5 More Places to Meet Hot Ukranian Girls

By popular demand, we are bringing you more off-the-grid locations to meet hot Ukranian girls! In the last article, I told you all about Dnipro, Chernivtsi, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, and Poltava. While all of those are awesome, there were cities I could not mention. Only so much that you can say in a single piece.

So, for the second time around, these are five cool cities to meet Ukrainian cuties (and seep in some of the culture, too)!

Sumy: Thanks, Dave!

This city was suggested by a reader so a major shoutout is due. Thank you, Dave, for telling us about Sumy. It’s a beautiful place, it’s not too large but not too tiny either, and the women are great! Well, girls are pretty almost everywhere in Ukraine but still.

With a population of around 270k and the status of regional capital, Sumy is far from being insignificant or small. Still, it’s one of the places in Ukraine that best preserves the relaxed, homey vibe of a small town.

This north-eastern beauty still has a lot to offer. Take a stroll through the streets to explore its’ impressive cathedrals. You can’t miss the Saviour’s Transfiguration at the main square but try to include the Resurrection Church, too. It dates back to the 18th century and the people of Sumy have preserved it impressively well.

Other than the churches, you can peak at the Regional Art Museum to see some local painters’ and sculptures’ works. If you’re a bit of a bookworm, the Chekhov Museum is a curious place to visit, too.

Here’s a warning:

Sumy is not as pretty as other Ukrainian cities. You can definitely feel how it’s slowly declining.

What it lacks in Insta-worthy spots, though, the city makes up for in the warmth of it’s people. In spite of the language barrier, these are some of the most hospitable humans you’ll meet in Ukraine. It is worth going to Sumy for that alone.

hot ukrainian girls

Decent Accommodation In Sumy?

As is the issue with off-the-grid locations, you don’t always have tons of hotel options. You could rent a place but vacation rentals are a little tricky (and not as popular) in these areas. Still, there are a couple of great places to stay at in Sumy. Here are a few of them:

The Premier Hotel Shafran boasts 4 stars and a price below 50$ per night on most rooms (apartments are just a little over that). All rooms are air-conditioned and some have a beautiful view over the lake. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Breakfast is delicious!

The Reikarz Sumy might have a star less than Shafran but has one of the best locations in the city plus the rooms have been renovated recently. The staff are friendly and they all speak decent English.

The Hotel Сomplex Voskresenskiy is another one of our favourite accommodations. They have a great location, the high-speed Wi-Fi is free and reliable (great for digital nomads), and you have all the amenities you need!

Will You Be Bored To Death Though?

Here is the issue with smaller cities. If you go below a certain population, it gets difficult to interact with others. It’s not just the language – through the women of Kiev and Odessa have a significantly better level of English overall. In a small town, people grow up together. They know each other, they have their social circle, and nobody is particularly interested in making new friends.

Of course, this is a huge generalization!

Whether you live in a tiny village or in a crowded metropolis, everyone has their friend group. If people were so exclusive, it would suck to be an expat anywhere (and it doesn’t, some places turn out to be better than your own hometown).

Since you’re reading this article, your goal is meeting hot Ukrainian girls. In large cities, you have more people overall, which means more chances. In smaller ones, there are fewer women but your “bonus points” for being a foreigner increase. You’d be much more of a novelty in a small town.

The key is to hit that sweet spot. Personally, I don’t think you should go below 200 – 250k. That number might go down if you speak Ukrainian. If not, it’s best to take your pick among medium-sized cities. This way you get the small town benefits but you won’t get stuck in a random boring place, either.

Kherson: Much More Than A Beach

The Southern city of Kherson is one of the lesser known beach destinations in Ukraine. It’s also a bit warmer than other places, making it a great choice for expats not used to the cold.

For sights, you can’t miss the Church of St. Catherine, built in the late 18th century. Some other notable buildings are the music school, the Adziogol Lighthouse (it’s the tallest lighthouse in Ukraine), and Kherson Fortress. Take some time to explore the city centre – especially the area around Suvorov Street. The quiet alleys and the historical architecture really take you back in time.

