5 Off-The-Grid Cities To Meet Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Ukraine is a huge and glorious place for meeting gorgeous girls. It’s a shame that many foreigners limit themselves to the big ones—Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Kharkov, the country has much more to offer. In today’s article, we are introducing you to five more amazing cities to meet beautiful Ukrainian women.

Whether you fit them as day trips for the next time you visit Kiev or make a full off-the-grid itinerary is up to you. Happy dating!

Dnipro: The Forbidden City of Beautiful Ukrainian Women

beautiful ukrainian women

Over a million people live in Dnipro, yet it is surprisingly little-known. The city marks the industrial centre of Ukraine. During Soviet times, it grew in significance as the military established some weapon factories. In fact, it was so important to the Soviet that up until the 90s no foreigners were even allowed to visit.

Today, Dnipro is a large and busy city although they have quite a lot of pollution problems.

It is the furthest away from a tourist destination that you can imagine. Your visit to Dnipro will be all about mingling with locals, which is a great way to meet beautiful Ukrainian women. As a foreigner, your status will give you some bonus points with the ladies. Most of the girls here have never met a person from another country (maybe with the exception of Russia), let alone travel there.

The downside is that foreigners tend to have a reputation for being obscenely rich.

To be fair, the living standard here is quite low compared to Western countries. Even if you are far from wealthy, you will feel the difference. Mostly, everything will be very cheap. Even expensive stuff will be cheap once you convert the price to dollars. Enjoy your newly found wealth!

You can browse the women in Dnipro on this site.

Is Dnipro Safe To Visit?

Following the 2014 military intervention by the Russians, people have grown (understandably) wary of visiting Eastern Ukraine. When we are talking the centre of Ukraine’s military industry, concerns are even more understandable. I would not send you looking for a girl in a war zone, though, don’t worry!

The conflict is all but resolved at this point besides Dnipro is not even that close to the Donetsk Oblast.

The city was reported safe even during the 2014 events.

Not only did it have no intentions of joining Russia, but people here lean more toward pro-Ukraine (like Lviv). There haven’t been any issues or large protest and as of 2017, the city is as safe as any other.

Of course, common sense never hurts but that has more to do with your own behaviour. For instance, Ukrainian men tend to get very aggressive if you challenge their masculinity. No hitting on girls with boyfriends. That’s asking for trouble.

Chernivtsi: Welcome To Little Vienna

beautiful ukrainian women

This city in Western Ukraine has been nicknamed ‘Little Vienna’ for its elaborate Austro-Hungarian architecture. It is quite possibly the exact opposite of Dnipro.

Chernivtsi is very international and always buzzing with foreigners. You would not be a novelty here, that is for sure, but there are still plenty of beautiful Ukrainian women. Plus, Chernivtsi is one of the most important cultural centres of the country. There is always some cool event coming up, so you will definitely not get bored.

Stroll the Olha Kobylyahska Street, a charming pedestrian path with a bunch of nice cafés and restaurants to bring your date to. For a taste of some art nouveau masterpieces, head over to the Chernivtsi Art Museum located in a beautiful house (a piece of art in itself) right by the City Hall.

Finally, for some fun past midnight check out the Sunset Cocktail Dance Bar. The crowd is young, fun, and full of gorgeous girls. What more can you ask for?

Mykolaiv: Fun By The Sea

beautiful ukrainian women

Mykolaiv is another one of Ukraine’s industrial wonders, this time for shipbuilding. It isn’t particularly pretty, in the way that Chernivtsi is, but much like Dnipro, it is a great place to mingle with actual locals.

Mykolaiv is located in Southern Ukraine, by the Black Sea. Apart from being the most important shipbuilding city on the Black Sea, it is also a huge transportation hub.

If you are one for adventure, you could take a ferry to basically any large port on the Black Sea from Mykolaiv (like Odessa). But the city itself (and the beautiful Ukrainian women) will be enough to keep you busy. Yet another place where your foreigner status will bring you major bonus points.

What is more, the girls in Mykolaiv tend to be the more traditional, gentle, and family-oriented type (yes, even more than in other countries).

Other than the gorgeous women, Mykolaiv also has some beautiful parks and a shipbuilding and fleet museum worth a visit, especially for the history geeks.

If you are looking for a fun place to bring your girl, how about the Stargorod restaurant by the sea? The terrace is very romantic and the food – surprisingly impressive (well, maybe it’s just me but I don’t always expect good food from popular places).

You can browse the women in Mykolaiv on this site.

