Miss Ukraine: All About This Beauty of Beauties Competition

With the average girl in Ukraine being so beautiful, do you ever wonder about the Miss Ukraine pageant?

Here are some fun facts, memorable contestants, and jaw-dropping beauties to inspire your binge. Or your trip to Kiev!

Miss Ukraine: The Controversy

You probably don’t read gossip news outlets or feminist magazines. So, let me fill you in on the scandal that last year’s Miss Ukraine contest created.

Veronika Didusenko was crowned as Miss Ukraine 2018. I mean… it’s pretty obvious why she won! Veronika was gorgeous, athletic, and was actively involved in charity. Her Young Einsteins project helped orphaned children with a talent for math and sciences.

Just a few hours after winning, Veronika lost her crown.

She was dethroned because she had a son!

Needless to say, Veronika was shocked and so was the nation. As news spread, various international outlets covered the story. Didusenko did indeed have a four-year-old. However, she was far from the first Ukrainian mother to win the pageant.

Back in 1995, Vlada Litovchenko won Miss Ukraine. And, hear that: she was married! Vlada had a three-year-old son and a husband at the time. She even questioned if Miss Ukraine was for her. When the modelling agency insisted, Vlada went on to Miss Kiev and then Miss Ukraine. Nobody took away her title.

So, should Veronika get her crown back? 

Veronika Didusenko

Well, most Ukrainians say nope. First of all, Didusenko deliberately hid her son. Then, when the fraud was discovered, Veronika claimed this was discriminatory against mothers and married women. Just to be clear, MISS Ukraine is a pageant for unmarried women. This is just what the ‘Miss’ part means.

And this is why there isn’t a current Miss Ukraine! But the 2019 pageant is soon approaching!

Leonila Guz: The New Queen?

Leonila Guz boasts a Miss Ukraine 2018 tagline on her Instagram. She went on to represent Ukraine in Miss World. While Leonila did not pass to Round 2 of the challenges in Miss World, she is still the closest Ukraine has to a current beauty queen.

You can stalk her Instagram @leonila.guz. It’s pretty obvious why she won – Leonila is stunning. And, at 19, she has no children or a husband. Not sure if she’s single, though…

Getting To Know Miss Ukraine Winners

So, what does it take to win?

First, be beautiful. Be drop-dead gorgeous, because this is already a very good-looking nation. But that’s not enough. All of the previous winners had a career and interests beyond modelling. In the case of Veronika, she won because of her charity work and education.

Here is what we know about previous winners of the Miss Ukraine competition.

The 2017 Queen: Polina Tkach

Polina was only 18 when she became Miss Ukraine. The Kiev-native is an International Business student and aspiring entrepreneur. She was praised for her natural, girlish beauty. Two years later, Polina looks as youthful and vibrant as ever.

You can follow her at @polina.tkach on Instagram.

2016: Alena Spodynyuk

Alena is easily one of my favourite winners. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she’s also an Olympic athlete and an honours student of the National University of Culture and Arts in Kiev.

Alena is also every Ukranian woman. Check out her interview answers for The Perfect Miss!

When asked about becoming a beauty queen, Alena said:

To be born a woman – it is (your) duty to be beautiful. Learn how to train your confidence, love (and) accept yourself and your body! And then the people surrounding you will notice your magnetism and beauty.

This perfectly sums up why Ukranian girls are so pretty. It’s not all about winning the genetic lottery. Sure, Alena has nice bone structure. But she is also a disciplined athlete that takes care of her body every day. She takes responsibility for her own beauty. That’s every Ukrainian beauty’s secret – good care and maintenance.

Apart from her views on beauty queens, Alena also said that:

  • She has no allergies but hates tobacco smoke. That’s very common among Ukrainian girls but unfortunately, a lot of the local guys do smoke.
  • She trusts her intuition above all.
  • Every girl likes to spend money so there is no need to even ask.
  • Her hero in life is the ordinary Ukrainian woman. The one that had children took care of her husband, and still had time to be beautiful. This is who she aspired to be!

You will see that most Ukrainian girls share her views. Family and relationships are their main priority in life. They want a reliable partner to build that future with. Ukrainian women aren’t rational, they prefer to go with their gut. And, while not every single one is a gold-digger, they do love shopping!

