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RussianDict: The English to Russian Dictionary

It’s summer of 2019 and you’re on your vacation. Rather than heading to your regular vacation spot like the beach, you decide to take a tour of the former Soviet Union and find yourself in Kiev, Ukraine. And, the women are gorgeous. That’s what happened to me back in March 2017. I was traveling at […]

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5 Shortcuts to Start Speaking Russian

This is a guest post from Live Fluent. Knowing even a little Russian can go a long way when traveling in Ukraine. A few key words and phrases might mean the difference between missing a train or getting lost in Kiev; while being able to have basic conversations can help you connect with Ukrainians and […]

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Rocket Russian on Sale Again

A few weeks ago around Valentine’s Day, Ukraine Living sent out an email and blog post mentioning that Rocket Russian (a program I’ve had great success with) was on sale—from the usual price of $149 to $59. Unfortunately, I was really late to that ballgame. I sent that email out when there were only a […]

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Rocket Russian Review: How Good Is It?

I recently had a lot of spare time. I left Ukraine, and Eastern Europe as a whole, to wait out the colder winter months. This gave me lots of time to buckle down and invest in learning Russian. I had numerous transcontinental flights, some mellow time at home in America, and not much to do. With […]

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Is It Worth Your Time to Learn Ukrainian?

If you’re traveling to Ukraine, it’s probably a natural question to ask if you should learn Ukrainian. When you head to a foreign country the first obvious concern is: will I be able to communicate with people at all? So, here’s the deal about Ukraine: The official language is Ukrainian. The majority of people, especially in […]

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What Language Do They Speak In Ukraine?

A common question received here at Ukraine Living is this: What language do they speak in Ukraine? And between Russian, Ukrainian, and the Cyrillic alphabet, it’s enough to scare the daylights out of most people. Truth be told, both of these languages are incredibly complex, especially for those who speak English natively. They’re so drastically different from English […]

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