don’t overdo the caffeine.

Also, bear in mind that Modafinil from India comes in 200 mg tablets. Taking one in the morning is more than enough. Higher doses of Modafinil have not been associated with better results. Besides, as affordable as it is, Modafinil still costs money. Don’t waste the pills, you won’t become superhuman but you might get stronger side effects.

Finally, if you do get worried about some reaction you’re getting, consult with a doctor. They are legally obliged to keep things private. You won’t be in trouble with anyone for using Modafinil, though the doc might laugh at you. Usually, the side effects of Modafinil are mild and people only feel bad if they become paranoid!

Good luck and remember to share your experience with Modafinil in Ukraine in the comments below!

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