An Example of Why the Ukrainian Economy Is A Mess

Look at the apartments in the the photo gallery.

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Vibrant colors, beautiful physical architecture, and the apartment complex even has it’s own private mill!

Sadly, these stunning apartments are the perfect symbol for why the Ukrainian economy is so bad.


Nobody thought it through.

The apartments were built in the middle of nowhere. They’re between two of Kiev’s metro lines, at least a thirty minute walk from any station. The bus transfers are poor. There are factories all around the complex.

The hope was supposedly that the curb appeal of the apartments themselves would be enough to offset the negatives.

However, that has not been the case.

Instead, these apartments are relatively empty. The entire neighborhood around them is filled with depressing…well, despair.

They can be a cool spot to take a date, but that’s about it. And you probably won’t want to go back.

Perhaps one day, mistakes like these apartments will be avoided.

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