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How to Get Modafinil In Ukraine

Smart drugs are on the rise. They are all the rage from the Silicon Valley to beautiful Kiev. But can you get Modafinil in Ukraine? And more importantly: Will you go to Ukrainian jail for attempting?  If you don’t feel like reading through the article, here is the gist: It is not illegal to buy and […]

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How to Make Money While in Ukraine

Many men dream of leaving their drab life in the Western world, and heading east. Places like Ukraine, full of beautiful girls, a reasonable cost of living, and a vastly different culture that has more traditional values. Who could blame them? Which then leads to the necessary root of all evil: money. The thing you […]

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Is AirBNB Ukraine Any Good?

AirBNB Ukraine is probably the easiest way for foreigners, both expats and tourists, to find a place to stay while they’re visiting Ukraine. There are a few other apartment agencies (we’ll get to that in a minute), but AirBNB tends to be the most popular. It’s also the most “Western-friendly” of all of the apartment […]

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The Killer Guide to Kiev Nightlife

For being such a large metropolitan city, Kiev nightlife can actually be quite hit-or-miss. I’m here to tell you that unfortunately that it’s often a miss. The great thing is that when it’s a hit it really is a hit. To start with a little background on Kiev, it’s basically a worker’s city. It’s the economic […]

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The Comprehensive Guide to Ukrainian SIM Cards

I won’t beat around the push: Ukrainian SIM cards can be a complete pain in the ass. BUT, that’s why great sites like Ukraine Living exist. Let’s start with the good things about the cell phone deal in Ukraine. First off, it’s cheap as hell. Less than $5 a month will get you all of the data, […]

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The True Cost of Living in Ukraine

The cost of living in Ukraine is quite affordable at the time of writing this. But it’s not going to stay this way forever. If you want to have a chance to meet Ukrainian women and experience Ukrainian culture at the steal of a century—you’ll want to act fast. You never know when things in […]

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Expating to Ukraine–What Can You Do?

It’s a bummer to find a country you love, and then be unable to stay in said country. There’s a reason that expating to Ukraine is becoming such a desire amongst expats. Maybe you found love, maybe you love the cuisine–or maybe it’s a country that just jives with your personality. In any case, visas, red […]

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