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The Virgin: The Follow Up

–> Read Part 1 Here <– Received some follow-up emails from the reader in the story linked above). Here’s his follow-up after this advice: ***If you have not video-chatted with this girl and verified she is who she says he is, stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200…do this IMMEDIATELY. If she refuses […]

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The 28 Year Old Ukrainian Virgin…Is She Real?

The team here at Ukraine Living recently received the following emails about a 28 year-old Ukrainian virgin from a reader, and whether or not he should consider taking a trip to meet this girl. We’ll let him tell the whole story… The Ukrainian Virgin I have a question about a women from EE and since you […]

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Ukraine Date Review

Ukraine Date Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Ukraine Date is one of the many online dating sites used in Ukraine. You may be aware of it, and also aware of the monthly cost associated with it. Perhaps you’re trying to justify whether or not a subscription to the website is worth it–and rightfully so. The cost of Ukraine Date can be steep, and nobody wants […]

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  • Updated October 12, 2019
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ukraine bride

How to Find Ukraine Brides

Ukraine brides are the best. They are feminine, caring, and beautiful. No wonder so many Western men flock to Ukraine to meet their future spouse. In this article, we are talking about what makes Ukrainian women such great life partners, as well as the best ways to meet them. Stick around to learn more! Ukraine […]

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How to Date a Hot Ukrainian

What guy wouldn’t want to date a hot Ukrainian? I don’t know how their genes mixed but I guarantee it: Ukrainian girls are beautiful beyond belief.  Am I exaggerating? Probably, there are unattractive people everywhere. But time after time I hear first-time visitors gush about the women. I couldn’t believe how many gorgeous girls there were and Damn, […]

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