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The Guide to Nikolaev, Ukraine For Visitors

Nikolaev is a city in the South of Ukraine, known as The City of Brides and Ships. While we can’t promise you will meet the future mother of your children there, there would definitely be lots of ships. Here is everything you need to know before you visit! What’s Up With The Name? Let’s get […]

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Expat Talks: Should You Get A Ukrainian Bank

The Ukrainian bank system gets a bad reputation among some of the expat community, while others swear you could not survive without an account in a local bank. We are looking at both sides of the argument to help you make the best decision possible! Why The Lack Of Confidence? Foreigners and locals alike tend to […]

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The Guide to Ukrainian Dolls (Montankas)

The motanka have been around for centuries—but how did these Ukrainian dolls come about? And more importantly, what is up with them having no face but a red cross instead. Read on to find out! Ukrainian Dolls And Traditional Beliefs All authentic motanka dolls are made by hand. Mothers used to sew them for their children and people […]

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