Kiev Nightlife: The Guide to Bars, Nightclubs, and Dates (2020)

For being such a large metropolitan city, Kiev nightlife can actually be quite hit-or-miss. I’m here to tell you that unfortunately that it’s often a miss. The great thing is that when it’s a hit it really is a hit.

This article about Kiev nightlife was originally published in 2016 and is kept up-to-date, as you can see by the notes below.

To start with a little background on Kiev, it’s basically a worker’s city. It’s the economic hub of Ukraine. It’s got plenty of college students but it’s not a college town. Kiev has tons of families and tons of single, beautiful women. The result is a big mish-mash which makes the Kiev nightlife scene so difficult to figure out.

To compare Kiev to some American cities…

Kiev is not like Las Vegas. You can’t just go out and find something to do every night of the week. People aren’t going out just for the sake of getting hammered drunk on a Tuesday afternoon. Switching coasts, Kiev also lacks a bit of the New York City energy at times—it tends to quiet down a lot during the weekend days and weekday nights.

With that being said, if you take the time to really understand the Kiev nightlife you can have a good time. Thankfully, Ukraine Living has compiled this handy guide…

Kiev Nightlife: The First Warning

It’s Ukraine. The weather is always going to play a major factor in how your experience is. However, here’s some tips to take to heart:

  • When it’s spring/summer/fall, if the weather sucks, it will scare people into staying indoors and not going out to enjoy the party scene.
  • When it’s winter and people are set on going out…they’re going out. You’d have to kill them to stop them.
  • It’s completely backwards. Nice time of year + poor weather = poor turnouts. Bad time of year + determination = great.

Always factor this into the situation. If it’s the middle of May, and people have been out enjoying the Ukrainian culture holidays…and a torrential downpour begins at 7pm, that night be be fruitless. At the same time, it could be -10c on a December night and the clubs and bars will be packed.

There is no 100% guaranteed way to predict the Kiev nightlife other than to just go out and see how the scene is.

The Cost of Nightlife in Kiev (2016)

Kiev nightlife

B-Hush lounge sits at the top of the Intercontinental and is well worth the visit.

Generally speaking, here’s a good rule of thumb to remember when you’re going out to enjoy the Kiev nightlife. All the below prices are in dollars, estimating a 25:1 UAH:USD exchange rate.

Kiev Nightlife Costs

  • Dive bars & pubs: 1 beer = $1 USD
  • Dive bars & pubs: 1 mixed drink = $1.50-$2.50 USD
  • Nightclubs: 1 beer = $2 USD
  • Nightclubs: 1 mixed drink: $4-$5 USD

Obviously, some places are ridiculously overpriced—I’m looking at you, Arena City. Other places have upscale areas but keep their costs quite reasonable (Podil). The trick is to just not drink too much and keep track of how much your drinks are. The last thing you want is to get completely wasted and end up with a bill for $50 (albeit you’d be at least ten drinks in, so I’d consider it a good night!)—with no clue how you got to that point.

Ukraine is certainly affordable but a few too many cocktails and a couple of pour-happy bar staff can rack up your tab fast.

Always make sure you specify the type of liquor you want. Otherwise you can be guaranteed the bar staff will pour you the top of the line stuff. Even though Grey Goose isn’t all that, the price difference between it and Finlandia at many clubs is simply absurd.

NOTE: For detailed information on how much it costs to live in Ukraine, click here.

Kiev Nightlife Prices, 2020 Edition

Kiev has grown in recent years, and prices have, too…

Here are more accurate and reasonable prices:

  • A beer in a pub can still be had for $1, but there are many “craft” beers on tap too, and some of these are extremely pricey by Ukrainian standards (think $5+)
  • A cocktail in a pub will generally run you over 100 UAH, which is a little over $4
  • Cocktails in actual “cocktail bars” can sometimes run $8-12, which is getting in line with Western prices. While they’re often good and creative, they are pricey. Some examples of these places are:
    • Alchemist
    • Charlatan
    • Barman Dictat
  • A beer in a night club is now going to cost you more like $5, with cocktails reaching up to $10

Kiev Nightlife Districts

Arena City and Surrounding Area

Arena City is right in the center of the city, and is usually quite busy on most weekend nights.

