The 12 Best Restaurants in Kiev You Don’t Want To Miss

Kiev has some amazing restaurants that serve a variety of dishes–not just Ukrainian foods. Sometimes it can be tough to find the real good gems, so we’ve done the liberty of compiling a list of the best restaurants in Kiev.

The general criteria for making this list includes:

  • Quality of the food
  • Quality of service; which can be hit or miss in Ukraine
  • Atmosphere of the restaurant
  • English-speaking level–both the staff and the menu

These best restaurants in Kiev are not in any particular order. Of course, we here at Ukraine Living haven’t been to every restaurant in Kiev…yet.

But we’re working on it.

You should also note that these are mostly in the city center, and are places that a tourist would visit. Not places that are too far out of the way (though there are some real gems for that–maybe there will be a future post about these places).


The 12 Best Restaurants in Kiev



Located in the city center, Shoti has been near the top of the charts of the best restaurants in Kiev for a long time. The staff is top notch, and the vast selection of wines paired with delicious Georgian cuisine make it a treat.

Cuisine: Georgian

What To Get: The different types of Chachapuri are obviously the favorites. As far as main courses go, the BBQ selections are incredible.

Happy Bar & Grill


You could almost consider Happy to be Hooters-Lite. It’s a very Americanized place–it’s almost like a small taste of home for those of us from the land of the free.

Cuisine: American

What To Get: Their new slow-cooked BBQ menu is excellent.

Pizzeria Napule


True Italian oven style pizza. A real treat.

Cuisine: Italian

What To Get: The Napule combination pizza

BEEF Meat & Wine


BEEF is a little on the pricey side, but probably has the best service in all of Kiev. The staff there will know your name if you come more than once.

Cuisine: A lot of meat

What To Get: Their business lunch is the best in the city–overall, it’s hard to go wrong here

Lyubimy Dyadya


Cuisine: American/Ukrianian/Middle Eastern fusion

What To Get: The guacamole with arabic bread–if you think it’s weird, do it anyway!



What’s not to like about a restaurant that used a tree as it’s centerpiece?

Cuisine: Ukrainian

What To Get: Chicken kiev and dumplings



A small chain, Molino’s is one of the best bets for a fast pizza delivery in Kiev. And it tastes delicious!

Cuisine: Italian

What To Get: Any of the pizzas and the bruschetta

Mama Manana


There’s no way this list couldn’t include a few of our favorite Georgian restaurants.

Cuisine: Georgian

What To Get: The stews are top notch.

The Burger


A little on the pricey side as it’s located in Arena City–The Burger is always packed.

Cuisine: American

What To Get: The actual “The Burger” on the menu, and the Mexican burger



One of the best traditional Ukrainian restaurants.

Cuisine: Ukrainian

What To Get: Another excellent spot for business lunch



Located in the Gulliver’s shopping center, Mario’s is the perfect spot to take a break from the rigors of the day.

Cuisine: Italian

What To Get: The sandwiches, quesadilla, and pizzas



One of the best restaurants as far as presentation and general quality. Don’t miss it!

Cuisine: French

What To Get: Any of the dishes cooked in wine sauce

What do you think are the best restaurants in Kiev? Leave your thoughts below!

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