Vinnytsia: (Yet Another) City That Never Sleeps

beautiful ukrainian women

If you have already been to Ukraine, you might have noticed that there isn’t a single city without decent nightlife. Well, Vinnytsia is the mecca of all that. It is a university city, so you would do best to visit during the school year (mid-September to early June).

Other than the clubs, and I promise I will give some suggestions in the next paragraph, a fun sight would be the multimedia fountain. Yes, it is exactly what you imagine. A fountain made of multicolour lights. It was constructed right in the middle of the Southern Buh river and it’s quite possible the most impressive floating fountain you can see in Europe (and the world). Make sure to check it out on your post-dinner stroll with your date.

As for clubs and nightlife, you have to check out the Feride Plaza complex’s nightclub. Feride Plaza is actually the only larger hotel in the city, so you might as well stay there (if your budget is not too tight). The parties in the club are legendary and there should be no excuse to miss them.

For bars, shisha is a huge trend in Vinnytsia (and Ukraine in general). The water pipe cafés are open day and night and they are always a nice choice when you’re not looking for a loud disco.

There are still a lot of opportunities to meet beautiful Ukrainian women at these bars, though. Just walk over to the cuties in the corner and introduce yourself. Women in Vinnytsia are super friendly (even weirdly so, considering how gorgeous they all are).

Poltava: War And Peace

beautiful ukrainian women

The central Ukraine city of Poltava is one of the best-known cities in the country. If history is not your forté:

Up until the 16th century, Poltava was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, then it was Polish for a while, and after that, in the 17th century, it became a part of Russia. Although Poltava citizens were no strangers to war with all the political turmoil throughout the centuries, the worst was yet to come.

One of the bloodiest battlefields in history is but a few kilometres from the Poltava city centre. Here, in 1709 the Northern War was finished when Russians crashed the Swedish army. The battlefield is now part of a national park and it is worth a visit – not just for the dramatic historical events but also because the nature is amazingly beautiful.

Alright, excuse my geeking out pause. There are no more wars in Poltava (hopefully) and the city is beautiful, super friendly, and very authentic. You would think that a place of such history attracts more tourists but most visitors are actually from Ukraine. You would meet a lot of beautiful Ukrainian women that came here for a girls only trip. Yes, I too think it’s weird to take your girlfriends to visit a battlefield but Ukrainians are pretty keen on history, especially their national history.

If literature is more your jam, you might recognize Poltava as Nikolai Gogol’s birthplace. The famous author described the city in one of his novellas. By the way, here is a pro-tip for you.


No, that is not life advice in general, it is also key for meeting and impressing those beautiful Ukrainian girls that you are after. Women of Ukraine (and people here in general) are much more into reading than your average girl in the West.

Russian and Ukrainian literature is rich and still widely unknown by Westerners. Learning more about the country’s rich literary heritage, and perhaps reading some of the famous works, would surely impress anyone. So read up, tiger!

And there you have it – five awesome, little-known cities to meet beautiful Ukrainian women. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Good luck, and have fun.

PS: You can browse the women in Ukraine’s various cities on this site.

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I spent a couple of weeks in Mykolaiv last summer. I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend sitting on the patio of the Kontinent hotel with food or drink and just watch people go by. Great way to relax. From there it’s only a few blocks to walk to a couple of very pretty parks.

I’m not a big city kind of guy, so Mykolaiv is much more my scale. Next I should check out someplace half the size. Any suggestions?

    Ukraine Living

    Man, I don’t know how much smaller you can get without going really, really off the grid.

    The danger is if you don’t speak the language, it’s easy to visit a place and fall into a rut because you have zero social contact with anyone.

    I’ve heard good things about Kherson, and many friends rave about how nice Poltava is. I’d be inclined to try those.

    I think Mykolaiv is about 500k and those are both around 300k.

    Keep in mind some places are high pop but have a small town feel (Odessa, Lviv)


    HI , I SPENT 25 DAYS IN little city called Sumy and loved it . very friendly people , but not many have english . i have very very litttle russian but it was all good , they will work with you to get what you need .
    it is a small city , not as pretty as most , in fact a little scruffy , but i liked it . the added bobus is that not many tourist go there , great , ooops , should not be telling you this should i . migfht encourage more to go )))).
    give it a try , if you do not like it then Kharkiv is not far away so you could move on to there . like you ido not like big city places , so it was fine for me

    Garland Bjerk

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I like Ukraine and Russian women’s I have visited Kiev Ukraine about 1 year ago I found Ukraine girls so beautiful and sexy

    Ukraine Living


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