How to Date Kiev Women and Dating Guide | #1 A-Z Guide for 2020

What do you imagine when you think of Kiev women?

  • Girls who drink hard liquor and aren’t afraid of going wild.
  • High-maintenance ladies in furs.
  • Sexy Slavic beauties with slender figures and bright blue eyes.

You will find all of these in the capital of Ukraine. Here is all you need to know about dating them!

Kiev Women In Under 100 Words

Because I know not everybody wants to read the full article!

About them: 

Hot, friendly, girl-next-door character but much better put together. Not as superficial that they seem. Most Kiev women prefer to date older men because they are more mature. This is a place to find a wife, not a fling. Short-term relationships are not a thing!

Where to meet them: 

Head to a sexy singles bar like S34 or B-hush rooftop bar. Then, off you go to a club like D Fleur or Dali Park (the latter being cheaper and more casual).

Alternatively, off you go to Ukraine Date. It’s perfect for international romance and you’re more likely to meet an English speaker.

By day, you can go to the mall or to one of the city’s open-air pools (in summer). Ukrainian girls are approachable but they don’t speak much English.

Date ideas:

Do a casual first date like a coffee shop. Blue Cup or 1900 Coffee Point are both solid choices in the centre.

Make your second date a bit fancier. Take her to a nice restaurant, perhaps some Italian food or Kiev’s favourite Georgian eatery Mama Manana.

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Nightlife In Kiev

Kiev Women

Kiev, much like other large cities, has tons of party options. Whether you’re typical raver or a sophisticated jazz bar type, you will find a place to have fun.

But where are all the beautiful girls?

That’s the best part! They are everywhere.

Kiev Women Always Look Their Best

Ukrainian culture is not casual at all. Men and women alike dress to impress. This is especially visible at night when everybody is trying to put their best foot forward.

Look no further than your neighbourhood pub in Kiev to see this. Virtually all the girls are in high heels. Most of them are also wearing dresses, no matter how cold it is outside.

Take a cue from the locals. If you’re not well-dressed, then they might not even let you in most clubs. Kiev is a show-off city. Wear a shirt, put on perfume, and focus on looking confident and wealthy. Yup, looking rich greatly increases your chances of hooking up with Kiev women.

The Best Bars For Meeting Girls

You don’t start the night at a disco. In Ukraine everybody does pre-drinks. The best way to go about that is a bar. Sure, drinking a bottle of vodka with your buddies is more economic. It does not, however, provide much opportunity to talk to girls.

Check out one of these establishments instead:

  • S34 has the best cocktails in town. The crowd is ever-changing but always on the younger side. Though the bar is popular with locals, you will see the occasional tourist here. Don’t let that put you off. Kiev women are crazy about Western guys and they will be pretty receptive to your advances.
  • Barman Dictat is another place for tasty drinks and pretty women. There is live music on most nights. The vibe is more grown-up and sophisticated than S34. Expect girls in their late 20’s and early 30’s.
  • Lab by Dk is popular among the ‘posh’ women of the city. It’s a large hookah bar to drink exotic cocktails and smoke for hours. If you don’t appreciate the smoke in your eyes, then skip that one. Learn to get over it and you get a chance with some of the hottest Kiev women!
  • Loggerhead is a speakeasy bar, tucked in a central building’s basement. The prices here are higher, around 225-250 UAH but the high-end cocktails are definitely worth it. Come here on a Saturday night to enjoy some live jazz. It’s a brilliant place for a date with a new Ukrainian girl.

Ukranian bars are not set up to encourage conversation. Usually, people stick to their own table and their own group of friends. Lucky for you, Kiev women love a masculine and assertive guy. Go up and talk to that girl you like! Ukrainian women are very friendly and approachable.

Clubbing In Kiev: Meet Girls The Easy Way

Night game is a lot easier than approaching girls by day. They will still not speak much (or any) English. In a disco, you can’t talk that much anyway so the language barrier is a smaller challenge. Not to mention that alcohol and dancing loosen everyone up.

Here are some of my favourite clubs in the Ukrainian capital. These are fun places for a night out. As an added bonus, you can meet plenty of approachable Kiev women.

D Fleur

D Fleur is a high-end party institution. By day, it’s a popular restaurant. Open for dinner between 6 and 11 PM, it’s a great place to grab a bite before you go drinking. You can also take a girl here. The prices are decent and the atmosphere is romantic enough.

Thursday to Saturday, Kiev’s loudest parties take place in D Fleur. With great sound and cool lighting effects, D Fleur stands firm as one of the best dance clubs in the capital. They occasionally bring in a famous DJ and those are the busiest (also poshest) nights.

D Fleur is a somewhat luxe location. For that reason, you absolutely can’t and should not dress casual. The bouncers will not let you in. Even if they do, no Kiev girl will look twice at a guy in flip-flops!


This is more than a bar. Instead, Shooters is an entertainment complex, featuring a restaurant, bar, and night club. They have different rooms with different events on each night. You can check the night’s agenda on their Facebook page.

Because this is an all-in-one sort of experience, prepare to pay a little more. Shooters is perfect when you’re not sure what you want. It’s very popular among Kiev women but the higher prices mean they will be expecting you to buy drinks.

