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Ukraine Online Dating: Everything You Need To Know

So you are interested in international dating? And you have your eye on Ukraine? It should come as no surprise that the easiest, most efficient way to meet Ukrainian girls is on the Internet. But we are talking the country that gave us mail-order brides here. As popular as it is, when it comes to […]

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Ukrainian Dating Service: Don’t Get Scammed

More and more Western men seek Eastern European girls to date and marry. Third-wave feminists, impossible standards, and Western women’s fear of commitment are all to blame here. Using a Ukrainian dating service is a poplar choice among these guys. But scams are ever so popular as well. When journalist Shaun Walker spent time in […]

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The #1 Rule of Ukrainian First Dates

So you’re in Ukraine, on a date. You’ve got a beautiful girl in front of you. Maybe her English isn’t exactly top-notch, but it’s good enough to work with. Your Russian or Ukrainian skills (hint: learn Russian!) are lackluster. You’re on this date, and while she’s there with you…she’s also not. Perhaps this Ukrainian girl […]

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The Ukrainian Brides Scam Gets Pulled on My Friend

Most of the world by now is familiar with Ukrainian brides. You’ve heard the stories—Western men, desperate for love and companionship, journey to faraway places like Ukraine or Russia in the hopes of meeting Eastern European women. They hope to find lifelong love. Unfortunately, those fairytales stories rarely come true. Today I feel the need […]

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Questions from a Reader About Dating in Ukraine

Reader Eddie commented on the post about Ukrainian women: Nice article! Quite comprehensive and I enjoyed reading it. Like you I have an interest in EE girls and even though I have no personal experience of dating them, it appears that they are better in many ways compared to western women. Its interesting that you point out […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Ukrainian Women

This is an incredibly comprehensive guide about Ukrainian women, taken from an incredible amount of experience from several people who have spent considerable time in the country. If you’ve got any questions or comments, certainly leave them below! Without further ado, let’s dive right in. Here’s a sneak peak to everything that’s contained in this guide […]

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What It’s Like Dating Ukrainian Women

Dating Ukrainian women is a great experience. They’re (obviously) beautiful, smart, well-cultured–they can teach you a thing or two about the world. This is a wonderful thing if you’re coming from dating in the Western world, where the women are often…well, simply not up to par. Here are some brief and random thoughts I’d like […]

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The Cost of Going on a Date in Ukraine

With an extremely strong US dollar in comparison to the Ukrianian hryvnia, the cost of going on a date in Ukraine has never been cheaper. You can easily take a girl on a date to a good venue here, and spend less than $15-20 for two meals, a couple rounds of drinks, and maybe even some shisha (hookah) […]

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