10 Things to Do to Make It In Ukraine

Reader “Keith”, experienced vet of dating in foreign countries, recently chimed in with a solid “Top 10” list of things to do in Ukraine.

My experiences here reflect the following:

1) Learn rudimentary Russian and / or Ukrainian. Most locals will be impressed and happy to get to know / help you as a result.

2) Use common sense. Romance scams abound, including infighting for dating clientele from the U.S. and other countries. If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

3) Don’t flash your cash. Enough said.

4) Downplay “how wonderful” the States are. We all know it isn’t so wonderful as is depicted in popular media. NEVER be the ugly American. NEVER.

5) Humility is your friend, and silence an invaluable asset when used effectively.

6) Like anywhere else, most people are eager to help and will help, given a chance.

7) Have a sense of humor about everything. EVERYTHING.

8) Don’t be afraid to offer a helping hand when an opportunity occurs.

9) Relax and enjoy each moment. A flat tire can be an amusing experience, rather than a trial. As long as you aren’t bleeding to death, the experience will probably turn out OK.

10) You are a guest in your host country. Behave well, set a good example, and you will invited back with open arms and enthusiasm.

Just some points to consider. I would not trade my experiences here for anything.


Really, couldn’t agree more with what Keith said.

Unfortunately, if you really want to “make it” abroad, you’ll need to adjust your attitude in order to have yourself the best experience. This is true for both short term and long-term kind of deals.

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Now, Moving A Ukrainian Girl to the States…

A while ago, I was having a back and forth discussion with a reader about bringing a girl to the United States.

Generally speaking, I think it’s a dangerous idea, for many reasons, but at the same time I do understand why guys do it.

Simply put, his idea was…

Before you get her to the States, make sure her return ticket is 15 days. Tell her you are scheduled to go another city for some work after that. Follow your daily routine of work. In time you will come to know, if you two really have something together. When on holiday things look very good. But its different where you live.

First off, don’t do the whole “meet a girl online” and bring her sight-unseen to the United States. That’s a terrible idea for numerous reasons, which are all beyond the scope of this email.

Secondly, tourist visas are not given out like cocaine for foreign girls.

The USA certainly has no problem letting all sorts of illegals in to the borders (and giving them free schooling and healthcare to boot!), but foreign girls are a whole ‘nother discussion.

(Couldn’t afford to let your Average American Chump see what a bunch of Ukrainian girls are like, for example…or else they’d all start having some ideas).

Anyways, point is:

Don’t make the first meeting on your turf. Better to do it in her country, where you can see what she’s like and she’s not a deer in the headlights. If you really want to bring a girl Stateside, there’s a better time and a better place down the road.


Why I think it’s a bad idea to bring a girl to the States…

Girls are homebodies.

They thrive when they are warm, comfortable, and able to relax and let their feminine nature shine through.

They do not do as well under immense stress and pressure.

(The kind of things that build a man up)

Make sense?

Point is, moving her to a foreign country where the language is hard, she has to learn to drive, and doesn’t get the culture is a recipe for a high-stress-situation.

You’ve been warned…

PS: The best site to meet Ukrainian girls in 2019 is still this one.

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