The Best Odessa Beach in Ukraine

In our humble opinion,the best Odessa beach is Langeron Beach. Langeron Beach is located on the East side of the city, near the park and the NEMO Dolphinarium.

But first, you might want to know a bit about Odessa, Ukraine itself.

Odessa is Ukraine’s biggest port city, located on the Black Sea. Odessa has about a million people living in the city. There are a lot of beaches in Odessa, but many of them are not swimmable or are in just bad shape. Hence the need for a post about the best Odessa Beach.

Langeron Beach has a bit of everything–it’s got the Dolphinarium, restaurants, a swimmable beach, a bit of sand. This makes it the best Odessa Beach overall.

All About Langeron Beach, the Best Odessa Beach

It’s important to note that this is the best Odessa beach reasonably close to the center. If you want to venture far out of town, you can certainly find other beaches in Odessa that are of great quality as far as water and beach condition. In addition, the remote beaches will be much less crowded than the ones closer to the city center.

This also assumes that you want a relatively free beach. If you go to some of the nice beach clubs in the Arcadia area, many of them have private beaches that are beautiful. But, this also requires you to rent a cabana or some beach chairs to use these beaches. While they aren’t terribly expensive, they’re often centers for large parties and lots of alcohol–so it may not be suitable for everyone.

Therefore, Langeron is a great Odessa beach to explore.

Here’s where Langeron Beach is located:


The Dolphinarium has shows every day.

There are numerous bars and cafes all along the beach, all the way to Otrada Beach in the South.

You can drink on the beaches themselves–there are no open container laws in Ukraine. Bring a bottle of champagne and drink it for a date!

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And of course, you can go in the water, or rent a cabana (plan to pay about $5-10 USD) and just lay in the sun.

Do you have a favorite Odessa beach?

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What is the best beach that is away from the city? As in, if you want to get out of town for a beach vacation?


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