Speaking of nostalgia, make sure you grab a bite at the Nostalgie restaurant. It’s a great spot for dates with hot Ukrainian girls, too! And if you miss the taste of the West, the Rock Burger Bar offers some amazing artisanal burgers.

Nightlife is slightly limited in Kherson but the Amigo nightclub is a fun place to try. For some pre-drinks, try the John Howard Pub & Whiskey Club, where you can meet some fellow travellers and expats (and yes, the whiskey is good, too).

Zhytomyr: A Breath Of Fresh Air Near Kiev


Zhytomyr is your ultimate last-minute off-the-grid destination. It’s the closest regional centre of Ukraine to Kiev. You can easily take a day trip here if you get fed up with the big city. Zhytomyr is calm and beautiful, there are a couple of nice places to explore, and, of course, plenty of hot Ukrainian girls.

The city itself is one of the greenest in Ukraine. If the parks are not enough, the countryside around it is one of the most picturesque in the country. If you’re coming from Kiev, definitely opt for renting a car. As long as you’re comfortable with the stick shift, you should be good to go.

The language might be an issue in Zhytomyr so try to learn a couple of Russian or Ukrainian phrases. The local “slang” is actually surzhyk, a mixture of both languages. Either one is understood and some people speak English, too.

Most places to eat, as well as most bars in Zhytomyr, are branches of Kiev-based chains. Thus, the city is slightly more expensive than other places of it’s size. On the plus side, you can be sure the quality is great. One of our favourites is the Polisyanka restaurant – the atmosphere is homey, the food is top-notch, and there is a small garden for those warm summer nights.

As for clubs, Indigo and Maksymum are the two nightlife institutions. They are in opposing parts of the city, though, so plan the cab ride ahead of time. It’s much safer to get the number of a respected taxi company before you go partying.

Khmelnitsky: That Medieval Beauty

Bohdan Khmelnytsky

Statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Kiev, Ukraine

Hot Ukrainian girls are spread out evenly throughout the country. In the West, though, is where you’ll see the particular “medieval” type of beauty. Women are paler, the percentage of redheads is higher (if you’re into that), and they are curvier, without crossing the line to fat.

But there is another reason Khmelnitsky is a must. It’s because the city itself is a beauty with Medieval vibes.

With so many castles and fortresses in the area, the tiny streets, the old churches, are you even surprised? Most travelers agree that Khmelnitsky is a must among the lesser-known Ukrainian cities.

Lutsk: Even More Nostalgia

For the final pick, Lutsk is a cosy town in northwestern Ukraine. Its’ most prominent landmark is Lubart’s Castle – a mid-14th-century fortress with gorgeous views and a bloody history. Saint Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, as well as the city Synagogue date from a little later – the 17th century, but are must-visits as well. Take a stroll down the pedestrian Lesya Ukrainka street, sit down at a café, people watch… Lutsk is the best place to be lazy.

And about meeting hot Ukrainian girls, try the open-air Opera Dance club. The Hollywood nightclub is slightly tackier but the crowd is younger and people seem to dance more (the Opera has a calmer, more refined feel to it).  Grab a late dinner and drinks at the Skybar Family – it has the best views in town, or enjoy the top-notch cocktails and the friendly atmosphere at Bravyi Shveik.

Finally, any accommodation options? The Noble Boutique Hotel is modern and minimal, with great amenities and perfect location. The Patio di Fiori is an international traveller favourite, something like a hostel but for people who appreciate privacy (in other words, you can meet fellow foreigners but the place is much more comfortable than most hostels). The Svytyaz Hotel is our budget option – it might look like a Soviet relic but it’s in the city centre, the rooms are renovated, clean, and spacious, and the food at the bar/restaurant is delicious (it comes in huge portions, too!)

More Articles On Hot Ukrainian Girls?

You might have noticed that we like Ukrainian women. Since you’re reading this article, I bet you’re not too opposed to them either.

Stick around to learn some helpful tips on meeting them and keeping them. And, as usual, if you have any article requests or thoughts you want to share, leave them in the comments below!

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Thanks for all the info and on-site. When i come back I will be glad to share what I experienced


Thanks for all the info and ln site. When i come back I will be glad to share what I experienced

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