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Is It Safe to Travel to Ukraine: 2020 Edition

Updated November 2019: The most common question we get is:  How do I meet Ukrainian girls? The second most common is: Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?  So here it is, finally. An article fully dedicated to safety in Ukraine in 2018. Spoiler alert: It is more complicated than it seems. We also wrote […]

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Things to Know If You Want to Visit Chernobyl Today

If you’re interested in visiting Chernobyl today, we have good news for you. In 2016, it is perfectly safe to visit Chernobyl for touristic purposes. And it is a fantastic experience. Yes, it is a form of “disaster tourism”–so there is a bit of a downer vibe to it. But, it’s worth it. Going to Chernobyl can be a […]

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