How to Have Long Term Relationships With Kiev Girls

Kiev girls are so hot that you might never want to leave!

Here are our top tips for:

  • Meeting the girl of your dreams and sweeping her off her feet
  • Finding true girlfriend/wifey material
  • Navigating the dating scene like the badass you are
  • Starting and developing a relationship that lasts!

Read on to find which weird trait Ukrainian women find to be completely irresistible!

What The Women Are Like

I will make this simple and numerical.

Looks: 10/10

Is every girl a 10? Nope, of course not.

However, Ukraine has some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Objectively, the average Kiev babe is a 7. Even the 6’s and 5’s can be very attractive because they take good care of themselves. On the downside, she will take forever to get ready.

Attitude: 7/10

I would have given them 8 before. It dropped to 7 because the foreigner novelty factor is no longer a thing. There are so many Western men travelling to Ukraine that Kiev girls are no longer impressed.

The infamous Ukrainian hospitality is still there. However, hot girls are now very used to getting approached. They are friendly and welcoming but might not go the extra mile for you, as they did before.

By the way, when I say ‘extra mile’, I mean not enthusiastically showing you around the city. Some girls would still do it but not all. It used to be the best opener/date idea when you first meet Kiev girls. Now, I have a new favourite (and I will tell you all about it in a few paragraphs).

Long-Term Relationship Potential: 9/10

Kiev is the capital. Some girls are a little too westernized for my taste.


Most Ukrainian women are very traditional and feminine. This is true of Kiev girls, too.

They want to settle down with a decent man. Ukrainians will actually value you for things that Western girls wouldn’t think twice about. For instance:

  • Treating her right, not abusing her.
  • Being financially stable and responsible.
  • Remaining faithful.
  • Not drinking or smoking to an excess.

These aren’t hard things to do. I think most dudes have them. The thing is, in Ukraine, men are often raging alcoholics. It’s a genuine issue that brings domestic abuse, money problems and cheating along. Kiev girls don’t want to settle with that kind of guy. When they are with you, they realise how lucky they are.

Prepare to be pampered. 

Kiev Girls

I am talking about homemade food, clean house, and most importantly her always being on your side. Kiev girls and Ukrainian women, in general, are very loyal partners. That’s what makes them so much girlfriend-material.

Dating Culture: 7/10

This is an overall rating of the dating culture in Ukraine. Here are some major points:

  1. Getting a steady girlfriend is easy. Ukrainian women are expected to get married early so they rarely date around for long.
  2. One-night stands are tough. Because casual sex rarely leads to relationships, Kiev girls avoid it. There are some bars where it happens but hookups are still rare.
  3. Marriage scams still exist. Even though bride catalogues are in the past, there are still scammers that target Western men. Boris and Natasha scams happen as often as they did back in the 90s. Luckily, as long as you have some common sense, they are easily avoided.

The dating culture for long-term relationships is great, basically. If you’re not sure what you want and/or just want to mess around with local girls, you might not find the climate so favourable.

How To Impress Kiev Girls

A word of warning for you:

Bring your A-game! 

As I mentioned, foreigner novelty has long fizzled out. The women in Kiev are aware of Western men.

Weirdly enough, a friend of mine from Ohio recently travelled to Ukraine. He went on a few dates and not only did all the girls know where his state was/ a bit about it, one of the women had actually dated somebody from Ohio before!

I admit, this is not the rule and it does not happen often. However, it is a good story to show that Kiev girls will not be impressed by your foreigner status alone.

So how do you stand out from the competition?

Well, think about your competition. They are usually guys over 30-35 (with some exceptions), disappointed with the dating scene in the West, probably with a few failed relationships behind their backs. That probably describes you, too.

But please, oh please, don’t let it make you do this:

The Biggest Mistake Foreigners Make In Kiev

When Western men come to Ukraine, they expect heaven on Earth. You’re in for a rude awakening if you think nine Kiev virgins will come to blow you as soon as you land.

Basically, people act so entitled. Kiev girls have had just about enough of that.

Now, I am not saying you’re not good enough. In fact, Ukrainian women would be lucky to be dating you. You’re decent, responsible, and caring (hopefully). Local men are not like that.

But don’t fall into the “I am a good guy so you owe me” mentality. Kiev girls like to play hard-to-get at the beginning. Even beyond the games, they are conservative and might have different views on sex and relationships than yourself. Instead of pushing her away or pressuring her, think of that as a good sign.

If your current girlfriend (or almost-girlfriend) is hesitant to go to second/third base, she probably doesn’t sleep around. The same goes for flakiness, even though there is an acceptable level for that. If she cancels last minute, don’t fret it or text her an angry and desperate response. Wait it out a little and try again.

Kiev girls will test you like that. They want to make sure that:

(a) they’re not appearing promiscuous

(b) you are interested enough

(c) you actually want to date her, the person.