The problem is that it’s right in the center, meaning that every sex tourist foreigner is out prowling these clubs and making a fool of himself.

Best to get to Arena early and enjoy your time there before they show up.

Bars, clubs, and restaurants in Arena City

  • The Bar: One of the best spots to have some pregame drinks and just hang out. 2020 UPDATE: Not the case anymore. Constantly overcrowded with tourists and stupidly priced.
  • Skybar: A weird place. Half the time I swear it’s filled with hookers and half the time the girls seem super sweet. I’m skeptical though. The closest thing to a Vegas club you’ll find—bottle service, VIP tables, and more. 2020 UPDATE: Still avoid.
  • The Burger: A great but somewhat pricey place to get a great Western-style meal. 2020 UPDATE: It’s okay these days. You can get a better burger at “True Burger near the Botanical Gardens.
  • “The Patio”: The big tent you see in the photo above. The name always seems to be changing, but during the summer it’s popping. 2020 UPDATE: Still busy, but Arena City as a whole is seen as a place where weird sex tourists hang out.
Bars, clubs, and restaurants around Arena City
  • Alchemist – An underground cocktail bar with live music. Gets incredibly crowded but the cocktails are top-notch. 2020 UPDATE: Still good, but pricey.
  • Banka Bar – Some of the funnest cocktails ever here, and incredibly cheap. 2020 UPDATE: They have a second, bigger location in Podil which is a great spot.
  • Dogs & Tails – Great lounge with some tasty hot dogs. 2020 UPDATE: Still good, but there’s just a lot more competition now and they haven’t done much to keep up.
  • Loft Bar—just north of Arena city itself, this loft has a great vibe. (CLOSED)
  • Touch Cafe: A great date spot but pricey. A bit overrated for night life in my opinion. 2020 UPDATE: There are so many other better date spots now. Avoid.

There are quite literally dozens of other bars, clubs, and eateries scattered around this Arena City area. There’s no way I could possibly cover them all. Just walk around and see what looks good to you. Poke your head in, have a drink. If it sucks, move on to the next. There’s no shortage!

Venues Around Arena City/Central Area – Updated For 2020

Here’s our top choices for places to go in 2020, with an emphasis on bars/restaurants sort of vibe — we’ll get to nightclubs later on in the article.

  • 3B Cafe | Shota Rustaveli St, 22a
  • Alchemist | Shota Rustaveli St, 12
  • Бар “Бездельники” | Saksahanskoho St, 38
  • Barman Dictat | Khreschatyk St, 44
  • Charlatan | Shota Rustaveli St, 12
  • Drunk Cherry | Velyka Vasylkivska St, 16
  • Par Bar | Shota Rustaveli St, 10
  • Pasha (the terrace) | Shota Rustaveli St, 16а
  • ZMist (hookah) | Pushkinska St, 20 А

Other Central Bars & Clubs

These are other noteworthy venues. These are not quite walkable from the Arena City area. They are close enough from a distance perspective, but certainly not in high heels if you’re going out with a group of Ukrainian women.

  • Caribbean Club—a bit sketchy but worth the venture
  • Dali Park (summertime only)—one of the premier clubs in the city when it’s open, which is only during the warmer months. Amazing from a talent perspective.
  • Serebro—heard good things, but very hit or miss. (CLOSED)
  • Shooters—this place is either the best in Kiev on the nights it goes off or there is no one there—no in between. Definitely go but try to make sure it’s on a busy night.
  • Sorry Babushka—a fun place.


Podil is the historic center of Kiev, and one of my favorite districts at that.

There’s not really much of a club scene at all, but there are simply so many bars in the area that I had to mention it. However, there really aren’t any notable venues I can rave about in regards to the Kiev nightlife scene. Your best bet is just to saunter down the main strip and side streets and poke your head in.

