How to Meet Lviv Women and Ultimate Dating Guide

Lviv women are very special. Not only are they beautiful, kind, and feminine, they are also among the most interesting ones in Ukraine. Read on to learn:

  • Why Lviv is unlike other Ukrainian cities?
  • All the best nightclubs for meeting Lviv women!
  • Day game locations and tips that get results.
  • Amazing date ideas (which won’t break the bank)

Welcome to Lviv, enjoy!

Hint: scroll to the end of the article for a quick recap of every tip you got! I won’t be mad if you don’t feel like reading the entire article.

What Makes Lviv Unique

Located in Western Ukraine, the city is just 70 km (42 miles) away from the Polish border. Historically, Lviv was a Polish city. You can see the mix of Western and Eastern architectural styles and cultures everywhere.

In fact, when the UNESCO put the Lviv city centre on their world heritage list, that’s the reason they gave:

Criterion II: In its urban fabric and its architecture, Lviv is an outstanding example of the fusion of the architectural and artistic traditions of central and eastern Europe with those of Italy and Germany.

Criterion V: The political and commercial role of Lviv attracted to it a number of ethnic groups with different cultural and religious traditions, who established separate yet interdependent communities within the city, evidence for which is still discernible in the modern town’s landscape.

Up until the end of World War II, Lviv was a multicultural city with a large Polish population. Sadly, Poles are now only 4% of all Lviv citizens. The USSR literally exchanged them in 1945. The few that remained… Well, the USSR isn’t exactly known for treating minorities well.

Despite the turmoil of the past, today Lviv is one of the most exciting cities in Ukraine. It is beautiful, there is plenty to do, and you’re a few hours away from Poland, too. Making the journey is cheap and convenient with companies like FlixBus.

Essentially, Lviv is the perfect mix of Poland and Ukraine. Their culture, dating style, and even the way Lviv women dress reflect that! If you want the best of both worlds, Lviv girls are a perfect choice. Read on to learn how to win them over!

Nightlife For Adventurous Singles

Lviv Women

The current population of Lviv is a little over 700K. It’s smaller than Kiev. Naturally, there are fewer clubs and nightlife options. But don’t despair, the city still has plenty to offer!

Don’t head straight to a disco. Lviv women don’t have the means to go out every night. Hanging out at the square with a cold beer is a much more popular pass time. Grab a cold ale from one of the supermarkets (it’s cheaper so that is what all the locals do) and head to one of these buzzing meeting points:

  • Ploshcha Rynok or the Market Square
  • Halytska Square
  • Opera Hall Square

These double as day game locations!

Is It Easy To Get Lviv Women In The Clubs?

Face control is a problem for some tourists in Ukraine. It really shouldn’t be, though!

Foreigners are expected to spend a lot at the club. Most places will gladly let you in! The thing is, a lot of Western men have zero sense of style or decency. Here are some common sense tips (that really shouldn’t need to be repeated):

  • Don’t dress in street clothes. No flip-flops, no cargo pants, no Hawaiian shirts. These are tacky and most establishments don’t want tacky-looking people inside. Not to mention you won’t impress Lviv women with that look!
  • Do pre-drinks but do not show up drunk. If you were just throwing up at the corner, bouncers will not let you in. You reek of vomit, go home and sober up!
  • Be respectful towards other people. There are rarely any lines. If you have to wait for a bit, don’t use that time to hit on random girls. Generally, face control does not appreciate that behaviour.

Basically, do not look or act obnoxious. That’s all. Otherwise, it’s easy to get in a Ukranian club and it happens to be a lot of fun, too!

The Best Pick-Up Bars And Clubs In Lviv

Here is a list of all the discos you’ll need for a fun time:

  • Fashion Club at Ivana Pidkovy Square, 1
  • Malevich at Vyacheslava Chornovola Ave. 2
  • Picasso at Zelena St, 88
  • Rafinad Club at 1, Rudanskoho Street
  • FESTrepublic at Staroznenska, 24

Fashion Club should be your first stop. If you only have one night in Lviv, this is the place to go. The higher cover fee more than pays for itself. This is one of the city’s poshest clubs! Expect all the girls to come dressed to the 9s.