Basically, they take longer for intimacy and relationships. Don’t push it and don’t act entitled. While assertiveness is attractive, jerkiness will get you absolutely nowhere.

Looks Matter

When you first meet her, appearances will be everything. You see how well Ukrainian women dress. Of course, they value looks and of course, they will judge your choice of outfit.

Here are some items to pack:

  • Nice, well-fitting shirts. There are denim and linen ones for day-to-day. They look a lot classier than T-shirts and immediately elevate your look.
  • Polo T-shirts, preferably in one colour and with no logos or weird decorations. Keep it simple.
  • A good watch – it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to look well-made.
  • A blazer for going out at night. There’s no need to wear a tie, usually.
  • High-end shoes because you can always tell when shoes are cheap.

And, needless to say, you also need clean socks and grown-up underwear. Leave your spiderman boxers at home.

Do They Like Beards? What About Body Hair?

It’s 50-50 on that one. I think most Kiev girls do like facial hair. As for hairy chests, they don’t really mind them. If your armpit hairs are long, gross and smelly, however, that’s a whole different story. But it should be a no-brainer.

The WTF Thing That They Love


Yup, that’s it. Kiev women like their men a little rough around the edges. A large scar probably won’t make you more attractive. Most other types of scars will. They make you look tougher, give you a bad boy vibe, and Ukrainian gals love it.

Of course, this is about looks but it goes deeper. Ukrainian women like dating masculine men. Not a big shocker, really. Feminine women are naturally drawn to masculinity. What makes Ukrainian women different, however, is they want that sweet spot between rough and caring.

Because she doesn’t do flings, your Kiev love interest won’t pursue a non-commital relationship either. She knows not to date the bad boy types. But that doesn’t mean that on a more primal level Kiev girls don’t appreciate masculinity. Little things in your look, like a scar across your eyebrow, make you look like the dangerous guy she’d love to bang… While your attitude tells her you’re caring, assertive, and trustworthy.

Approach Like An Alpha

Ukrainians are the ‘tell it like it is’ type of people. In that spirit, here are the wise words of my Kiev-born friend Olga:

Don’t be lame. Most of the guys that approach me are lame. They don’t have the courage to say “Hey, I think you’re beautiful and I had to come over!” No, they awkwardly ask “Do I know you from somewhere?” Of course, you don’t and that’s such a cliché. 

She sounds a bit bitchy, right? Yeah, but apart from that, Olga is right. The best way to approach women in Kiev is to be straightforward and confident.

Kiev girls prefer masculine guys. Be manly and assertive, you’d be surprised at how many dates and numbers you can get!

Meet Quality Kiev Girls

hot ukrainian girls

Kiev is a huge city. If your time is limited, you have to know where to go. As anywhere else in the world, there are three ways to meet a woman:

  1. During the day
  2. Online
  3. At night

The nightlife in Kiev is not as wild as extravagant as Berlin or Moscow. However, there are still a ton of clubs to check out. If you want to meet a girl for a long-term relationship, though, try the bars first.

Singles Bars In Kiev

Ukrainian girls like to party. But the good girl type might actually be harder to approach in a disco. She is there with her friends, she doesn’t do hookups, there is no reason to talk to you.

In a bar, it’s much easier to talk and to meet these high-value women. Here are some places to see:

  • Pink Freud is a local institution. With inventive cocktails and a whimsical atmosphere, it attracts the city’s prettiest hipster girls. That’s not a bad thing, hipster girls are the nice girls in Kiev.
  • N:B Cocktails Bar is a higher-end venue. They don’t do face control but all the girls will be dressed to the 9s. Wear your best night out outfit if you want to stand a chance.
  • Buena Vista also doubles as a fun date location. It’s a restaurant with Cuban food (do yourself a favour and order the tacos, best ones I’ve had in Eastern Europe). On weekends, they are a busy bar and eventually turn into a salsa club.

When you approach women in bars, keep your composure and be prepared for surprises. Sometimes, the girl laughs you off, only to slip you her number a few minutes later. Enjoy yourself and don’t take it too seriously!

Chat With Kiev Girls Online

Internet dating platforms are replacing marriage agencies fast. While matchmakers were all the rage in the early 00s, Ukrainian girls are no longer settling for any foreigner that offers them a way out.

Some of them still want an international relationship, though. They turn to niche dating sites like Ukraine Date because they offer all the freedom that a marriage company can’t.

How I Used Ukraine Date To Get Dates

I’ll preface this by saying:

Yes, it is a paid site. And yes, I think it’s worth the money. 

The best part about it was the women were actually excited to meet up. Even when I texted a girl that lived outside of Kiev, she was ready to travel to meet up.

Sign up before your trip. At least two weeks prior is perfect. You can use Ukraine Date even if you don’t have a European vacation planned soon. Most of the girls there are open to a long-distance relationship.

Ask for a date or her number right away. Don’t waste too much time in small talk. Start with a compliment (a genuine one, please). Mention that you have a trip coming up. Say that you’d love to meet up. It really is that simple.

