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The Foreigner’s Guide to the Kiev Airports

Arriving at the Kiev airport? Here is everything you need to know! How Many Airports? There are two passenger airports in Ukraine’s capital. The major one (and where you’ll probably be landing) is the Kiev Boryspil Airport. Look towards the end for a quick guide to the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany). Zhuliany receives most private […]

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The Guide to Cherkasy, Ukraine

Cherkasy is a beautiful if sometimes overlooked city in Central Ukraine. Over seven centuries after it was first established, it’s still a vibrant place with a youthful vibe. Read on to learn about: How Cherkasy came to be Choosing the best accommodation Cherkasy’s must-visit attraction Where the party is at Local delicacies that you must try […]

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The Guide to Rivne, Ukraine for English Speakers

Travel to Ukraine is always trickier for English speakers. Not a lot of signs and menus are available in English. Locals aren’t that great at the language either. The further outside of Kiev and Odessa you go, the tougher to find English-speaker-friendly locations. Fortunately, you have us. Just because you haven’t mastered Ukrainian just yet, […]

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The Guide to Vinnytsia

At first, Vinnytsia seems perfectly normal, almost boring. It is a medium size city, it has some historical architecture, some Soviet-era nostalgia, nothing out of the ordinary. But there is a lot more buried (quite literally) beneath the surface. Let’s take a journey through Vinnytsia’s grim, bloody, controversial history. And yes, we will also talk about restaurants, […]

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The Foreigner’s Guide to Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta is a popular beach destination. It’s also a part of the recently annexed Crimea. With international attention come the questions: Is Yalta still safe to visit? Even if it’s safe, is it still worth it? Does it have it’s former glory? I don’t claim to have the definitive answers but I do have some. […]

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Ukraine City Guide: Ternopil For Foreigners

Does that name sound weird? Ternopil is still better known by it’s Russian name Tarnopol. It is one of the major cities in Western Ukraine with plenty for you to see, do, and eat. Although, to be honest, that is Ukraine in general. Why Does Ternopil Sound So Familiar? There is no doubt that Ternopil is […]

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Ukraine City Guide: Poltava For Foreigners

Poltava couldn’t be more underrated. Yes, it is well-known, it gets visitors, and yet it somehow remains on the sidelines. With so much history, architecture, art, nature (plus some seriously fun nightlife options), Poltava is your ultimate Ukrainian destination. Here is everything you need for a good time: Know Your History The Battle of Poltava […]

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The Foreigner’s Guide to Dnipro, Ukriane

Remember our article on off-the-grid cities to meet your future Ukrainian girl? We called Dnipro the ‘The Forbidden City of Ukrainian Women’. Needless to say, that spiked some interest. So this time around we are giving you a full guide to Dnipro. Dnipro Overview This huge city is entirely off the grid because it wasn’t […]

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