The Hibernation of the Ukrainian Dating Culture

The Ukrainian dating culture works in a way that we aren’t accustomed to as Westerners. And there is actually one really bizarre reason why it’s so.

The approaching winter.

Sure, in the United States it gets cold…but Ukraine gets really cold. Like…unbelievably cold.

This means that there are less people coming into Ukrainian cities during the cold months versus the warm summers. Captain Obvious, I know. But hear me out.

The Ukrainian dating culture differs from the Western dating culture because the girls genuinely want to meet a cool guy. What some guys who travel to Ukraine forget is that you don’t want to treat them like you would a Western girl. Being a nice guy can work, as long as you’re still confident and a masculine man.

Non-alcoholic, foreign guy with job who is not too overweight is a dream guy for some of these girls.

I’m not saying it’s fair, but simply pointing out the elephant in the room. Whether you want to be offended by that or not is up to you.

But a lot of Ukrainian girls are happy to meet foreign guys.

And when do you think the foreign men are actually in Ukraine?

Hint: It’s not during the freezing winter months.

Which means that the girls who maybe didn’t find a new guy to date during the summer months are now on a scramble to meet someone before the winter. It’s natural to want to hibernate and couple up, after all! Winter months seem much more pleasant with someone to watch movies and drink hot tea with versus going out to the bars in the hopes of meeting someone, trudging through the snow…


Now that you know this, you can honestly plan your trip to Ukraine a little bit better. Sure, you don’t have to go during the winter–but even by September the number of foreigners and tourists is significantly slower.

Knowing this, why not book a trip and check it out? You can see some of the beautiful fall leaves come down, and you never know who you might meet.

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It’s encouraging that Ukrainian girls seem to be sincere in their search for a man to have a relationship with. This allows men to be more genuine and connect more emotionally in them as long as they are grounded in their masculinity, self improvement and hold frame.

Talking about western women I remember reading on rooshv forum a poster called “Excelsior” stating:
“What young guys need to remember is that with the average American woman, you must devolve, and regress to a more primal state of being (read: become a caveman). There is no room for calm, measured approaches, no room for chivalry, no room for anything remotely gentlemanly or intellectual, and no time to wait a few dates for sex. Throw ALL of that out the window, or prepare for involuntary celibacy.”
I also remember roosh saying that he has to constantly be a clown in order to constantly entertain western women.
That is certainly no grounds for a healthy and long lasting relationship. No wonder the prevalence of broken and dysfunctional relationships common in the west.

Anyway good point when you suggested meeting Ukrainian girls in the autumn(or seasons other than summer)!

    Ukraine Living

    Well…I do *have* to ask, did you read this post? 😉



      Haha I did read that post shortly after. That 55 year old guy did get scammed quite hard didn’t he? Hope he becomes more realistic.
      One must be very careful in screening out girls such as those.

      Funnily enough the event that triggered my accidental discovery of the manosphere/redpill was me trawling through an EE mail order bride website lol.

        Ukraine Living

        Crawling through a site like that will open your eyes to how the real world actually works…that’s for sure.

        Seems you learned more about this by reading one site than this guy did in multiple trips to Ukraine.


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