The Greyness of Fall in Ukraine

Ukraine is a wonderful place, but it’s certainly not without it’s downsides. One of those downsides is the dreary fall weather that rolls around once a year.

The spring and summer cheer is replaced by…well, this:


Simply put, when it becomes grey the way of life changes a bit in Ukraine. There are both pros and cons to this.

Pros to the Fall Weather

Most expats in Ukraine are doing some sort of work online. Geoarbitrage, if you will.

The poor weather means it’s far, far easier to bunker down and work on the business. When it’s cold, dreary, and wet–well, inside staring at a computer screen seems a lot more appealing.

There isn’t a better time to grow a blossoming business than when everything is dying outside 😉

On the plus side, when there are nice fall days there is some nice color:


Cons to the Fall Weather

Well, it’s simply depressing.

You’ll likely need to get some Vitamin-D supplements just to maintain a baseline level of feeling normal. When you don’t see the sun for days or weeks at a time, it just takes it’s toll on you.

Especially when you originally come from a warmer climate.


Obviously, you won’t be doing as much out and about. Long walks in the park and on the beach will be a thing of the past.

Rather than shopping at the markets, you’ll be running to the store and running back–all the while trying to stay dry.

However, if you live in Ukraine, you must think of the opportunity.

You can build the business to new heights.

And frankly, all the cute Ukrainian girls are hoping to find a winter cuddle buddy.

So start lookin’.

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