Here is the paradox, though:

The fancier the club, the less action women get.

Fashion Club, as the name suggests, is a place to see and be seen. There are many groups of gorgeous girls – solid 8s and above. For the most part, they just hang out at their table, sip a drink, and take selfies. Male attention is more than welcome.

Lviv women may live close to the border but they don’t meet foreigners on a regular basis. Introduce yourself, take them to the dancefloor, etc. It will really spice up their night!

Singles Bars To Meet Lviv Women

Not everybody is a party animal.

Fortunately, Lviv has many cool bars for you to explore. The way Ukranian bars are set up does not encourage conversation, though. You will have to walk up to the girls and introduce yourself. I am happy to report, however, that Lviv women are very friendly and open to meeting new people.

Here are my personal favourite bars in the cultural capital of Western Ukraine:

  • Drunk Cherry at 11 Market Square
  • Libraria at Lesi Ukrainky St, 14
  • The Room Wine Bar at 18 Lesia Ukrainka St
  • Gas Lamp at 20 Virmens’ka St
  • Music Lab at Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 27
  • 4friends at Dzhokhar Dudaev St, 2

The Room Wine Bar deserves a special mention. Even in a beer-crazy country like Ukraine, women love their wine. This is easily Lviv’s favourite wine place. It’s a great location to meet more relaxed and sophisticated girls. The crowd is fairly young – mostly women in their late 20s up to early 30s.

If you’re aiming at a younger age group, the Music Lab bar is a fantastic live music venue. Local bands come in to play very often. They bring their college-aged friends and fans with them. The atmosphere is a bit more ‘everybody knows everyone’ but you can meet some beautiful and non-high-maintenance girls here!

Meeting girls at bars is all about the first impressions. No matter where you go, make it a point to look smart. It really helps you stand out of the crowd!

Meeting Lviv Women Online

Dating is hard. Maybe Ukraine is a bit more conservative than the West… But in many ways, it is following in our footsteps.

Hookup culture is on the rise here. Weirdly enough, this is only true of the men. Ukranian men get less and less faithful by the minute. At least that’s what Lviv women say!

This is why a lot of girls are now looking for their partner online. I won’t go over all the perks of online dating. Convenience, compatibility, and opportunities to meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t, are just a few of them. They are just as true in Ukraine, as they are in the West!

The #1 Dating Site In Lviv

The Best Dating Site For Travellers And Expats

As a foreigner, you form a special demographic on the online dating scene. Here’s an example:

Ukraine’s most popular online ‘dating platform’ is the social media VK. But girls also use VK as they would Facebook or Instagram. A large portion of the profiles are not for dating, they are just another social network profile. Not to mention the language barrier…

If you don’t speak Ukrainian (or Russian), a lot of the dating sites that locals use become off-limits. Even Tinder can be challenging. It is very popular with tourists and other foreigners. However, the locals who use it are usually only interested in other Ukrainians.

What Kind Of Women Can I Meet?

I personally recommend Ukraine Date for Western men, seeking a Ukrainian boo. Here are some of the girls I met off Ukraine Date in Lviv:

  • Sofia, 27, a petite brunette – she was working in a travel agent’s office. Previously, she had been travelling with Ukrainian groups as a tour guide. Sofia was very well-travelled and she spoke decent English. She mentioned she didn’t travel as much anymore, as she had risen in position in her company. Her new goal was to find a guy to settle down with.
  • Anna, 21, conservatory student – Anna was a classic beauty and had an old-fashioned quality about her. Honestly, I couldn’t believe she was only 21. She promised to take me to some of her favourite places in Lviv. Anna was a patriot at heart and to her, there was no better place to live than her home city.
  • Victoria, 31, curvy bombshell – Unlike the others, Victoria was very high-maintenance. I’m 99% sure she had lip injections and perhaps other minor cosmetic procedures. But was Victoria a gold-digger? Nope, she actually worked as a nurse in one of Lviv’s major hospitals. It wasn’t great money, she said, but she enjoyed every minute of it. Victoria was hoping to move abroad as the working conditions for nurses in Ukraine were not that great…

What I found out was: there isn’t a ‘profile’ of the women you meet on Ukraine Date. 

