Our Favorite Ukrainian Foods

When traveling, many people rightfully have concerns about the food. This is even more true the further “off the grid” you go. Ukrainian food is rich in history, and the people are proud of it. If you know where to look, you can find it. With that being said, here is a guide to you can use in Ukraine. These are just some of our favorite Ukranian foods.

General Things To Know About Ukrainian Food

  • They use a lot of sour cream. A lot.
  • Some of the meats and potatoes can be a bit oily.
  • There are a lot of “sour” products–milk and cheese mostly.
  • Ukrainian food is often referred to simply as “traditional food” when you’re in Ukraine.
  • A lot of the food is very simple in nature but quite tasty.
  • They’re proud of it!

The Favorite Ukrainian Foods


Favorite Ukrainian Foods

Borscht is a soup with quite a few different variations. It’s popular all over Eastern Europe. Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland–you name it. But the Ukrainian version of borscht is the one commonly referred to in English. It almost always contains beetroots and is a red color.

There are different variations in color such as green, which can be an interesting experience to try out!

In addition to the beetroots, there are a lot of other ingredients. Usually some time of beef or pork is involved, and other sautéed vegetables.

Vareniki (Dumplings)


Vareniki are noodle-dough-based dumplings. They come with a variety of different fillings. They’re usually boiled or fried.

There are some “Soviet-style kitchens” that have pages upon pages of different variety of these dumplings. Typically, these Soviet kitchens are trademarked with ugly wallpaper and many, many different shades of yellow 😉

However, the decor doesn’t detract from the dining experience as many of them do give you a sort of “Grandma’s home” sort of dining experience. Make sure you don’t miss the Vareniki!

Chicken Kiev


If you’ve ever had Southern comfort food in the United States (and like it)–Chicken Kiev will be your new love.

Chicken baked around breadcrumbs, stuffed with butter, herbs, and garlic? Sign us up…

What are some of your favorite Ukranian foods?

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  • Updated September 12, 2016
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