Pro tip: come to Shooters on a slower night, for instance, a Thursday. It can really save a boring night out. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are cheaper ways to have fun and meet cute local girls!


If you’re a fan of techno and EDM, then this is your place. Closer is arguably more casual than D Fleur and Shooters. They have a spacious lounge area to chat with newly found friends (and more than friends).

The crowd is younger so you’re more likely to find an English speaker. Kiev women who come to Closer usually have a more alternative look. They are ravers, some drugs might be involved. For the most part, however, it’s just a place to have fun and enjoy electronic music.

Dali Park

Parties in Kiev last until dawn. Nowhere is this truer than in Dali Park. It’s fun if a bit commercial disco. Their cover fee is cheaper than other places (don’t be fooled though, it’s pricey inside) and so the place is always buzzing.

Do expect some beautiful Kiev women, as well as a night to remember!

What Are Your Chances With Kiev Women?

Here is the thing about Ukrainian girls:

They are sick and tired of local men!

Well, not all of them, but a huge portion for sure. There is a good reason for that. The typical Kiev girl is traditional, she wants to settle down, she is caring and feminine. The top qualities Ukrainian women look for in a guy include:

  • Mature and reliable
  • A stable partner who supports her
  • The kind of guy that stands his ground
  • Protective and caring
  • Traditionally masculine but not abusive or disrespectful

Essentially, Kiev women have the ideals and morals of an older generation. They want a family but they know not every dude they meet is husband material.

Which brings us to a paradox:

These beautiful girls don’t have that many dating options. 

And Kiev women are not ones to settle. Divorce is taboo in Ukraine. They don’t want to end up with the wrong man (really, who does?) so they’re often left wondering ‘Are there even any good guys left?’

To make matters worse, Ukrainians get married early.

Once in their late 20’s, girls feel a lot of pressure to settle down. Babushkas are not shy about asking. They will dissect their daughter/granddaughter’s personal life to the point where she feels completely desperate. And she starts asking herself ‘Am I not good enough?’

Of course, this is not how it goes for everybody. Hopefully, though, it explains why so many Kiev women are desperate to meet a foreign guy. It’s not just about the money. It’s about the potential of a steady partnership and marriage.

Meet Ukranian Girls Online

Kiev Women

International dating has always been popular in Ukraine. Mail-order brides existed back in the ’80s and they still do. Except these days the experience is different. You don’t buy a catalogue or pay an agency to match you with potential brides. Some sites and companies still do that but there is a shift toward more ‘natural’ online dating.

Why Ukraine Date Is The Best Place To Find Singles

Ukraine Date is currently the only dating site I recommend. Sure, you can also pop on Tinder but your success rate won’t be that great. It’s because of the language barrier.

On Ukraine Date, you have those kinda-desperate Kiev women I told you about. They are generally older, at least by Ukranian standards. A typical Ukraine Date member is a girl in her late 20’s, university-educated and looking for a serious relationship.

I don’t advise using Ukraine Date for hookups. It takes far more time and it won’t be very efficient. It’s a relationship-centred site.

How To Ask For Dates On Ukraine Date

Lesson number one: do it quickly.

Kiev women are pretty straightforward. They are used to men being assertive. If you chat around for too long then she might wonder if you even like her!

Don’t worry too much about where you’re taking her. She is the local, she’s not expecting you to know about all the cool places. That said, you do need to choose the place. Eastern European girls don’t like to be forced to choose. It just ends up being awkward and uncomfortable for her. Not to mention it makes you look like a complete beta.

Here are some cool coffee shops for a casual day date:

  • The Blue Cup Coffee Shop – the signature blue cups hold some of Kiev’s best coffee. The location is convenient and the vibe is friendly and chilled out!
  • Coffee Jazz Bar for a cup of warm coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s the kind of place to spend a rainy afternoon – spacious but still homey!
  • 1900 Coffee Point because they’re a secret cosy spot in the hustle and bustle of the city. Pick up some of their famous salty pastries, too. It’s perfect for a quick bite on the go – combine it with a walk around the city centre and you have the perfect romantic (but budget-friendly) date
  • Whitebeard Blackbird for top-notch coffee and eccentric desserts (including their famous blue cheese cheesecake)

As an added bonus, all of these cafés are foreigner-friendly. They either have an English menu or the staff can help you out. You would not feel completely helpless on your first date, I promise.

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Second Date With Kiev Women

While the first date can and should be casual, the stakes are higher on your second one.

Wining and dining is an easy way to a girl’s heart. You want to go somewhere romantic, ideally not too loud so you can hear your conversation. Dinner and movie is NOT a popular date choice in Ukraine. The culture here embraces conversation and you can’t exactly talk in a cinema.