There is a stereotype about dating sites in Ukraine. Apparently, a lot of Western men think it’s just superficial girls on there. The kind of woman who looks for a sponsor, not a partner.

Are all Lviv women looking for a ticket out of Ukraine?

I didn’t get that impression. Two of the girls I met, Sofia and Anna, were very unsure about relocating. Anna was the most adamant. When asked, she did say that she would consider it…

‘It all depends on the guy, we all do stupid things for love.’

But then she went on to ask why wouldn’t I relocate.

‘Lviv is an amazing city. Who wouldn’t want to live here?’

I told you she really loved her home!

The #1 Dating Site In Lviv

Pick Up Lviv Women By Day

Lviv Women

Lviv is a lot more multicultural than the rest of Ukraine. Certainly, women should speak English?

Nope, not the majority.

If you want to be successful in your day game, you need some Ukrainian or Russian. That is to say, the language barrier should be as low as possible. You don’t need a C2 level just to flirt!

Luckily, Lviv women are very approachable. Talk to them on one of the city’s many squares and shopping streets. For instance, the Market Square makes a perfect day game location. Sure, it is touristy. However, it is also the literal centre of the city. Locals like to hang around here, too! The same goes for major shopping streets and districts.

Your Strategy To Meet Lviv Women

Don’t overthink it. First, know that these girls aren’t some cold bitches. In fact, I have found them to be the sweetest Ukrainians. Maybe it’s because of the Polish influence, I’m not sure.

Introduce yourself in a fun and playful way. Alternatively, you can always play the lost tourist card. Either ask where some café/bar is, or ask for a recommendation.

Bonus tip: it helps to add in a compliment.

Something like:

Hey, I’m just looking for a place to grab coffee… Thought I’d ask the prettiest girl on the street what she would recommend!

It’s cheesy, I know. But hey, it works!

Lviv Women: First Date Ideas

So you met your dream Ukranian girl. How do you make her your girlfriend?

This is where the ‘Polish influence’ comes into play. Lviv women are very similar to Polish girls. One of those similarities is they are a lot more casual.

In other Ukranian dating guides, we’ve talked about bringing a rose to a date, taking her to proper dinner, etc. For Lviv women, spontaneity is actually the way to go.

Tiny life hack: When you fall in love, your body releases stress hormones. Bring your date somewhere exciting and she’ll mistake the adrenaline rush for attraction. No, but really, cool and quirky dates have a much higher success rate. This is the reason why!

Dating In Lviv By Day

You can always explore the Lviv city centre together. Walk around, stop for a coffee, check out some churches and monuments. Lviv is big and beautiful!

However, I do have a better idea:

Lviv Handmade Chocolate

I know, the name isn’t very creative but the place itself is awesome. It’s a sweets shop/café with a vintage vibe to it. Climb up the staircase to the rooftop. Some of the best views over the Lviv skyline come from this café!

Of course, don’t get so carried away that you forget to try the food. This is a chocolate shop after all.

They have a seasonal menu with fresh local produce, as well as some all-time favourites. In summer, for instance, they do the Berry Confiture seasonal menu. Here are the new items, only available until August 2019:

  • Raspberry milkshake — milk, ice cream and fresh raspberry.
  • Chocolate Berry Games — dark chocolate mousse, fresh blueberry and raspberry, whipped cream.
  • Berry Trifle — sponge cake, milk chocolate, fresh blueberry, whipped cream.
  • Fruit Duet —crème anglaise, fresh blueberry, ice cream, blueberry syrup and choice of fruits: raspberry, strawberry or nectarine.
  • Chocolate Berry Tart — chocolate biscuit layer, white chocolate ganache and assorted berries.

