8 Pieces of Advice About Living in Ukraine

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Living in Ukraine can be an intimidating experience for many. Truthfully, this country is sort of like the wild, wild West at times. The worst days make you want to pull your hair out, and the best days are still quite an adventure.

With that being said, here is a list of every little detail you could use in regards to visiting or living in Ukraine.

#1: The English Levels Are Poor, So Ask “Properly”


In Ukraine, people are terrified to speak English.

But it doesn’t mean they can’t.

So when you go and order food at a restaurant, it’s important to do it the right way. This means that you draw no attention whatsoever to the fact that you’re speaking English.

For example, when you go to McDonald’s and order at the counter, you should say, “Do you speak English?” but in a quiet tone.

99% of the time, they will simply say “So-so.”

This is your cue to just order. Do not put the employees in a spot where they must speak to you. Rather, it should be you speaking to them. This alleviates all of the pressure of coming up with words from their shoulders. Most people in Ukraine understand English reasonably well. So you just speak and they listen, and take down your order.

It allows them to save face and makes them look smart because other people saw them “speaking” English.

#2: Get Used To Poor Customer Service

Simply put, customer service is not a thing in Ukraine.

It will take you 10 minutes to get a menu when you sit down. 20 minutes to get the check. It’s just the way things are here.

Life moves at a slower pace when you live in a former Soviet capital which, frankly, as of now doesn’t have much of a hope of ever truly prospering from an economic standpoint. When you have such little financial incentive, people simply aren’t motivated.

This spills over into aspects that affect tourists (such as customer service in restaurants).

Try to understand that their way of life is a bit different when you are interacting in these situations.

#3: “Get Used To It”

No, you can’t substitute the sour cream and dill for cheese and hot sauce.

No, you can’t have your burger with 75% of the contents “on the side”.

Things simply don’t work this way in Ukraine. People will look at you with a confused face if you try to pull off elaborate switches like this. And it will never come out correctly.

A simple substitution is often okay.

“I’ll have a burger, no mayo.”

That will usually work out okay.

But beyond that–just remember that you’re not in the Western world.

#4: The Dating Culture Is Different


When’s the last time you had to go on three dates to have sex with a girl in a Western country?

Imagine if that was the normal thing.

In Ukraine, the dating culture is vastly different. Very rarely are the cases where you push too hard to kiss a girl on the first night, much less try to bring her home and fuck her.

Instead, it’s far better to employ a three date strategy with Ukrainian girls. The first date should be a simple coffee, or maybe a beer. You can take a walk and hold hands. At the end of the night, you can try to kiss her. However, if she turns you down it’s no big deal.

This is where guys go wrong.

In the Western world, if you don’t kiss a girl on the first date…well, you’re probably not getting a second one.

In Ukraine, you can not kiss a girl for two dates and she will still be thrilled to keep going out with you. Confused yet? Thought so.

Simply put, it doesn’t matter. As a foreigner, you have high value compared to her–so it’s acceptable to go at a slower pace.

What comes after that innocent first date?

The second date can be the same thing. Just enjoy each others times. Often times in Ukraine plans are made at the last minute. So, if at 4:30pm she texts you asking if you want to “go for a walk” (yes, they will literally want to do this), JUST GO.

It’s important to put in that kind of facetime with a Ukrainian girl.

On the third date, you can invite her over and cook dinner with her. By that point though, if she really likes you, she’ll likely have already mentioned cooking for you. Even if it doesn’t happen on the third date, just go on another date or two.

Not banging her doesn’t decrease your chances of banging her in the future.

As long as you enjoy her company, you should continue going out with her. Eventually, it’ll happen.

If you want to meet Ukrainian girls online, read this article for advice.

#5: The Internet Is Not Fast And Not Secure

The internet in Ukraine is simply not that fast. You’ll rarely find an apartment where you can top a 25mbps download speed.

In addition, many, many places have unsecured wireless networks. So if you do any sort of online business or dealings–make sure you’ve got a good VPN setup and installed for your trip.

#6: Ukrainians Are A Bit Racist

There’s no way around this. Most of them will admit to this, too.

Simply put, they do not like dark-skinned people. They are racist against these types, who have for many years showed up in their country and made unskilled advances on their women. They’re naturally protective of their culture. This likely comes from being ruled by Russia for so long.

If you’re dark skinned, or simply not white, expect to be looked at with a bit of distaste.

#7: There Is A Scamming Culture


This is difficult to explain.

But in Ukraine, scamming people who are not locals is almost seen as a badge of honor. Getting away with sneaking some extra charges on the bill, or insisting on money after giving you directions, is seen as an accomplishment.

People will 100% take advantage of Western tourists. So, watch out for your general well-being.

#8: Your Money Goes Far, But Don’t Flaunt It

As of writing this, the United States Dollars is worth about 26 Ukrainian Hryvnias.

In short, everything is crazy cheap. You can get entire three course meals for less than $5.

This doesn’t mean you should flaunt this money. Don’t show off too much on dates. Don’t throw money around at a club. Just don’t be stupid. Flaunting this money is how you get scammed (see #7) and bring unnecessary attention on yourself.

Don’t get it wrong–having a currency advantage is amazing. But you should do it the right way. Use this currency advantage to enjoy your time, but don’t overdo it to the point that you find yourself in trouble.


Ukraine is an amazing place to visit, and an even better place to spend for a longer stay.

Despite that, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows. Failure to educate yourself properly about the culture and safety of the country will make your experience less fulfilling.

But if you do, the possibilities for fun and adventure are endless.

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Towchdoun! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

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Hello, I still didn´t get – Are you studying in Kiev?

Ukraine Living

No, digital nomad. Make money online.


‘The internet in Ukraine is simply not that fast. You’ll rarely find an apartment where you can top a 25mbps download speed.’

The Internet in Kyiv and other big cities is quite fast. On average 40Mbs for download.

‘In addition, many, many places have unsecured wireless networks. So if you do any sort of online business or dealings–make sure you’ve got a good VPN setup and installed for your trip.’

That’s true for any public wifi in any country.

    Ukraine Living

    “That’s true for any public wifi in any country.”

    Public WiFi, absolutely. I was actually referring to some of the apartments that I’ve rented. I’ve actually had to get into the routers, translate Russian, and implement a password for a month before un-doing it all prior to moving out.


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