Keep in touch until you land. Kiev girls aren’t particularly flaky. However, they do like attention. If you disappear for a few days, she might think you’re no longer interested. Hopefully, this is not the case so make sure to text her daily. Small things like ‘Good morning!’ and ‘How was your day?’ can literally make a Ukrainian woman melt.

Should You Go On Tinder?

Good question. Tinder doesn’t have the best reputation in Ukraine. Still, the sheer number of girls there make it worth your time.

Dating in Ukraine can be competitive for women (lacklustre economy, there aren’t enough good men for everybody). No matter what you think of Tinder, you can meet some very sweet girls there.

That said, pipeline your dates with Ukraine Date, too. You can’t use Tinder until you get there. Once in Kiev, though, it’s just another way to explore local talent.

Kiev Girls In Relationships

Here is the first thing to know about Ukrainians in relationships:

You are her boyfriend from date one

She might act casual about it but it’s true. For Kiev girls, there is no ‘dating’ period where you go out with other people. Don’t ask her to be exclusive. It is presumed that you already are.

What If I Want To Date Around?

You’d have to be upfront about it. A lot of Western men come to Ukraine looking for love. When you’re on a limited time frame, you want to make the most of it.

Don’t tell her directly ‘I am dating other women’ If she asks what you’re doing the next day, though, tell the truth. ‘I had been talking to one more girl and I promised to meet up.’ It’s risky and it might ruin your chances with the first girl.

For the most part, I don’t recommend dating around in Kiev. Select the girl you want to date before you arrange it. Whether you met at a bar or on the Internet, wait for one date to pass before seeking another.

Keep Your Girl Happy (Even When You Are Thousands Of Miles Away)

Long-distance relationships are tough. However, if you plan on dating a Ukrainian without moving to Kiev, that is what’s going to happen.

A few tips for an LDR from somebody who suffered through one:

Have An End Date

Kiev girls are not afraid of commitment. What frustrates them is a lack of commitment. If you spent a few days/weeks together in Ukraine, she is already attached.

Figure things out before you get on the plane. 

You don’t want to leave the relationship hanging. Plans for the future are much better discussed face-to-face. You don’t have to propose after the first week but be clear about:

(1) Your own plans for the future (i.e. ‘I have a corporate job but I can apply for a transfer within the next months’ or ‘I run my own business so I have to stay for the next few years’)

(2) What you want out of a relationship. Kiev girls want a family. It doesn’t have to happen right here, right now, of course. Be honest about the kind of relationship you want in the long run. Married with kids? Travelling the world together? Open relationship?

(3) The next time you see each other. Discuss her plans for the future, too. Decide on the next time to meet – whether she will be coming to you, or you’d be going to her.

Keep Flirting

Kiev Girls

We have so many ways to stay in touch. There is no excuse for letting things fizzle out. Compliment her, flirt, play around, have some sexts (keep your phone private, though).

In a long-distance relationship, you are not physically together. It’s so much easier for her to feel lonely. Luckily, there are so many ways to prevent this.

Be Involved In Each Other’s Life

FaceTime helps a lot here. Show her your day-to-day, involve her in your daily activities, even when she is miles and miles away. Ask your girl to do the same (obviously, if she is uncomfortable, don’t push it). Maybe even meet her friends and family via Skype. It makes things feel real and LDRs are so prone to turning virtual and dry.

Deal With Jealousy

Ukrainian women can be very territorial about their guys. Do your best not to provoke her. For instance, if you know she hates it when you go out with all female friends:

(a) get a male friend to tag along

(b) don’t plaster photos with your best girl friends all over social media

Expect the same type of respect from her. I could not emphasize this enough:


Misunderstandings turn into jealous fights and slamming the phone so easily. If something is bothering you, tell her. Have a mature discussion about it. It can be hard but it’s not impossible.

Why Long-Term Relationships Are Awesome

Well, at least long-term relationships with Kiev girls are!

  1. She is naturally feminine. This means her caring and nurturing side are highly developed.
  2. Delicious homemade meals every day. You will forget why you ever liked hot pockets and Domino’s pizza in the first place.
  3. Respect and loyalty. You can count on her to be faithful. Local men are known for their cheating habits and she knows first-hand how much it hurts. Date a Kiev girl and she will be only yours!
  4. Always on your side. In Ukraine, women take the phrase ‘Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman’ to heart. They will support you and be your biggest fan.
  5. Traditional family values. While these are going extinct in the West, Ukrainian girls dream of having a home and a beautiful marriage.

If you want all that, lock down your Ukrainian beauty now. Whether you meet her on Ukraine Date or on the streets of Kiev, the same basic principles are true for all long-term relationships. Find a good girl, value her, respect her, and you will receive so much in return.

And before I get completely sappy, learn a couple of (actually fun) jokes, too. Kiev girls can be ice queens but this only means they appreciate a guy who makes them laugh even more!

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