You can meet a girl like Alina yourself. As a non-smoking, non-alcoholic dude with a career, you’re a good catch. Meet some Ukrainian cuties on Ukraine Cupid!

Anna Vergelskaya: The Business Lady

Anna won the pageant in 2015. She has since graduated from university, done some major philanthropy work but most importantly, she has a solid career in fashion.

Anna has gone on to appear in many ad campaigns and magazines. She also moved backstage. Anna is one of the founders of the Austrian edition of L’Officiel fashion magazine. You can follow her @anna_vergelskaya but don’t expect any bikini pictures. These days, Anna posts about her endeavours in beauty and high fashion.

No Ukrainian Miss World?

The national beauty contests pick the representative for Miss World. But has Ukraine ever won Miss World? Unfortunately, not yet.

Their best placement was back in 2011. The Carpathian beauty Olesya Stefanko won 1st runner-up to the title. At the time, she was 23 and a law student. Her pageant career actually began in law, when Olesya was voted Miss Odessa National Law Academy!

She did not give up on her law career. In 2012, Olesya graduated from her university in Odessa and started her career in a prosecutor’s office. She got married in 2016, to business owner and CEO Serge Aliseenko.

What is Olesya up to now?

She found a new calling in fitness and personal training. Her Instagram barely mentions Miss World success at all. Instead, she focuses on promoting her services. Under the hashtag #bodybyolesia she shares workouts, recipes, and tips for a toned body.

It looks like the 32-year-old has looked after herself more than well. Married and in her 30’s, Olesya looks as vibrant as ever!

Other Ukrainian Beauty Pageants

While Miss Ukraine is the major and most prestigious beauty contest, it’s definitely not the only one. Here are some honourable mentions (and possible competitors).

Miss Ukraine International

The winner of this competition goes to represent her country to Miss International.

The reigning queen here is Bogdana Tarasyk, who won back in 2018. Bogdana lives in Kiev and does modelling, as well as some acting. She is an avid traveller and prominent socialite. Though her Instagram feed features some wedding dress pictures, those are strictly from modelling. No hidden kids with this one!

Miss Earth Ukraine

A beauty pageant with a cause, this contest sends its’ winner to Miss Earth international.

Right now, the crown belongs to Anastasiia Kryvokhyzha. Apart from her looks, Anastasiia is an outspoken activist and a successful student. She’s pursuing a Masters degree in Economics and dreams of getting into politics. This is not the first time she’s won a pageant, though. As a kid, she has been crowned Mini Miss Ukraine!

Miss Ukrainian Diaspora

It’s no secret that many Ukrainians choose to leave their home country. Chicago is home to a large part of those immigrants. While they’re living and working in the US, Ukrainians have a solid sense of identity. Most of them still speak fluent Ukrainian and share the same values as their friends and relatives back home.

The Miss Ukrainian Diaspora pageant takes place in Chicago every year. Apart from the beauty contest, it features guest performances by Ukrainian musicians. It serves as an opportunity for the diaspora to meet, as well as to popularize their cultural heritage.

Some notable Miss Ukrainian Diaspora winners include:

  • Valeria Losiuk from San Diego, California. She’s a proud Ukrainian with model past… But right now, Valeria is a successful realtor!
  • Yevgeniya Boridka, a NYC-raised beauty. Four years after winning the title, she’s still in great shape and happily married now!
  • Ulyana Fenyn, who appeared on various magazine covers… And then went on to finish college and have a normal career!

With this pageant, it’s not that much about the modelling. It’s an occasion for the community to get together and it goes to show that pretty Ukrainian girls are everywhere. Even in Chicago, apparently!

How To Meet Your Own Beauty

The Miss Ukraine winners are gorgeous, that’s a given. But ‘ordinary’ Ukrainian girls can be just as pretty. Many pageant winners and runner-ups have said that they’re not the most beautiful in the country – since so many women never run in these contests!


If you want to meet your own Miss Ukraine, check out Ukraine Date. You can sign up for free and see if the girls are model material. Or, you know, girlfriend material!

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