Hookah in Ukraine: Everything You Need to Know

Hookah, also known as Shisha, is a very popular past time in Ukraine. Originally from Arabic culture (there is quite a bit of Middle Eastern food and some culture in Ukraine, as they’re pretty close geographically), hookah is readily found all throughout Ukraine at many restaurants.

This post is not to argue the health consequences or other issues about hookah, but merely to give some information about hookah in Ukraine. For those of you who enjoy hookah, you’ll be treated to some good information about it. For those of you who don’t…well, you’ll know where to avoid 😉

Where To Get Hookah In Ukraine

As I said, it can be found in quite a few lounges and bars in the major cities. You can easily find hookah in Ukraine simply by walking up and down the street, and finding a place that has shisha. Some of the higher-end places won’t have it, but plenty will, too.

Generally speaking, I’ve found that if you go to the “underground” places (i.e. the ones that don’t allow you to smoke on the main floor, or on the patio), the quality simply is not as good. This may seem obvious, but sometimes when you’re inside you get a better “high” off of the shisha (from other people smoking).

Best to stick to the places that have the best “advertising”–i.e. people sitting outside and enjoying hookah in Ukraine.

Hookah in Ukraine

What Should You Expect To Pay For Hookah In Ukraine?

As of writing this in August of 2016, you should expect to pay about 250-300 hryvnias (UAH) for a hookah pipe.

This price is based off of knowledge obtained in both Kiev and Odessa since May of 2016. It should also be noted that these are relatively “high-end” places; in the city center, English menus, good ratings overall.

In my humble opinion, the best kind of hookah in Ukraine is the “fruit” type. This means that they put a fruit (usually an orange) at the top of the water pipe. This facilitates a longer lasting hookah as well as (usually) better flavor.

What do you think about the hookah in Ukraine?

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