Head straight to one of Kiev’s many couple-friendly eateries:

  • Under Wonder is everybody’s favourite Italian place. It is common knowledge that Italian food is the best on a date. Here, you will find home-style pasta and pizzas, as well as an impressive wine selection. The place is warm and inviting, you feel right at home. The bill will not be too heavy on the wallet, either!
  • Black Market is a quirky luxe place, perfect for a lunch or dinner date. They are not usually very crowded, providing some much-needed intimacy. The cuisine is mostly Ukranian with some international favourites in-between.
  • Whisky Corner is a sophisticated bar&dinner location in the centre of Kiev. The whiskey selection is amazing! They also have great food and the overall atmosphere is calm and sophisticated. Definitely the kind of place to impress Kiev women.
  • Mama Gochi is your go-to for Georgian food in the Ukranian capital. Right off the main street, this restaurant provides some much needed calm and replenishment. It works for a quick lunch or a lengthy dinner date!

An easy way to impress Kiev women is by bringing flowers on a dinner date. Roses are cheap but I guarantee she will love the gesture! Kiev girls are all about getting swept off their feet!

Day Game In Kiev: Is It Possible?

You might have noticed this missing so far. Why didn’t I talk about day game? Because for the average Western guy, it’s a challenging field.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. People here are wealthier and better educated. However, the English speaking community is still tiny. This is changing, with the younger generation starting to get influenced by the West. Still, finding an English-speaking girl on the street is not very likely.

The good news is: If you speak Russian, then you’re good. 

Seriously, Ukrainians don’t like to admit it but the languages are incredibly similar. For that reason, Russian-speakers are more than welcome to try day game in Kiev.

Best Kiev Daygame Spots

It depends on the time of year. Kiev gets very cold in autumn and winter. Nobody wants to stay out on the streets for too long. It’s best to stick to malls and other public buildings.

Gulliver Mall

Conveniently located in the centre, this is one of the best places to chat up girls. Stop by at the coffee shop for a cup of Joe. You’ll see a bunch of girl gangs relaxing after their shopping day. This is the time to walk up there and introduce yourself.

The popular ‘I (heart) Kyiv’ sign is right in front of the shopping centre. Whip out your phone camera for some tourist pictures!


This one’s a little further away from the centre. They used to run a minibus to get there but that’s unfortunately no longer the case. Get a cab, don’t bother with public transport. The journey here is long and not particularly pleasant if you choose the city bus.

On the plus side, SkyMall is one of the largest shopping centres in Kiev. There is even a pool on-site. Grab your swimsuit and go to chat up some bikini babes. Pools are a very underrated place to meet Kiev women.

Mandarin Plaza

This is definitely a high-end place! You’ll notice it straight away from the luxurious cars parked in front. The women you meet here will be higher maintenance… But they are also some of Kiev’s hottest talent. I guess you get what you pay for!

Kiev In Summer: Pick Up And Dating

Kiev Women

The summer months are surprisingly warm and pleasant here. Kiev might not be a tropical destination but the best time to visit is indeed July or August.

Kiev women enjoy three things in summer:

  • Coffee shops with cool terraces
  • Cocktails under the summer sky
  • Hanging out by the pool


As I mentioned, pools are a very underrated place to meet girls. Here are some of the city’s best places to cool off:

  • Pirs 39 for a beach-like experience close to the centre. Popular with families but plenty of hot single women around!
  • Yunist – also in the heart of the city, much cheaper than Pirs and fewer children around. The downside is it’s a sports centre so you will have to mind the people who came here to actually swim!
  • Akvapark Terminal is a few minutes away from Kiev but a very fun way to pass the day. It works in winter, too!


As for the city’s famed terraces, there are a bunch of them to check out:

  • Vero Vero Terrace – refreshing drinks and tasty food by the riverfront!
  • Mansarda is a quirky restaurant off the beaten track! Use it as a day date location or come for some coffee and to meet Kiev women.
  • Very Well Cafe is spacious and fashionable. The city’s hotties come to laze around here on hot days!


Finally, in the early evening, you want to head out to one of the rooftop bars/cafés. It’s the sweet spot where people are switching from coffee to cocktails!

  • B-hush rooftop bar is one of Kiev’s favourite luxe spots. The views of the city are well worth the higher prices! Other than coffee and drinks, you can also order food here. The sushi is surprisingly good!
  • Barbara Bar is a more affordable rooftop location. It’s not in the perfect centre but Barbara Bar is still reachable by foot and offers some stunning views!
  • 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar on the roof of a boutique Kiev hotel has everything you need in summer. From refreshing beverages to mouth-watering food menu options, the 11 Mirrors is one of the capital’s best-kept secrets!

How To Impress Kiev Women

By now, you should have an idea of the dating scene in Ukraine. So how do you make the most of it?

Easy enough, remember what Kiev women actually want. They’re not all about looks or status. Ukrainian girls value family and good relationships above all.

As cheesy as it sounds, be the guy she would be proud to introduce to her mom! This means gentlemanly gestures, making her feel safe and comfortable, and knowing when to take the lead.

Ukrainians embrace traditional gender roles. In fact, their dating culture isn’t too far away from the West back in the 50s. Though the younger generation gets married older and values career a lot more, family is a core value.

You don’t go to Ukraine for a quick hookup. While that is possible, it’s ten times more difficult. For flings, you want to go to a sexually liberated place. In Ukraine, women still prefer things the old-fashioned way. They are not that great as one-night stands anyway.

Good luck and come back to tell us the story!

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