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9 Reasons Why We Love Ukraine

Here are reasons why we love Ukraine. Lets get straight to the point.  1.)  The Cost of Living Seems obvious, but it’s so true. When you can take a nice girl out for an incredible date for a dozen bucks–WOW. The cost of living in Ukraine (for now) is absolutely incredible. You get such a value […]

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How to Avoid Scams in Ukraine

Scams in Ukraine are overblown by most Westerners. BUT…I’ll never forget my first week in Ukraine… I got hustled by a street performer, who literally threw a monkey on to me and demanded I pay him money. As I was arguing with him, another monkey trainer threw a second monkey on to my head and demanded […]

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The Hibernation of the Ukrainian Dating Culture

The Ukrainian dating culture works in a way that we aren’t accustomed to as Westerners. And there is actually one really bizarre reason why it’s so. The approaching winter. Sure, in the United States it gets cold…but Ukraine gets really cold. Like…unbelievably cold. This means that there are less people coming into Ukrainian cities during the cold months […]

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Hookah in Ukraine: Everything You Need to Know

Hookah, also known as Shisha, is a very popular past time in Ukraine. Originally from Arabic culture (there is quite a bit of Middle Eastern food and some culture in Ukraine, as they’re pretty close geographically), hookah is readily found all throughout Ukraine at many restaurants. This post is not to argue the health consequences or […]

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