Check their website for any time-sensitive desserts like these!

The other perk of going to Lviv Handmade Chocolate is it’s English-speaker-friendly. They have a menu in English and their entire website is also translated!

The Best Picnic Spots In Lviv

There is no better date idea than a picnic, especially in summer. Enjoy some cool rosé in one of the city’s many green parks.

Stryiskyi Park is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Ivan Franko Park, closer to the city centre, is a favourite among young people. On any warm day, the park is full of people soaking in the sun or enjoying ice cream and a walk.

My personal favourite is the High Castle park. It was built where an old fortress used to stand. The park offers the most picturesque views of the city!

While picnics are a popular pass time in Lviv, they are not a usual date idea. Chances are, you Ukranian date has never been asked out on a romantic picnic. One thing is for sure, though:

Come prepared!

Get a picnic basket, buy some nice wine and good food. Don’t forget your bottle opener and a large blanket to lay on. A picnic is a cheaper date idea but it can feel very luxurious!

Wining And Dining With Lviv Women

There are tens, if not hundreds of good restaurants in Lviv. Locals are known to be a bit hedonistic and it really shows!

Here are the most romantic places to take your date:

  • Tante Sophie Càfe Escargot for French specialities in a stylish atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the seafood! I have it on good authority that they serve the best octopus in town!
  • Valentino is a high-end Italian restaurant with a spacious terrace. The higher bill is well worth the generous portions and the friendly service. It’s definitely an impressive place to bring your date!
  • High Castle is the perfect way to end an afternoon in the park. Inspired by Medieval aristocracy, this restaurant serves amazing meats in an ambience worthy of a king!
  • Honey Hive for Ukranian cuisine with a modern twist! They are easily one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Make sure to book a table in advance, especially because it’s a little further away from the centre. You don’t want to come all the way over here, only to be turned down!

A classic dinner date is best reserved for the second or third date.

N.B. There is no three-date rule in Ukraine. Therefore, don’t expect them to put out just because you bought them dinner!

Branching Out Of Lviv

Lviv Women

You are very close to the Ukraine-Poland border. So, if you get bored of local girls, why not head to Krakow! There are daily buses for under 20 EUR and Poland is an adventure in itself.

If you’d rather take the longer route, grab a bus to the border. From there, you can cross on foot and get another bus in Poland. It takes around 8 hours to get to Krakow this way. On the plus side, you get a cool travel story for back home!

Lviv Women In Short (Click here to meet them)

OK, now you know all the basics. Here is a quick recap:

About Lviv: The former Polish city has an old-world charm but plenty of modern fun activities. Take some time to explore the centre. Hang out at one of the city squares like the locals. A bottle of cool beer from the supermarket is all you need for a casual night out!

Singles nightlife: Go to a wine bar to meet high-maintenance super hot girls. Beer and live music bars are where younger women go. When it comes to discos, Fashion Club is your best bet. There is always something fun going on!

Lviv women by day: The language barrier is the biggest issue. If you speak decent Ukranian or Russian, don’t be afraid to approach girls. Local women are very friendly and open-minded. They will be curious about meeting a foreigner. Don’t be obnoxious, don’t worry too much. A simple introduction is often enough.

Date ideas in Lviv: During the day, go for a picnic in one of the city parks. I recommend High Palace, even if it is further away from the centre. Alternatively, enjoy some dessert in Lviv’s quirkiest sweets shop – the Lviv Handmade Chocolate. Don’t miss out on their seasonal menu! By night, check out a romantic French or Italian restaurant.

Enjoy your adventures with Lviv women! Come back with the stories and tips in the comments below!

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