The people going out in Podil are definitely more hipster and tend to be more friendly overall to outsiders—you’re more of a novelty item out there, even though it’s barely a five minute metro ride from the center of the city.

Other Venues FAR Outside the Center

Kiev nightlife

I don’t have great information on these places but will mention them. Check them out at your leisure!

  • Bora Bora (beach club, only open in summer, run by the same people as SkyBar in Arena)
  • Coyote Ugly
  • Disco Radio Hall
  • Forsage
  • Indigo
  • Saxon


We have nothing against these venues themselves, and no problems if you suggest taking a girl there, or going with friends. You may notice that some of them have made some of our recommendations on other parts of this list.


We highly, HIGHLY recommend you avoid these places if *a girl suggests them to you*.

(Or, at the least, exercise caution.)

The reason why is because they are priced very highly, and if a girl suggests you take her to one of them, more often times than not, she’s looking to order one of the more expensive things on the menu. We just don’t think you should take a girl to these places and potentially drop hundreds, and especially not on a first date.

Generally speaking, we suggest avoiding these Kiev women and focusing on the ones not as concerned with cold-digging.

There are both restaurants and clubs on this list, here it is:

  • Alaska
  • Avalon
  • Buddha Bar
  • BEEF
  • BOA (both the food and drinks here are mediocre, to boot)
  • B-Hush (or really, any of the nice hotel bars…)
  • Carpaccio
  • Chi
  • Eshak
  • Good Girl
  • Manu
  • Mur Mur
  • Nam
  • Odessa
  • Sky Bar
  • Vero Vero
  • Zuma

Generally speaking, we suggest you always pick the date venues yourself until you get to know a girl better.

Kiev Nightlife Wrap-up

As a final tip…dress well.

  • Good looking, affordable watch
  • Nice suit or blazer
  • High-end shoes

All of these will make a huge difference.

Overall, the Kiev nightlife scene is a tricky one to figure out, and you really just have to experiment to find the cool places to hang out. In addition, venues are always opening and closing. While this page will be periodically updated, it’s simply impossible to keep up with it all. When in doubt, check it out!

Good luck,

PS: If you’re not into the whole nightlife scene, you can meet Ukrainian girls on this website.

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Are there any good laid back “bar-bars” or pubs in Kiev for just shooting pool and relaxing? If so, what are some good ones?

    Ukraine Living

    This place is AWESOME but it’s way out in the boonies. Kharkivska metro stop.


    As far as in the center, you could try the bowling alley in Gulliver. It’s nice.

    Pool halls, not many. Maybe one, can’t remember and Google isn’t showing up. As far as hanging…the cafes are the place to be. You can also try “The Bar” at Arena City for pre-night drinks.

    There’s not much though.


    You can find billiard halls with bars in most suburbs of the major cities and if you ask, you will probably find something similar in the smaller towns. We even have an underground casino, albeit a bit shady just down the street from home. If you know some people you will have no trouble finding what you need. Plenty of sports bars.

    Karolyn Goyco

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    I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have offered for your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are too brief for novices. Could you please prolong them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

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Simon Guza

Is this data from the recently deleted Minos Entertainment upload videos, did you download anymore of them before these damn bastards at YouTube deleted that playlist? There were many good videos of Eastern Europe that I wanted to watch and bookmarked and I usually download everything before YouTube just deletes videos at will which is why the YouTube website sucks :/ or do you know whom Minos is? so that they could maybe re-upload their same videos again? thank you.

Pete G.

What a great article! I was undecided on going to Dubai or Keiv, I think this article may have changed my mind. I hope it is a fun time.


Is there any particular reason for the ‘affordable watch’ tips.? Will you get mug in Kiev if you are wearing a hobby watch?


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How is Kiev at March month ?

    Ukraine Living

    Late March is good. Early march you might still get the greyness of February (worst month here)


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