6 Interesting Tidbits About Lviv

If you are reading this article you probably, have already being to Kyiv and you are thinking about which other cities you can visit. Or you making your plans about your trip to Ukraine and searching for some places to go which are not as far east as the capital. Than I would like to present the charming city of Lviv—which you definitely should visit.

I have been to Lviv many times and I am pretty sure it is one of the place you would love to travel to. Visiting it once you will definitely come back. Lviv is a center of tourism in Ukraine, and it is closer to our western neighbors than other big cities.

The city of Lion (that is how the name of Lviv can be translated) is not like a busy capital. In my opinion, Lviv is the most comfortable for foreign travelers.

So what does make this city so special? There is a bunch of reasons for that.

1. Ukrainian Culture

The first thing that you will notice coming to Lviv is that you can hear Ukrainian language everywhere. I really love that even though I mostly don’t speak Ukrainian in my everyday life.

If you have been to the capital before you will definitely see the difference between those two cities.

Visiting to Lviv you will be able to get to know Ukrainian culture much better. You can notice that everyone there is proud to be Ukrainian and speak the language, knows a lot about traditions and the history of country.

This city also can be called a cultural capital of Ukraine.

2. Architecture

This place very famous with it’s architecture. At the historical center of city you can notice how different it is from Kyiv or cities at the east part of Ukraine.

So people may say it looks a lot like like Polish cities or Prague, but, on my opinion, it definitely has it’s own unforgettable charm. Every corner of the old city has it’s own stories.

You should ask local people and they will tell many interesting legends about the city and it’s history. Here is a short list of sites that you should definitely see if you are going to Lviv:

  • Rynok Square
  • City Town Hall
  • Lviv Opera House and Boulevard Svobody
  • Dominican Church
  • Bernardine Church
  • Virmenska street
  • The Chapel of the Boim family
  • Italian Courtyard
  • Lychakiv Cemetery

For sure this list can be way much longer than this, but all mentioned above are must-see in the city of lion. You can find a lot if nice parks or go hiking on the High Castle Hill from which you can observe Lviv.

3. Food

As for me I have been to Lviv more than 7 time and have seen all the popular sights many time but the food at western capital of Ukraine is still on of the main reasons for me to come back again and again.

And that is not only of extremely tasty food but also due to the unique atmosphere of restaurants and cafes in the city. In addition, price in the place which are not super popular for tourists are rather low.

Local nightlife is not very great but you definitely can enjoy your time at cozy bars or restaurants drinking beer from local breweries or nalewka (which is stronger alcoholic beverage with fruity flavor, herbs or some unusual ingredientssuch as horseradish).

4. Coffee and Sweets

Returning back to the food in Lviv coffee and sweets are one more reason to go to this city. There are so many legends about the coffee history in Lviv.

Coming to the city I, usually, drink four cups a day or more because every café offers you so many different ways to prepare it and various tastes so you can’t stop yourself. Right on the Central Square you can find coffee mining cafe with an underground, where waiter can set your cup on fire right in front of you.

The sweets in Lviv are unbelievably good. Various cakes, cheeese panckakes, cookies and handmade chocolate candies will follow you everywhere till you will give up and try some of them.

My two absolutely favorite places are Cukernia or Strudel Haus. They are perfect option for nice breakfast with a cup of coffee.

In all big cities of Ukraine you can also find Lviv Handmade Chocolate and their store near to the Rynok Square is one of the local sights. It’s building is decorated the way that you will definitely notice it.

5. Festivals

Talking about the culture at Lviv it definitely worth mentioning local festivals.

All traditional holidays at the city are bright and spectacular. You definitely will be fascinated by the celebration of Christmas, the day of Lviv city, the Day of chocolate and other local events.

Other famous events are Alfa Jazz Fest, Zaxidfest and other music genres festivals. For sure you also can find a lot of events connected with Ukrainian culture any time of year. Lviv is a very inspiring place and sometimes you can get in some kind of celebration even not expecting that.

6. Friendly People

And probably one of the most important reason to visit Lviv is that peopele are very friendly. If you start talking with someone from Lviv they can definitely tell a lot exciting stories about the city and help you to find some interesting places where are not so many tourist. Having so many tourists in the city a lot of local people can speak English pretty well.

There is common stereotype that people at the west of Ukraine hate everyone who speaks Russian, which is not true. As in the any other city of these region everyone will understand you if you speak not Ukrainian.

However, if you will learn few words you will feel much more welcome.

I hope you will add Lviv in the list of places you want to visit after this article. The other nice thing that may encourage you is that prices are in general lower than at the capital, which make the trip even more pleasant.

PS: This post was written by a local Ukrainian girl. To meet Ukrainian girls, check out this website.

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