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Odessa is on of the biggest cities at Ukraine and all is on the coast of the Black sea. This makes it very attractive for foreigners that are visiting my country, especially during summer. However I think it is rather hard to choose from hotels in Odessa Ukraine for your stay.

You may think that if it is surrounded by sea Odessa is a typical beach town. But that is no quite so. Finding a good beach is rather hard task for tourist. The city is spread along the coast of the Black Sea and the distance between City Center with all famous sights and beaches with nightlife is quite big.

In my opinion to book a good hotel at Odessa you should first decide what are you plans during this trip. The other issue is that there are no famous hotel chains at Odessa, so making a decision is harder due to that too. However, during your trip you may stay at the hotel which may seem rather luxury for not very high price.

To make it clear, there are two main spots where you should look for the hotel – City Center (by Opera house, Potemkin stairs and Deribasovskaya Street) or Arkadia (for it’s nightlife and beaches).
So here is my list of the best and the most comfortable hotels for stay hotels at the center of Odessa:

Hotel Bristol 5*

hotels in odessa ukraine

The one of the most comfortable hotels at Odessa is five stars hotel Bristol. If you want to stay at the luxury hotel which is close interesting sights that is definitely is the one you should look at. This hotel is in top ten best hotels for business at Ukraine.

Service here is just excellent which sometimes can be difficult to find at Ukraine. To get to the main sights of the city such as Opera House and Primorsky Boulevard will take less than five minutes. Even though it is not by the beach you can enjoy swimming pool at the hotel. Also, Bristol is located in the historical building which you would be able to admire.

Londonskaya SPA Hotel 4*

Londonskaya is also one of the most highly rated hotels at the City Center of Odessa. This luxury hotel has beautiful view on a Black Sea and is right next to the famous Potemkin Stairs. However, I think the best thing here is the spa of the hotel which includes sauna, Turkish or steam bath, and hot tub.

If the main purpose of your trip is to have a rest and relax you would definitely enjoy this Londonskaya hotel. The property includes a big pool and for everyone who stays there Spa is included in price. As in the previous hotel service here is excellent, so that won’t be problem during your stay.

Boutique Hotel California 5*

The next hotel I would like to recommend is very nice hotel California. Boutique hotel is much smaller and cozier that previous two. Everything you should see at the central part of Odessa is on the walking distance from this palace. You will have an easy access to the all nice restaurants at the center of Odessa but you also may enjoy the restaurant at the hotel. Everything at this hotel is new because it was opened only few years ago and all rooms are decorated in contemporary style.

The most famous district next to the beach at Odessa is Arcadia. For those who is coming for nightlife and visiting clubs this is the best spot to stay. All the most famous clubs of city are located there. To get from Arcadia to the city center will take some time and it is for sure not a walking distance. But if you are not planning to spend all time there and mostly want to enjoy the beach or clubs that is perfect option. So hotels you need to pay at Arcadia your attention to are:

Arcadia Plaza 4*

Like all hotels at Arcadia this one is very close to the beach but doesn’t have its’ own territory at the coast. However, this hotel has own big outdoor pool and suites have a hot tub at the room. Rooms at Arcadia Plaza are decorated with taste and are very comfortable.

During the summer you can spend nice evening at one of summer cafes or lounges at outdoor terrace. If you prefer to spend your time more actively you can go the hotels’ tennis courts. Guest of this hotel are in most cases are very satisfied with service, especially comparing to other Ukrainian hotels.

GagarInn 4*

GagarInn doesn’t look like other luxury hotels of Odessa and is much more moderate. This hotel is decorated in much more modern style. Some rooms have an incredible view of the Black Sea. To get from the hotel to the beach takes only five minutes. One more nice thing is that prices here are lower than at 5 starts hotel at Arcadia but your would be as enjoyable as at more expensive places.

The other facility at the hotel you should visit is Food Hub restaurant. This place has very tasty food, interesting drinks and friendly staff.

Palace Del Mar 5*

Palace Del Mar is one of the closest to Arcadia beach hotels and is located in the restored historical building. Mostly rooms have terraces form which you can enjoy view on the garden or pool. The territory of the hotel is so big that it has its own park. Also, if you are going to such famous Odessa clubs as Itaka or Itaka it will take less than five minutes.

Even though it is so close to Arkadia’s nightlife this hotel is very calm and quite. This place has many outdoor terraces where you can sunbath or just relax. Also, you can spend time at the poolside bar of the Palace Del Mar.

I hope this article made your search of the best hotel at Odessa Ukraine much easier, and you would enjoy this incredible city.

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