7 Things to Know About Ibiza Beach Club Odessa

Ibiza Beach Club Odessa is one of the hottest clubs in the Arcadia Beach district in Odessa, Ukraine.

During the summer months, it’s very common for Ibiza Beach Club Odessa to be packed nearly every night of the week–even the weekdays. It’s definitely one of the hottest tourist spots, and can be a great experience if you do it correctly.

So use these ten things about Ibiza Beach Club Odessa before heading out for a fun night with your friends, or some cute Ukrainian girls.

7 Things About Ibiza Beach Club Odessa

#1: It Can Be A Daytime Or Nighttime Hangout

Ibiza Beach Club Odessa

During the day, Ibiza is full of people sunbathing on the cabanas, sipping on refreshing mixed drinks.

At nighttime, it turns into one of the hottest clubs in town–if not the hottest.

If you are staying in the Arcadia District, you could spend your entire day there and not run out of things to do.

#2: Most of the Staff Speak English

Ahh, always one of the first things you have to ask yourself as a Westerner in Ukraine! Will they speak English? Russian is a tough language, and it’s nice to know that at least someone will be able to communicate with you on a basic level in English. This is especially true if you want to get a table, or bottles.

#3: Weekdays Vs. Weeknights


The weeknights can get busy, but it’s hardly a guarantee. In this case, it’s very possible that the main dancing area will be packed full, but the pool area will not be as busy.

This actually can be a good thing, because it’s far more quiet and easy to navigate around the pool. Add in the beautiful Odessa summer nighttime air, and you can just hang out outside and meet some new people.

Then, when you’re ready to hit the dance floor, you have that option, too.

Contrast that to the weekend, where it’s likely that the majority of the club (both inside and outside) are packed full.

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#4: Prices at Ibiza Beach Club Odessa

You can expect to pay about 75 UAH for a basic vodka tonic. 40-50 UAH for a beer.

Obviously the prices go up if you order fancy cocktails or mixed drinks.

Ibiza Beach Club Odessa also has hookah available.

#5: There WILL Be Cover Charges

Ibiza has concerts or shows many nights of the week. It’s often easier to simply buy the tickets to the show beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about it when you arrive.

You can see the schedule of events on Ibiza’s website here.

#6: There Are Lots of Tourists


And this can be a good or a bad thing.

You’ll find lots of people looking to make new friends, or talk to some interesting people from other parts of the globe. At the same time, if you’re hoping to get a “locals” experience, this simply isn’t the place to be.

#7: How to Get There From the City Center

If you’re not staying in Arcadia (in which case you would walk), you can take a taxi from the city center. It should not cost you more than 100 UAH (about $4 USD) to get to Ibiza Beach Club Odessa.

Have you been to Ibiza? What do you think of it?

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Serge libotte

I have been there . Wonderfull . When is it again open in 2019 ? End of may or June until september?


These people are pure racists, don’t allow Asians to inter after receiving payment. This attitude is not good for service providers.


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